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Sept 2007 Top 25

Protect yourself from CONfidence Artists, learn their biggest secret
The Confusion Technique - LINK

"War cannot be humanized. It can only be abolished." - Albert Einstein - More like this - LINK

David Miscavige, the bully that runs Scientology
David Miscavige
picture of david miscavige from time magazine, 1991
"lord of the flies"

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TV survey - Scientology is NOT Religion say 90% of viewers

Scientology is
NOT Religion

thumbnail of painting that used to hang in Scientologys Sandcastle building at the Advanced Org in Clearwater

Introduction to Help for Scientologists

Laughing At Scientology
Letterman Top Ten 22 March

"The most effective weapons of the Oppressor Are the minds of the Oppressed"
-- Steve Biko --

"We must have the courage to speak plainly"
- Cornel West - Prof. of Religion, Princeton University

Take the
What is Scientology TOUR

A member of Scientology's Guardians Office tells his story - Gary Weber's Story is HERE!

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Some of the Sources that Hubbard stole from to create the con.
Hubbard's Liespicture of a scowling L Ron Hubbard

This Web Site is
Censored by Scientology logo

What Judges say about Scientology - example: "Scientology's purpose is making money by means legitimate and illegitimate"- US District Court, Southern District of New York, 92 Civ. 3024

image of the cover of first publication of Dianetics in Astounding Science Fiction
The Truth About Dianetics - from Scientific American and the American Psychological Association

(Scientology's Scandals)

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thumbnail of painting that used to hang in Scientology's Sandcastle building - Advanced Org - in Clearwater

Help for Scientologists

Laughing at Scientology

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L Ron Hubbard's great grandson, Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
[ parental advisory - adult language ] [ Audio file, mp3]

L Ron Hubbard's Son, Ron DeWolf, denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

    Study Web award

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


"Nobody wants to lift the tail of a skunk"
A police detective in Canada

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men"
Abraham Lincoln

image of picketers across from Scientology's HQ in Clearwater Florida (click for larger)

Join a peaceful worldwide picket on July 19th 2008, more information HERE

Picture white rose from Lerma's garden
Die Weisse Rose --the historical precedent for our efforts to expose just what Scientology is despite their best efforts to use their lawyers, private investigators, dirty trickster's and front groups to make us disappear.

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Gore Vidal on Bush

How to fix Congress - Why 435?

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Post 2008 materials and commentary by Arnie Lerma are on my New Blog Trump tweets Scientology should lose tax exemption!

Faking of "Religion" for PROFIT
The true story of how the fraud came to called a religion which was merely a legal maneuver, a contrivance, to deal the adverse US FDA Litigation ruling regarding the E-Meter LINK

Paul Haggis interview: I've seen Scientology ruin people'
The Oscar-winning film director on Scientologist trolls
'I know what they do online,' he says.
'I've seen them attack others under false names, '

The Betrayal of Mr. Robert Minton LINK and LINK

12 April 2013 Now there are 20, that's TWENTY ongoing LAWSUITS against the $cientology fake drug rehab front group dba NARCONON LINK

28 Dec 2012 - Belgium Federal Prosecutor launches court proceedings against Scientology as a "criminal organization"

Another MUST WATCH, Scientology called a criminal organization by Australian MPs:

Today Tonight - Australian Senate Inquiry Release Special - 2010-09-07

As an Ex-member, this is tough to watch, this is REAL. After watching this, you will understand how insidious the fraud of scientology really is, and I hope you will do whatever you can to help ban the operation of frauds such as scientology worldwide.. there is already enough misery and suffering in this world without the intentional misery for profit created by the Fraud of Scientology. Arnie Lerma

Scientology OT-VII "Minister" Rex Fowler charged with MURDER LINK When a top employee came to collect his severance pay, The Reverend Rex Fowler shot him in the head three times (killing him) before turning the gun upon himself. He had given all the money to Scientology.

Scientology 2009 Year In Review and Glosslip's parting salvo! LINK scientology's year of FAILURES!

Scientology as an organization has been convicted of FRAUD,
NEW YORK TIMES: By STEVEN ERLANGER Published: October 27, 2009 PARIS - The French branch of the Church of Scientology was convicted of fraud and fined nearly $900,000 on Tuesday by a Paris court - LINK
Nota Bene: (Hubbard as an Indvidividual was previously convicted of fraud in 1978, LINK, the only other conviction of scientology as an organization that I know of is for "Breach of public trust" in canada - 1994 )

Oct 23, 2009, Watch ABC NEWS Nightline! The Leader of the Scientology Fraud, David Miscavige is encouraging violence! Tales of violence and beatings! - David Miscavige dressed his dog up in a Scientology uniform and made his underlings salute it! - Then watch the weasel Tommy Davis LIE on camera! LINK to Video and transcript at ABC Nightline

American Psychiatric Association Calls Scientology/CCHR a Hate Group Link to YOUTUBE Video

"Can I tell you this? Can I just tell you this? That I would never do a favor for the church of scientology founded by a loony called L. Ron Hubbard." Australian Premier Mike Rann, speaking in Australian parliament, May 2009 see YouTube Video

Scientology vs Anonymous News Channel 3 Investigates LINK

$cientologist John Coale's secret plan to take over Washington - Gawker (must read)

January 2009, Russian Students demand Scientology Scam be shutdown - Link to Youtube

Link to Ian Halpern's movie exposing Scientology

17 October - Ian Halpern has just released his new movie exposing Scientology, direct to DVD titled "His Highness Hollywood" LINK in which he posed as a rich Israeli gay man "wishing to be cured of his homosexuality. He recieved the most offensive response imaginable" - NY Daily News

8 Sept 2008: Ex corporate exec for Scientology, Larry Brennan's report from Hamburg anti-cult meeting LINK

June 23, Gerry Armstrong, the Salman Rushdie of Scientology article in Maisonneuve LINK

Scientology's "" newsfeed publisher, has left Scientology LINK

April 30th David Miscavige's strange birthday

April 28, Scientology's "exclusive" ship, the 'Freewinds' SEALED after authorities find evidence of deadly blue asbestos LINK

Actor Jason Beghe, OTV Class V is OUT of Scientology, watch this short introduction HERE and watch the FULL interview HERE

Massive favorable media response to April 12th Demonstrations aganst Scientology LINK

Baltimore City Paper - 2 April
Interviews Guy Fawlkes!

and's Arnie Lerma LINK
This is the best article yet on the phenomena dba ANONYMOUS!!

16 April Narconon Raided and closed in Russia! Belgium raids and closes Scientology in Brussels! Suicide in Norway linked to Scientology see Criminal page

6 March 2008, Remember that Dianetics TV commercial of an exploding volcano? Meet the 35 year scientologist that made that, and hear him tell how David Miscavige beat him, beat a 65 year old member and pummeled other members. Listen to this explosive Radio Interview with Jeff Hawkins LINK

Ron Miscavige the father of the leader of scientology, asked a policeman to beat him fearing being beaten by his own father

LINK - Arrest records from 2004 for reckless driving show David Miscavige's own father feared being beaten by his son if he received a citation from the officer. After listening to Jeff Hawkin's new radio interview above, we now know WHY he asked the Officer to beat him. For more about the vile leader of Scientology see left sidebar.

A Tribute to Anonymous

Children of Scientology LINK

Scientology Tax Issues in The News LINK

Front Page Jan 30th, Stern Magazine HERE
Then SEE English translation HERE

Listen to last radio interview (jan21st) HERE

The Valkyrie Page LINK

Wednesday January 16th Sky News UK
LINK to complete leaked video and explosive commentary on Sky News HERE

21 Jan 2008 - 3 Scientologists imprisoned in Italy for kidnapping and forced imprisonment of a 47 year old woman who may have wanted to leave Scientology..Link

23 Nov 2007 - Scientology BANNED in St. Petersburg, Russia! Link

11:13 AM 4 Sept 2007 - Belgium Judiciary bring formal criminal charges against Scientology

Charges go from extortion to swindle, exercise of illegal medicine, infringements with the law on the trade, privacy violations, criminal conspiracy and criminal organization - Link more when available

UPI 8 August 2007
Scientology "an extremist organization"

Looking over my shoulder,
The Inside Account of the
Story That Almost Killed Me

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Author Paulette Cooper today, a survivor
By Paulette Cooper


Sign these Downing Street Petitions to prevent charitable status for scientology HERE (UK residents only)

Dear BBC Panorama's John Sweeney, here is a copy of the actual written program that the scientologist used to incite you: LINK

April 25th, 2007- Exclusive to Exposing the CON, new documents from L Ron Hubbard's marriages constitute proof that he was a bigamist, and proof he did not pay child support, showing that L Ron Hubbard was a dead beat dad. After plugging a copy of one of his worthless books called "How to save your marriage", you can watch Hubbard LIE about his wives!
Click HERE

Feb 8th, 2007 The Research Department at has located the 1948 version of Milton Erickson's description of the
deep trance inducing
this is a must read, especially for Scientologists and those who have looked at Hubbard's writings or listened to his tapes and said
This is gibberish! - It is NOT! it's

and some examples of its use

The late and Honorable Congressman Leo Ryan was murdered in Guyana on Nov. l8, l978. Before the House of Representatives in 1977, Ryan quotes the testimony of John G. Clark, Jr., M.D.from the Harvard Medical School, as it was sent to Ryan by longtime activist, Ida Camburn: "I will state that coercive persuasion and thought reform techniques are effectively practiced on naive, uninformed subjects with disastrous health consequences. I will try to give enough information to indicate my reasons for further inquiries as well as review of applicable legal processes."

Coercive persuasion is antithetical to the First Amendment. It contains aspects which could be interpreted as constituting the illegal acts of fraud, false imprisonment, coercion, undue influence, involuntary servitude, intentional infliction of emotional distress, outrageous conduct, and other tortuous acts.

- CBS 48 Hours Saturday Oct 28th - Scientology Deaths - Jeremy Perkins Story was #1 in ratings with 10% marketshare! Now you can watch this segment online HERE then come back and find out what you can do to help DO something about the Fraud of Scientology.

ABC's Series "Boston Legal" - 10/17/2006 - Scene: In a courtroom, the attorney (2 time Emmy Award Winner James spader) for the defense recited xenu story and a frighteningly accurate description of Scientology's belief system. Watch that segment of the video on YouTube HERE
This was what this writer was sued for posting to the internet in 1995! This was watched by millions of people and there is not damn thing scientology can do about it. And the story that lawyer recited was TRUE - Proof HERE

October 12, 2007 still MORE Public Relations Manipulations by the empire of liesLINK

Scientology tells its members that the materials on this website are "all lies" and that is a Hate website - I contend that it is L Ron Hubbard that incites his deluded victims to hate: Listen to this fair use snippet by L Ron Hubbard, saying:

"The only difference between moslems and christians is how they go to the bathroom" (Laughing)

Listen to L Ron Hubbard incite hate:
Real Media - 155K
Windows Media - 150K

hubbard from secret lives BBC UK TV show, caught lying on TV

The best Introductory Video about Scientology

Forrest Ackerman - Rons Literary agent
Ron DeWolfe - Ron's son, deceased
Paulette Cooper - my personal friend
Gerry Armstrong - my personal friend
Barbara Kaye - Hubbard's Public relations officer
Michael Goldstein - my personal friend
Dennis Erlich - (we were both raided by scn in 1995)
Hana Eltringham - D/Commodore Scientology and personal friend
John Atak- Piece of Blue Sky, I consider him my friend
Vaughn Young - PRO for Scientology and a past friend
Laurel Sullivan - Hubbard PRO
Jean Cox - Writer
Forrest Ackerman - Rons Literary Agent
Ray Kemp - ex Mission Holder
Lyle Stewart - Publisher, we talked once years ago..
Jim DinCalcini - Ron's Medical Officer - knew the name from when i was in
Jesse Prince - friend from LMT
Put the keywords above into the Search engine for more information.


Image of a National Book Committee poster in response to color-of-law efforts to get critical books about scientology out of Public Libraries

Above - National Book Committee poster published by the Library Journal in 1974 in an article documenting Scientology's efforts to force books critical of scientology off the shelves. This is an old article, but NEW to the World Wide Web, Full Story HERE - Supporters are encouraged to link to this image, to help get the word out.

Classic Reviews of L Ron Hubbard's 'Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

and Great BLOG food!

California Institute of Technology, a review of Dianetics:
"Counting noses of adherents is not evidence"

American Scientist October 1950 Hubbard:
"like a "child stamping his foot"

Mt. Sinai Hospital Dr Oscar Sachs:
"old psychoanalytical concepts"

Journal of Clinical Medicine:
A Quackery of considerable Dimensions

More like this HERE on the Exposing the CON's DIANETICS PAGE

At the Emmy's Southpark played during during the opening, and it was empowering to hear the crowd cheering for South Park!

After being banned in the UK and pulled from the rotation lists in the US due to pressure from Tom Cruise, himself a victim of Scientology's lies and deceptions, as I once was. South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" episode, The Scientology Episode, aired on Comedy Central on July 19th, you can view that segment online HERE and remember, when you see the overlay "this is what Scientologists Actually Believe"

- Here is the PROOF it is TRUE!

The once secret materials are the very same "secret scriptures" which Scientology's lawyers called "Advanced technology" that I (Arnaldo Lerma) was raided by Scientology and sued, in US Federal Court for posting to the net in 1995!..

Many of us have paid dearly to bring this information into the public eye, and thank you to all who have provided support over my 13 years spent working to expose Hubbard's Hitlerian Hubris called Scientology, and especially thank you to all those who went before me, such as Paulette Cooper, Richard Leiby, Gerry Armstrong and the late Lyle Stewart.

And despite South Park's not winning the Emmy, the clips of that show may be likely be aired!

August 22nd -

Scientology did not "WORK" for tom cruise

Tom Cruise Canned by Paramount!

Now maybe this will provide for tom cruise the shock therapy necessary to make him wake up from the scientology trance

Oftimes a shock such as this wakes people up enough to leave scientology, and then they start really doing some research to find out what happened to them

and then comes the lawsuit. - I can easily explain his erratic behavior - HERE

In July 2006, I made a posting concerning Karen Black and the Church of Scientology. The information set forth in the posting was completely false. I am informed that Ms. Black is an active, contributing and happy member of the Scientology religion. I sincerely regret my prior misstatements and apologize to Ms. Black.

ALSO: CNN is covering South Park's announced rerun of the Scientology Episode July 19th! Don;t miss it! this was also known as the In The Closet episode.

Editorial: July 15th, 2006 Regarding the the current war in Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq

The four riders of the apocalypse, in Dusseldorf, Germany

Gore Vidal predicted the current mess in November 2003

President Eisenhower has the distinction of being being compared to Hitler and Stalin in the last volume of The Mission Earth series by L Ron Hubbard the conman that crafted Scientology. President Eisenhower also directed his own staff to read a book that I use when deprogramming Scientologists.. Eric Hoffer's True Believer - The psychology of mass movements.

The Military Industrial Complex is a phrase coined by President Eisenhower .This is the the realm of industrial manufacture of weapons, procurement, kickbacks, junkets, and self interest of its owners, those who profit from war versus two men who have been led to think that they are on opposite 'sides', sitting in foxholes, looking at each other across a no man's land, who both just want to get back to their wives, children....and that little plot of land they call their own and sit again under their liberty tree, be it an Elm, fig or palm.. - Continues HERE

Good Morning (to Scientology's) Vietnam!

Picketer Assaulted by Crazed Scientologist

A fellow I know, who was picketing Scientology in Clearwater, was assaulted by a Scientologist saturday evening, July 8th. Full report with images of Scientologist who was arrested have been added to the Persecution pages.

The ex-Scientologists at Lermanet.COM has been actively working to for a separation of church and hate for 12 years.

NEW! - Introduction to the Scientology Problem HERE

Tom Cruise is dangerous and irresponsible - Journal of Clinical Investigation

Belgium Indicts Scientology as a Criminal Organization!

June 1, 2006: Under Belgian law, a criminal organisation is:

"a group consisting of more than two people, which exists over a period of time, with as its aim the concerted commission of criminal offenses to obtain, directly or indirectly, material advantages, by using intimidation, threats, violence, fraud or corruption, or by using commercial or other entities to hide or facilitate the commission of such offenses."

MORE on Belgium Indictment HERE

60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace slams Tom Cruise


Scientology often repeats the LIE that there are 8 million scientologists, IF THERE WERE, this would have made MI3 $80,000,000 on opening night!!
Maybe Paramount believed Scientology's Lies
There are actually no more than 55,000 in the USA...Proof HERE
Believing even ONE of Scientology's lies can be harmful to your health AND expensive!

10 May

MI3 Box-office plunge!
Cost $150,000,000.00

Friday    $16,632,157
Saturday  $18,409,876  +10%
Sunday    $12,701,240  -31%
Monday    $ 3,531,502  -72%!!!!

Total     $51,274,775


7 May 2006 Evidence mounts of Scientology Manipulating Mission Impossible III, MI3, Ticket sales! - Behind the false face of Scientology there is desperation....Story is HERE

5 April - South Park wins Peabody Award! Congratulations!!

29 March: - New Radio show - listen to Arnie Lerma on Frankly Speaking Radio 1hr 10 min

23 March

CNN: Spoofing Scientology

"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anoninizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"

The duo signed the statement "Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu."

The courageous creators of South Park - Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the AP article about Isaac Hayes quitting South Park and their renaming and promotion of the segment's Monday night rebroadcast as

The Scientology Segment -

The Xenu Story in South Park was REAL! - Full Story HERE

In response to Isaac Hayes comments upon quitting, "South Park" co-creator Matt Stone responded sharply in an interview with The Associated Press Monday, saying,

"This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology... He has no problem ? and he's cashed plenty of checks ? with our show making fun of Christians."

"Stone told The AP he and co-creator Trey Parker "never heard a peep out of Isaac in any way until we did Scientology. He wants a different standard for religions other than his own, and to me, that is where intolerance and bigotry begin."(emphasis by arnie lerma, as I and many others have been the target of Scientology's harrasment and lawsuits)

Of course, L Ron Hubbard says that "There was no Christ" hear his words ( audio tape ) HERE so making fun of Christians is not a problem for Mr. Hayes.

South park - We will sue YOU - Scientology

above - We'll SUE YOU!

The South Park Scientology segment contains the xenu story that scientology ACTUALLY called "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY "in RTC vs Lerma...when they sued Arnaldo Lerma, this webmaster, and then Richard Leiby and the Washington Post for writing THIS article about it..

"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [$cientology] in suing Lerma, DGS and The (Washington) Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics." Federal Judge Leonie Brinkema 29 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion

You can also watch that episode here, 30 megs, LINK n.b. - My site went over bandwidth trying to serve this file but might be working soon... If LINK is not working try again tommarro...I'm doing the best I can.. until a donor funds some BIG bandwidth..

Xenu - Advanced Technology said Scientology in RTC vs Lerma

Above picture of Xenu - 'Advanced Technology' said Scientology in RTC (Scientology) vs Lerma"

"Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago." US Federal Judge Leonie Brinkema RTC (Scientology) vs Lerma

Xenu freezing the aliens that are now stuck to you - Scientology called this ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY in RTC(scientology) vs Lerma

above: Freezing the captured aliens

"These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC (Scientology) vs Lerma

volcano from South park scientology segment

Bringing them to a volcano

MORE about Xenu and Scientology's bogus "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY" HERE in an article by Richard Leiby and HERE

Rolling Stone whacks Scientology - read INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY

Inside Scientology
Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion

Tuesday March 2nd, Another Ex-Scientology OSA ( OSA = Dirty tricks division of the Scientology scam ) Volunteer starts telling their story. Patti Pieniadz

Jump to new entries on this page

Why does Scientology demonize Psychiatry? and Arnie Lerma, the master of this Web site?

So that current victims will not learn the fact that Dianetics is nothing more than a perverted version of the state of the art of psychiatric "Advanced Technology" in 1943 - (Reference: William Sargant Ph.D - Battle For the Mind)

Scientology, at its lower levels, is, similarly a refried and also perverted version of Jungian free association techniques that also, has been laced with Alestair Crowley's satanic invocations which strip you of your conscience, while you are being told you are on the bridge to "Total Freedom" by a man twice convicted of FRAUD who was a master stage hypnotist - L Ron Hubbard.

At Scientology's highest secret levels you are essentially stripped of any money you still have while being made physically ill and mentally addicted by long exposure to the E-meter's electrical effects and driven over the edge..

tom cruise airborne jumping the couch

into a state where you are mentally or even physically unable to seek justice for having been defrauded by Scientology's lies.

Write your US Congressman and Senators TODAY - Link to Find your representative at and

Special Congressional Alert HERE 16 April LINK

Tell them it is time to end the Scientology nightmare, and ask them to support public hearings where scientology's many victims might be heard, on and in the US Congressional record. Bringing scientology's victims into congressional hearings would grant us protection under US federal Criminal Code section 1512 Witness Tampering.

It is time to Do this NOW


Arnie Lerma
Ex-Scientologist Exposing the CON
6045 N 26th Road
Arlington VA 22207
703 241 1498

27 November Scientology's Secret Underground Bunkers make NEWS!
Washington Post and KRQE-TV

David Letterman's Top TEN List for Valentine's day:

Things You Don't Want To Hear On Valentine's Day

5. "Sure a diamond is forever,
but this copy of 'Dianetics'
will change your eternity"

The David Miscavige page has been updated with postings by a recent escapee using the nickname "blownforgood" from the clambake message board.

David Miscavige and Tom Cruise Valentine's day card

Happy Valentine's Day David Miscavige!

January 2006 - LA City Beat - Scientology vs Science

Find out HERE what one of Scientology's Directors told fellow member at that time, Tommy Gorman, about the law, judges, the court system and Arnie Lerma.

Scientology's Director of Special Affairs at SCientology in SanFrancisco said that: ?The police dept., the FBI and the court system are all suppressive, they are all a bunch of morons and they are down stats and can?t get real jobs." "The Police are a bunch of crooks and especially the FBI. The FBI is the number one terrorist group in the United States?

- Read about Scientology's DSA Jeffery Quiros - Warning Adult content, while reading this ask yourself, Why does the US government class this as a church??

The Tommy Gorman story, meet 2nd generation ex-scientologist Tommy Gorman - a girl who later became his wife was repeatedly raped after being ordered by Scientology excutives at RTC "Religious Technology Center Incorporated" to live with a child abuser, she was a minor at the time. Tommy Gorman and his new wife woke up and left Scientology. This story was covered by the NY Post.

Watch this FLASH animation (offsite) which is terrific summary of what $cientology really is including the story of XENU.
LINK to YAAFM 11 - Scientology - 100,000 views! - I'd call it the best, real, Introductory Lecture for the current generation - warning adult language ( also, please come back and finish reading about the rest of the story about Scientology )

Newsweek - September 5, Reveals that Scientology claims of 8,000,000 million members is a LIE, and that Scientology's claim of being the fast growing religion is also a LIE. September 5 Newsweek covers religous belief in america, in their feature article, the us the information that astute readers of have known for two years or more, that in 2001 there were only 55,000 "scientologists' in the USA.

That number is going down at a rapid pace at this time, in my opinion, based on deprogramming current members and the volume of new contacts from leaving members who found out for themselves, that the data on this website is accurate.

RADAR Magazine skewer's Tom Cruise

RADAR magazine skewers Tom Cruise and Scientology, image of front cover

Pasadena weekly:
LAPD Commander says Scientology forged Chief's Endorsement of The Way to Happiness
The Way To More Questions

Scientology affiliate The Way To Happiness of Glendale teaches honesty in schools but, according to LAPD and others, utilizes dishonest promotions. By Carl Kozlowski - August 18th, 2005 Link to Pasadena Weekly

September GLAMOUR Magazine ( September issue ) has an interview with Ex-$cientologist Astra Woodcraft
This is devastating article about Scientology
Why I fled Scientology -
page 281 - buy a copy at your newstand now before Scientology cleans them out...
Read more about her here:
Astra Woodcraft Declaration - 'a childs life in the Sea Org'
The Daily Mail - Astra and Nicole
San Francisco Chronicle - Astra Woodcraft

Spamming levels on the Usenet newsgroup Alt.religion.scientology have reached epic proportions with Scientology's "Truthseeker" nick posting hundreds of disinformation messages, some of which say I am a scientologist.. (heh) - whenever there is upsurge in spam on the newsgroup, one should look prior to the spam to see what interesting things have been posted - A few postings of note,

A Psychiatrist posted insightful analysis and commentary on Hubbard's Admissions. That posting including commentary by psychiatrist Ulf Brettstam is now HERE.

One of Scientology's Political efforts has been derailed..with ex-mayor Koch withdrawing support for New York politician Margarita Lopez who received financial support from Scientology See messages HERE, and HERE

And.. Hubbard's fake war record clams is making news

There are also rumors of some scandalous new story about Tom Cruise and perhaps his shorter pal, David Miscavige.. We will know more in a few days. See the Kill-file I use for reading the newsgroup HERE.

Scientology E-meter info HERE

Recent radio shows (Updated 20 July 2005) by ex-members Michael Tilse, Arnie Lerma and Tory Christman HERE

Debunking Scientology - Article in Pasadena Weekly.. Link to Article at Pasadena Weekly HERE

Some LINKS to people mentioned in that article: Richard Leiby, Tory Christman, Arnie Lerma, the Raid, Graham Berry,
Scientology the fake religion, Scientology's nazi/occult/satanic connections
A great flyer to hand out HERE

NEW from Exposing the CON - August 2005

The Men Behind the Curtain:
Scientology and Politics
by Barbara Graham and Maureen Drueck

"The goal of the department [of governmental affairs] is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by a high level ability to control and in its absence by a low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies." L. Ron Hubbard, evidence from Church of Spiritual Technology v. U.S., November 22, 1989.

Article continues HERE

Illustration for Peter Reichelt's book LIES and TREASON An Organization and its Secret Service

Lies and Treason
An Organization and its Secret Service
by Peter Reichelt
LINK to English Translation

INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY: Life Magazine on Scientology - This long, insightful article, was described by one reader as being the most frightening article they had ever read, Now, You can find out exactly what Tom Cruise is leading Katie Holmes into, presented in hopes of motivating you, to join in and help expose the true nature of Scientology

Scientology, a growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind is the most frightening article or story i have ever read
Now on the web - READ:

Scientology, a growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind.

from LIFE Magazine 1968

Editorial by a long time Scientologist:

RPF "Insider Newsletter" #12

It's amazing how inefficient and stupid the guys are that are operating in Scientology security and OSA! (OSA is Scientology's intelligence division) I'm actually ashamed of having spent a good portion of my best years in the group called the "Sea Organization". (This Editorial Continues HERE)

Picture of Tom Cruise saluting David Miscavige, AKA, The Asthmatic Dwarf

Ex-member stories added 20 July 2004 - Edgard Negron, & Ann Marie Woodward

The Index page for Scientologists is HERE, the introduction is HERE

The continuation of this index page ( the old long page} is HERE

Dear Scientologist - This is a letter, written in scientology lingo, designed for use by the public to be printed out and mailed or emailed to every scientologist they know of. Help a Scientologist to wake up today! t This open letter contains none of the Xenu stuff that Scientologists are told will "ruin them" if they read it.

Chicago Sun Times - Tom Cruise  I am not a promosexual!


Tom Cruise is Appalled?

Not as much as I am!

I think it's appalling that Tom Cruise is allowed to shill for his cult on national media forums. It's appalling that he and other Scientologist actors and actresses are able to address governing bodies which make policy that affects all of us. I am appalled that the so-called "church" of Scientology continues to abuse and defraud innocent people. I am appalled that they create phony front groups which purport to tackle social problems, while all they really are is a recruitment arm for the "church." I am appalled that Scientology front groups such as Narconon, Criminon and Second Chance are even considered by state legislatures, as they only use these groups to spread Scientology and the dangerous Purification Rundown. However, the one thing I am most appalled and disgusted by are the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, who flock to tragedy in order to prey on vulnerable victims. 9-11 Jerusalem hospitals Breslan Tsunami California wildfires Columbine shooting As bad or worse than ambulance chasing lawyers, the VMs have been kicked out of several disaster areas, as they provide nothing but imaginary healing touches and copies of The Way to Happiness, a nice little booklet of Hubbardian homilies. They've moved in and taken over distribution of goods donated by others. They pose for nice PR pictures. They get in the way. They endanger rescue workers with their presence. Happily, some governments can see through their facade of "help" and eject them from disaster areas. They know it's just Scientology, trying to profit from tragedy. Appalling.

--barbara graham


At an ever increasing rate, Scientologists seem to be waking up and realizing that they have been LIED TO, by the current substitute for L Ron Hubbard, who died with his blood full of the Anti-Psychotic medication called Vistaril, Recent long time members who have come forward have revealed that Scientology has been CONTRACTING, and SHRINKING, since 1986. The Scientology scam has been forced to seek out new rubes who have little exposure to the internet, in places like Mongolia!! Their Narconon division has been thrown out of California Schools.. Their Criminon division's "Faith Based" funding was vetoed by Governor Bush, In the next few days be sure to check back here for a major new series.

In the past I have used the analogy that Scientology would eventually collapse, as quickly and as spontaneously as the Berlin Wall .. However, recent data, being webbed at this time, discloses that the current apparition dba Scientology and all its Front Groups, are more aptly described as an over inflated balloon... being blown up bigger, and bigger... The analogy is apt, because balloons are filled with nothing but hot air... and further apt because scientology, in fact is based upon nothing, using the same promises as that organization that once signed its salutations as "88".

Stay tuned, the most exciting period in the rapidly disintegrating world of L Ron Hubbard is upon us...


Arnie Lerma

One time Finance Manager for what is now called Scientology Bridge Publications (tm).

Tel: 703 241 1498 - I am always willing to speak with current members see the Speakers Link for email and contact information

Hating Crime is NOT a Hate Crime (Barbara Graham)

Current Scientologists should peruse Ex-member Robert Van Dam's pages if they have not already done so, BEFORE continuing to read mine - the following link to Creed Pearson's Doubt Formula is designed for members and ex-members of Scientology. There is considerable Scientology lingo. May I introduce, Creed Pearson:

The Wedding My Brother Never Saw
"Even today in the Sea Org, parents and children are often separated from each other. Sometimes even husbands and wives are separated as well. According to my brother, he was told when he joined the Sea Org, that he would be eating his meals with his children and would see them every weekend. This was not the case. In fact, he lived apart from his children in a separate location, and rarely saw them. His daughter, Leah, was married and he could not attend because he was in the "RPF". He never even knew she got married until I told him a year later."

creed pearson's brother jimmy's daughter

May 30th - New addition to Archives

Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior
2004 Constitutional Protection Report
Development of political extremism in 2004
Scientology Organization
Free Unofficial Translation (FUT) from

April 18 additions to archives:

The article the broke story of the satanic connections of Scientology in the media - from the Sunday Times in UK - SCIENTOLOGY - Revealed for the First Time
The Odd Beginning of L Ron Hubbard's career:

Parsons, the Anti Christ - link to Sundy Times UK article about Scientology hubbard's early history of involvmenet with satanism, if you say thetan with a lisp it comes out satan

Parsons - The AntiChrist

Las Vegas Review Journal - Ex-Scientologists Express Bitterness ( both are just as true today as they were when published )

April 8, 2005 Updates:

Hubbard the Master Stage Hypnotist ( new data, new links )

Ex-member Homer Schomer's newspaper article ( 1984 ) LINK

The UK Sunday Times Magazine article about Scientology:
Sinking the Master Mariner: "Corrupt, sinister and dangerous" were the words used to describe the Church of Scientology in a judgment given by Mr Justice Latey this summer. He also referred to it as "immoral and socially obnoxious". LINK to article (long)

Witness: Hubbard used Black Magic - Clearwater Sun - about ex-archivist Gerry Armstrong discovering L Ron Hubbard's true nature ( Liar and con man )


Scientology destroys a Church - The Kolts decision - David Mayo wrote NOTs - NOW on the web - this 1993 article about a case involving Scientology vs David Mayo's Church of the New Civilization resulted in this Judicial opinion:

The plaintiffs (scientology) have abused the federal Court system, by using it inter-alia, to destroy their oppents rather than use it to resolve an actual dispute...This constitutes extraordinary, malicious, wanton, and oppressive conduct - US Special Master James Kolts

(above: US Special Master James Kolts: The plaintiffs (scientology) have abused the federal Court system, by using it inter-alia, to destroy their opponents rather than use it to resolve an actual dispute...This constitutes extraordinary, malicious, wanton, and oppressive conduct

Prozac Frees Ex-Scientology Leader from Depression
The story of L Ron Hubbard's deputy - originally published in June 1991 in The Psychiatric Times

Article about the Tichbourne va Scientology trial - the jury found Hubbard himself, guilty of FRAUD

Russ Baker's SCIENTOLOGYWOOD, from the Village Voice

UPDATED MARCH 31:Beck and Scientology - Briefing for journalists

March 29, 2005: Scientologist kicked out of NY Times Square station for selling Dianetics and 6 Scientologists fined $50 each.

"Last night, however, the Scientologists experienced a high-stress event themselves. Plainclothes detectives determined that the books were being sold, not given in exchange for donations, in violation of New York City Transit rules against unlicensed vending, said Paul J. Browne, the deputy commissioner for public information for the Police Department.

The detectives issued six people $50 summonses and ejected them from the Times Square station, Mr. Browne said." NY Times

The most important and authoritative summary of the cultic conflict is now online:
Louis J. West Ph.D - Lecture - Cult Overview

If you only read ONE file during your visit to Exposing the CON make THIS file the one that you read!. Please help in any way you can to get this file read widely by governments and activists around the world, thank you, Arnaldo Lerma founder Exposing the CON

tory christman, click image for higher resolution image (c) Scientology in What is Scientology?

TAKE THIS TEST - Sunday, March 6, 11:00AM

LA City Beat March 3rd 2005
You think Scientology isn't a cult?
What are you...brainwashed??

So believes Tory Christman, (Pictured above from Scientology's own publications) a 30-year member of L. Ron Hubbard's celebrity-filled church, until she "woke up" one day four years ago and she got the heck out. Now Christman spends her time educating people about what she perceives are the dangers of this organization, plus any others promising suspiciously sanctimonious answers to your ills.

She'll tell of her experiences this morning when she speaks at the Center for Inquiry - West in Hollywood. Security will be tight, however, so all you fanatics, hecklers, and other unruly folk best make other plans.

Tory received not one, but TWO standing ovations. We were told that was the first such response a speaker had gotten at these talks.

Mark Bunker was there to capture the event on video,

Links to Tory's lecture are on the Multimedia page HERE

Click here to continue reading the headlines, on Lermanet's Back Page

Secrets are the mortar binding bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind

The following words come from a publication called Pseudodoxia Epidemica, written by Sir Thomas Browne in 1646. In between paragraphs ridiculing urine therapy and astrology (both unfortunately still with us), he had this to say about "Saltimbancoes, Quacksalvers, and Charlatans":

For their Impostures are full of cruelty, and worse than any other; deluding not only unto pecuniary defraudations, but the irreparable deceit of death.

Website Ranking


Elvis Presley "That s.o.b. group - all they want is my money
Joe Cisar's Archive of European Scientology News

NEW! Sept 10, 2008
Radio Shows

A Short Video about Scientology's Persecution of activists

Tommy Gorman Interview

Creed Pearson Story

Michael Pattinson OT8

Gary Weber's Apology

Dan Garvin's Story

Tory Christman's website

The Perkins Tragedy

Sunday Front Page Tampa Tribune, July 9th, 2006:

Arnaldo (Arnie) Lerma on front page of July 9th, Sunday, Tampa tribune

Christopher Reeve Blasts Scientology - Story Here

"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." Christopher Reeve quoted from the Role Model web Site.

How many Scientologists?

Scientology's claim of "8 million members" is a lie!
study from City University of New York shows only 55,000 say they are Scientologists in the US.

Scientology, Why are these people dead? 

   Noah Antrim Lottick (24)

Noah Lottick
(24 years old)

Jumped to his death
clutching his last few dollars tightly to his chest

Scientology, The most "classically terroristic" cult the world has ever seen

Read May 6, 1991 TIME Magazine Cover story "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" --

Are conspirators from the largest domestic spying case in US history, (Scientology from the criminal case of US vs Mary Sue Hubbard) still at it?

See this new special report -- December 6, 2001

Scientology Lies!

L. Ron Hubbard's complete Navy War Record is now online!
Who was I at age 16 to question a  Nuclear Physicist [a lie] and Navy War hero [another lie ] ?

L.Ron Hubbard gets listed as a Fake War Hero on POW website based on scientology's claims (on their own web site!)- Also see The Shannon Report

Scientology's "Religious Cloaking"
Scientology invoked religious trappings merely as an effort to avoid public and government scrutiny - merely as an effort to ("MAKE MORE MONEY" (c) L Ron Hubbard)

Scientology's plan to make money off WTC bombing--from an internal Scientology email boasting about disruption of Mental Health efforts:

"[W]e are trying to move in and knock the psychs [Psychiatrists] out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse."

Rest of this report with links here
Why is THIS considered charitable activity?

Please report other incidents of Disaster Fraud to the Federal Emergency Management Agency!

How Scientology Manipulates the Search Engines Detailed report explains why and other critical Scientology-related websites urgently need your link to our sites. is a site about the true nature of the late L.Ron Hubbard's empire called Scientology and its on-ramp Dianetics. Documenting a lifetime history of fraud, criminal convictions and mind control. Created by an ex-officer in Scientology's "Sea Organization"Arnaldo Lerma

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