Scientology's Love-Hate Relationship
with the "SPOTLIGHT," Willis Carto & the "Institute for Historical Review"

Scientology Public Affairs Officer Jones informs & educates The Spotlight and Carto


Church of Scientology International
Office of the President

Mr. Willis Carto Publisher
The Spotlight
300 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003 January 28, 1994
Dear Mr. Carto:
I was glad that we spoke today and I now have a better understanding of the situation.
As I said on the phone, the Church has no wish to be in the middle of a fight between the Institute of Historical Review (IHR) and you. Tom Marcellus is a parishioner of the Church and we do not interfere with his personal or business affairs. We have no interest in and have had no connection with any activities Mr. Marcellus has engaged in regarding the IHR.
You told me that Scientologist and IHR employee Michelle Matteau is the source of your belief that Tom is a minister of the Church who works closely with Scientology administrators. You also said, that according to Michelle, Mr. Marcellus has even performed a Scientology wedding ceremony.
I told you that this is untrue and that Tom is not an ordained minister of the Church. I have now spoken to Michelle. She said she has never given you this information as it is completely untrue.
As a representative of the Church, I am doing my best to resolve this situation through communication between us. You are making a serious mistake by trying to drag the Church of Scientology into your internal squabbles. I offered to meet with you today, and I look forward to hearing back from you as you promised.
Yours sincerely,
/sig/ Rev. Leisea Goodman
Public Relations Director

300 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE S.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 (202) 544-1794
February 2, 1994
Rev. Leisa Goodman
Public Relations Director
Church of Scientology International 6331 Hollywood Blvd. #1200
Los Angeles, Calif. 90028
Dear Rev. Goodman:
Thank you for your fax and letter of January 28. If Michelle Matteau told you she did not say that Tom Marcellus performs marriages she is contradicting former statements. I am told that she and her live-in boy friend went before an ethics officer of your church some months ago when they had a problem with their relationship and in this connection she also related to other girls at the office that Marcellus would marry them if they decided to get married. She also said that Marcellus is "high up in the church" and "soon will go higher."
Approximately six months ago two Scientologists visited the office and went into conference with Marcellus in a secluded office.
Matteau commented at the time that she intensely disliked the woman of the pair. After leaving the office, they continued their private discussion outside the office.
It has been sort of a standing joke that she was the "slave" of Marcellus, dutifully bringing him his lunch and attending to every whim. It is understandable that she would lie for him.
I note your statement that Marcellus does not work closely with Scientology administrators. I am sorry to say this is inconsistent with other information we have with other reliable sources connected with the church -- and I do not refer to Michelle Matteau.
As for Marcellus personally, anything he says is questionable. He has uttered innumerable lies which are easily documentable e during the past three months, many of them under oath. His word is totally worthless.
I understand that when a church representative engages in unethical conduct you have an ethics board to inquire and take appropriate action. I trust you will start the process in motion as regards Tom Marcellus.
Willis A. Carto

300 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE S.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 (202) 544-1794
March 15, 1994
Rev. Leiss Goodman
Public Relations Director
Church of Scientology International 6331 Hollywood Blvd. #1200
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Dear Ms. Goodman:
I trust you received my letter of February 2 in prompt response to yours of January 28. Please note that I have no record of a reply. I'm very interested in pursuing this matter within the "ethics" of the Church of Scientology and look forward to your response.
Willis A. Carto
WAC/jp cc
enc.: Copy of letter sent February 2, 1994.
VIA Return Receipt Requested

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
June 1, 1994
The Spotlight
301 Independence Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
RE: Letter-to-the-Editor
Dear Editor:
Your two recent articles on the Church of Scientology's ad campaign attacking German discrimination were obviously written with little knowledge of the intensity and breadth of state-sanctioned discrimination directed against law abiding German Scientologists.
Children have been kicked out of day care centers because their parents are Scientologists, Scientologist owned businesses have been boycotted. Legislation has been passed making it illegal for property to be sold to or rented to Scientologists People have been fired solely because of their Church membership. Church staff members have been physically attacked. Bomb threats have been received.
Your two articles wrongly attempted to trivialize our just protest against such discrimination. The first even went so far as to make excuses for this bigotry. The second implied the German constitution under Hitler, which permitted the arbitrary banning of a host of organizations, was a more just document than the current constitution which guarantees freedom of religion.
I find it disturbing that The Spotlight -- long a defender of individual liberties -- would allow its fervor for historical revisionism to turn it into an apologist for ANY government which wrongly attempts to strip its citizens of their rights.
Alexander R. Jones
Scientology Improving Life in a Troubled World
400 C St. N.W., Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484

The SPOTLIGHT. 300 Independence Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
June 21, 1994
Dear Mr. Jones,
Paul Croke asked me to send you a copy of this story we have received from a correspondent in Europe. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.
Andrew C. Arnold assistant editor

Scientology A Business
Paris, France. In a landmark ruling the French Tribunal of Commerce ordered the "Church" of Scientology to pay $ millions in taxes, back taxes and penalties for the last ten years, after determining that scientologist activities were more commercial than spiritual.
The Tax Authority submitted extensive evidence on the various businesses operated by the "Church", including the highly profitable induction fees -- $20,000 minimum--which new recruits must pay along with subsequent and frequent "electrometer auditing" fees monitoring the purity and worthiness of members, at $7,000 each.
In defense the Scientologists claimed that "money comes in and money comes out -- everything evolves around the development of the association". But the court was not impressed and ruled that Scientology must pay taxes like any other businesses. It was also not swayed when presented by the deal made between the I.R.S. and Scientology in the United States., which rejected as an acceptable precedent.
As most other European countries France has always refused to accept the claims of Scientology to be a legitimate church -- due mainly to the constant stream of lawsuits filed against Scientology by plaintiffs claiming they had been defrauded.
The French ruling represents a severe blow to the Scientology organization. For the last 30 years it has spent enormous sums to implant itself in Europe, after its founder science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard had become a fugitive from justice and began running his sect from a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.
The Scientologist hierarchies felt confident that their IRS deal would be repeated in Europe and spared no expense deploying a large number of tax lawyers and lobbyists for that purpose. Their often strident aggressiveness as well as numerous complaints may have rubbed European lawmakers and officials the wrong way.
So far only the U.S. has struck a deal with controversial "Church'" despite substantial court evidence from former members that the "Church" was strictly in the business of acquiring money from gullible and particularly vulnerable people.
It has not escaped the attention of former members that as soon as the Scientology-IRS deal was consummated, the "Church immediately stopped its denunciation as to the tyrannical nature of the IRS. This sudden switch also came as a shock to many people who tended to give credit to Scientology for doing battle with the IRS but were forced to realize that the anti-IRS huffing and puffing was more rhetorical fury in its quest for tax exempt status than philosophy conviction.
Now "Church" hierarchies are concerned that the French ruling may prompt the U.S. Congress to scrutinize Scientology's practices. A simple congressional resolution would cancel tax exemption granted by the IRS.
In the wake of the French decision the German, Swiss and Austrian governments are preparing tough legislation to curb what they regard as racketeering practices of the sect.
European governments are now in possession of an impressive dossier documenting 30 years of Scientology practices throughout the world which has been provided by the world's foremost crime fighting organization, Interpol.
Interpol information, intelligence and evidence have been used repeatedly by the European courts and by the various governments for policy guidance concerning criminal organizations.
Bern Interpol Meeting
Interpol is now meeting in Bern, the federal capital of Switzerland. Representatives from 169 countries affiliated with Interpol have gathered to observe the 70th anniversary of the famed international crime busting body.
On the agenda of the law enforcement authorities is Scientology. FBI representatives are in Bern to liaise with Interpol and compare notes in their on-going investigation of Scientology.
The Swiss authorities praised Interpol as the finest police organization in the world which made it possible to arrest and convict tens of thousands of criminals and dismantle criminal organizations throughout the world. The Swiss government handles 35,000 criminal cases a year in conjunction with Interpol and is one of its strongest backers. On March 28, 1994, The SPOTLIGHT examined the history of Interpol.

TEL No. 202-544-4101 Jun 28, 94 9:199 No. 002 P.03
Church of Scientology International
Office of Public Affairs
June 23, 1994
Paul Croke Editor
The Spotlight
300 Independence Avenue, S.E, Washington, D.C. 20003
Dear Paul,
Thank you for sending me a copy of your planned article on the French legal decision. I will get back to your assistant editor Andrew Arnold on this as soon as possible.
In the meantime, I would appreciate your help in a somewhat related matter. In the past two months, The Spotlight carried two negative articles on our newspaper ad campaign designed to expose state-sanctioned discrimination against law abiding German Scientologists. Both of these articles were obviously written without an understanding of the degree of the problem in Germany and came off as defending the German government's unjust actions against its own citizens who are guilty of nothing other than holding certain religious beliefs. I've attached both articles for your convenience.
I spoke to Mike Piper, the author of the second article, shortly after I read it and he assured me that (1) there was no intention on his part to apologize for unjust actions by the German government and (2) he would ensure a letter from me gets printed in the paper (Please see my enclosed fax letter to Mike of June 1st.) Despite this, my letter has not been printed and my latest call to Mike has gone unanswered.
I'd appreciate it if you would do what you can to got my letter published.
Alexander R. Jones

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
June 27, 1994
Mr. Paul Croke Editor
The Spotlight
300 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
Dear Mr. Croke:
Thank you for having Andrew Arnold send me a copy of the article on a recent legal decision in France which your received from a European correspondent.
Frankly, this so-called "story" is dishonest and misleading. It is, at best, irresponsibly poorly researched. At worst, its numerous lies and falsehoods are intentional.
Basically, the article wrongly attempts to use one legal decision in the Paris Trade Court as a springboard for a series of false assertions about the Church. It attempts to give false, negative impressions about our acceptance in Europe, the importance of our recognition by the IRS and then invents investigations by the FBI and INTERPOL. The key falsehood throughout is that the Church of Scientology is a business.
This legal decision, by the way, is being appealed to the French Supreme Court.
Now for some specifics. The article falsely states that ". . . France has always refused to accept the claims of Scientology to be legitimate church. . ."
In 1980, a French appeals court recognized the Church of Scientology as a religion. In 1985, the Social Security Agency of Angers ruled that a Church staff member was not required to make social security payments because his commitment to the Church was of a purely spiritual nature and his work could not be compared to that of a normal wage earner.
In another 1985 French decision, the Social Security Agency in Pau, France, issued a decision granting exemption
Scientology® Improving Life in a Troubled World
400 C St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484
Mr. Paul Croke June 27, 1994 Page 2
from making social security payments due to the religious nature of the Scientologists' work. Later in 1987, the Tax Office in Pau, France, issued a decision stating that donations for Scientology courses and pastoral counseling (also known as auditing) were tax-exempt.
In addition, despite the intention of the author to impress otherwise, there have been numerous important judicial and government decisions recognizing the religious nature of Scientology in other European countries. These include Germany, Italy, Portugal and Holland. Similar recognitions have been won in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and, of course, the United States.
In one of these decisions, the High Court of Australia, on October 27, 1983, issued a lengthy 59 page ruling involving the Church of Scientology. It noted "The conclusion that it [the Church of Scientology] is a religious institution entitled to tax exemption is irresistible."
We have copies of some of these decisions which I can make available to you if you are interested.
There is no "$20,000 minimum" "induction fee" in Scientology. This is just stupid. The truth is that there are a host of free and inexpensive courses, lectures and books available to a person interested in Scientology. In fact, many of these books are available in public libraries. The bottom line is that any person, poor or affluent, who can read and understand, can read a Scientology book and begin to apply the principles to his life.
Another gross mischaracterization is the article's description of our pastoral counseling which is also known as auditing. The purpose of auditing is increased spiritual awareness, ability and personal integrity. Again, this service is available to anyone, poor or affluent, and, in fact, about 30% of the auditing given by our Church is free.
Next, Mr. Hubbard was never a fugitive from justice and the "Apollo", the ship he operated in the Mediterranean, could hardly be classified as a luxury yacht.
The article further irresponsibly mischaracterizes the IRS's official recognition of the Church of Scientology as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable
Mr. Paul Croke June 27, 1994 Page 3
organization. This recognition only came about after the most extensive and painstaking IRS review in the agency's history. Our tax-exempt application and accompanying documents was the largest such application in IRS history and was hundreds of thousands of pages long.
There is no on-going FBI or INTERPOL investigation into the Church of Scientology. This is a bald-faced fabrication. I challenge the author to document this lie. Time Magazine attempted to assert such in its libelous article on the Church, forcing the FBI to conduct its own internal investigation after which it concluded that this claim of an investigation was completely false.
Thank you again for giving me an opportunity to comment on this article prior to publication. Whoever this author is, believe me, this person is merely masquerading as a friend of your publication. He is attempting to use The Spotlight for his own ends. He is a liability to your paper's integrity.
Alexander R. Jones

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
September 1, 1994
Mike Piper The Spotlight 301 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
Dear Mike,
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me the other day about the recent Spotlight article on Scientology.
As I indicated to you in that phone conversation, I am very unhappy the continued mischaracterization of the Scientology religion and our activities in your paper despite our numerous attempts, dating back to October of 1993, to handle your misperceptions through letters and conversations.
These attacks have been unfair, unwarranted and unprovoked, based only on wisps of "evidence" that have been mistakenly transformed -- through profound ignorance of Scientology theology, terminology and structure -- in mental skyscrapers of steel and reinforced concrete.
That our Church has been so singled out is also indicative of dec ; gious prejudice and bigotry. How many other churches have you attacked because one of their parishioners attacked IHR or The Spotlight?
The bottom line is what you have printed on Scientology since last November has been bad journalism, a disservice to both us and your readers.
Scientology Improving Life in a Troubled World 400 C St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002
Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX(202)543-6484
Mike Piper September 1, 1994 Page Two
I would very much like to resolve this issue once and for all, though I understand that can only be done with the publisher himself.
In the meantime, I would appreciate it if you would do what you can to get the accompanying letter-to-the-editor printed.
Finally, I await getting your material documenting Marcellus's alleged bribery attempt and remain willing to forward this to appropriate Church authorities.
Alexander R. Jones

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs September 1, 1994
The Spotlight
301 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
- FAX LETTER - RE: Letter-to-the-editor
Dear Editor:
Over the past eight months, I have had numerous detailed communications with Spotlight staff regarding the Church of Scientology. I have even provided The Spotlight with an 833 page reference book on Church theology, religious acceptance by courts and government authorities, history and activitie.
Despite these many attempts to enlighten and educate, The Spotlight has insisted on irresponsibly and maliciously mischaracterizing the Scientology religion and its activities at every opportunity. The paper's recent obscene distortion of our campaign to stop state sponsored persecution of law abiding, German Scientologists in Germany is a case in point. How would you feel if you were arbitrarily denied the right to purchase or rent property, or to join a political party -- solely because of your faith? it's happening in Germany today. And we're fighting it!
Alexander R. Jones
Scientology Improving Life in a Troubled World
400 C St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484

[handwritten note on "FAX COVER SHEET" form]
1 of 1
To: Alex Jones
From: Mike Piper
Company: The SPOTLIGHT
Comments: Alex, Thanx for the fax. I will be in touch tomorrow (Friday)
re same and new matter. - Mike
- end -

300 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE S.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 (202) 544-1794
September 27, 1994
Mr. Alexander R. Jones
Church of Scientology International Office of Public Relations 400 C Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20002
Dear Alex:
Mike Piper is on vacation and left some of his correspondence for me which includes yours of September 1 to him as well as your Letter to the Editor of the same date.
As you know very well, we supported Scientology up to a short while ago and you know the story very well by now. I must say that from my personal experience I am very disappointed with the treatment I have received. Months ago I wrote directly to Leisa Goodman and asked her to institute a so-called ethical investigation or ethical trial in the case of Tom Marcellus and never even received an answer. In fact, I even sent a Certified Return Receipt letter and the letter was returned.
If the Church of Scientology wants to regain any confidence in my eyes at all this is the place to start. Nothing is worse just on general principles than not to answer sincere letters.
It is particularly bad when a person makes a sincere request on the basis of what he understands to be the facts, namely that your church has a method to deal with dishonest and unethical people and then on the other hand to receive letters like yours taking us to task for imagined slights against your church. I think this is hypocritical at best and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Willis A. Carto, Treasurer
WAC/jp cc

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
September 29, 1994
Willis A. Carto Treasurer The Spotlight 300 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
Dear Willis,
I was happy to receive your letter of September 27, 1994. Thank you for being so forthcoming.
Let me first formally apologize for the lack of response to your letter to Leisa Goodman. I thought this matter had been handled. It was during a lengthy conversation, that Mike Piper and I had outside the Spotlight's offices last June, that I first learned your certified letter had been returned.
I explained to Mike -- and in retrospect probably should have communicated directly to you -- that no personal affront was intended; Leisa Goodman's office is simply not authorized to accept certified mail from anyone. During that conversation, I also offered to expedite your communication to Ms. Goodman and I thought Mike told me he would relay my explanation and offer to you.
As you can see from the attached faxes to Mike, I put this offer in writing on July 1st and followed up on it on July 11th. As I heard no more about the matter, I assumed you were no longer interested in sending the letter.
What I would really like to do at this time is move forward to a resolution of the flap between you and the Church of Scientology. There are too many necessary battles to fight in life to fight unnecessary ones.
To that end, as there have been some organizational changes over the past few months, it would be best if you communicated directly with me on this matter. You know my address. You can also reach me by phone at 202-543-6404 and by fax at 202-547-9463.
Scientology: Improving Life in a Troubled World
40() (' St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484
Mr. Willis A. Cacto September 29, 1994 Page 2
Further, I recently spoke to Mike concerning your charge that Marcellus attempted to bribe one of your employees to secure your mailing list. I indicated, at that time, that I would personally see to it that this information was sent to the proper Church officials. I stressed to Mike that I need exact details; what was done, when, by whom, etc. Let me repeat that offer to you formally now. Again, thanks for writing. I'll look forward to your reply. Sincerely,
Alexander R. Jones
xc: Mike Piper

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
July 1, 1994
Mike Piper The Spotlight 300 Independence Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
- FAX LETTER - 2 pages total
Dear Mike,
I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me the other day when I visited The Spotlight's offices. Honest communication is vital in situations like this.
I also wanted to confirm in writing that Ms. Leisa Goodman will accept a letter from Mr. Carto. There was no personal affront intended towards Mr. Carto regarding his earlier letter; Ms. Goodman is simply not authorized to accept registered mail - from anyone.
I have spoken directly to her about the letter and she has assured me that if Mr. Carto simply sends the letter by regular mail to her directly or via myself, that she will answer it. If speed is a concern he can fax it to me at 202-543-6484 and I will relay it to her immediately by fax or FED-X.
By the way, I have read some of the materials you were kind enough to send me. Frankly, I must tell you that if the lame exactness of details, evidente and fact, that you and the other authors insist upon, were applied to the current matter, you would have great insight into our degree of frustration on this whole Marcellus affair.
Scientology Improving Life in a Troubled World
400 C St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484
Mr. Mike Piper July 1, 1994 Page Two
In any event, as we discussed about a month ago today, I hope we can move forward now regarding the publishing of my letter-to-the-editor; I'll look forward to receiving and discussing your response to my letter.
Have a good 4th of July.
Alexander R. Jones
Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs

11 July 1994
RE: LETTER-TO-THE-EDITOR (5 pages total)
I have been expecting your call since the day after we spoke outside The Spotlight's offices on June 27th. In addition, I faxed you a follow-up letter on July ist to which I have received no response. I have also attempted to reach you by phone a number of times.
I would appreciate a call just to see where we stand regarding my letter-to-the-editor and also regarding Mr. Carto's letter to Ms. Leisa Goodman. For your convenience, I am faxing copies of my earlier written communications to you with this memo.
As always, I can be reached by phone at 202-543-6404 or by fax at 202-543 6484.
Scientology Improving Life in a Troubled World
400 C St. N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Telephone (202) 543-6404 FAX (202) 543-6484

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs

November 16, 1994

Mike Piper The Spotlight 300 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003

- FAX LETTER - (total of 2 pages)

Dear Mike,

I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me at The Spotlight on Monday, October 31st. I just wanted to memorialize a few points from our conversation.

During the meeting, we went over the negative article on our Germany ads that ran in the October 31st edition of the paper. I objected to: (1) your continued mischaracterization of our efforts to stop serious, widespread and unjustified, government persecution of German Scientologists; (2) your uncritical reporting of comments from German officials; (3) the tacit approval given to the actions of the German government; (4) the lack of balance, specifically the lack of comments from Church officials and (5) your continued suggestion that we are allied, in this cause, with the ADL despite the fact that ADL National Director Abraham Foxman wrote a letter to The New York Times decrying our Germany ads.

On this latter point, you indicated that you personally perceived Foxman's letter as a ploy in an attempt to undermine the Scientology/ADL theory that is so prevalent at The Spotlight. Let me again point out that there is no way we would arrange for negative comments from the national director of an organization as large as the ADL to appear in one of the country's largest papers -- daily circulation of 1.2 million -- in order to stop attacks in a weekly paper with The Spotlight's circulation. That simply would not be in our best interests.

Further, in all fairness, given the Foxman letter in The New York Times plus the history of our social reform actions, you should at least be willing to give

Mike Piper November 16, 1994 Page Two

us the benefit of the doubt on this issue; it does tend to bear out what we've been telling you folks for over a year now. I understand that people will believe whatever they want to believe. However, there is a difference between what is believed to have happened and what DID happen. Revisionists always stress the need for documentation and proof; are always so careful to point out the difference between what DID happen and what people believe to have happened when it comes to history. I do not understand why you can't see the necessity of applying those same standards when it comes to the ADL/Scientology issue.

After all, is the Lutheran Church responsible when a group of its members decides to picket a company? Is the Baptist Church pulling the strings when a corporate executive takes action in a hostile takeover of a company? Is the Episcopal Church to blame when one of its members -- who happens to be a U.S. representative -- introduces legislation with which you disagree?

Fortunately, as a result of our discussion, we did reach some agreements. Regarding revisionism, we essentially agreed to disagree regarding our approach in the Germany ads which I understand is considered counter-productive by revisionists. You agreed to my request that we at least get a courtesy call for comment in the event you write another such piece and also to run a letter-to-the-editor on October 31st article.

Regarding the letter-to-the-editor, I faxed this to you on November 1st. I also asked a German Scientologist who left Germany because of the persecution to respond so you should have her letter as well. Thus, I'm looking forward to seeing my letter and possibly even hers in one of your upcoming issues.

One final note, I honestly would like to have the specifics and police documentation on the use of the gun during the IHR takeover as well as the specifics on Marcellus' attempt to acquire your mailing list.


Alexander R. Jones

cc: Willis Carto Paul Croke

Church of Scientology International Office of Public Affairs
June 28, 1995
Willis Carto The Spotlight 300 Independence Ave., S.E. Washington, DC 20003
Dear Mr. Carto:
Would you be so kind as to provide me with the documents or evidence to support the following:
The implication in the July 3, 1995 issue of The Spotlight that Scientology parishioner Tom Marcellus has lied on his tax returns. The claim, in the June 26, 1995 issue of The Spotlight, that "It is well known that Raven, a close friend of Marcellus for 12 years, is a secret agent of Scientology."
Your prompt handling of this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Alexander R. Jones

July 7, 1995
Mr. Alexander R. Jones
Church of Scientology International 2125 S Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008
Dear Mr. Jones:
I will reply to yours of June 28 although such a courtesy is more than I received when I wrote to your superiors.
As for Treacherous Tom's Tall Tax Tales, that matter is fully documented and if it becomes necessary to prove that this highly ethical clear has been less than candid with the IRS we'll be happy to do so.
As for Raven, The SPOTLIGHT will print a notarized affidavit from Mr. Miscavage that Raven is not and has never been connected with Scientology or any of its subsidiaries and has never made any secret deals with Scientology under any auspices, paid or unpaid. Better yet, we would like to take Mr. Miscavage's sworn deposition on this subject if you can tell me how I can serve him with a subpoena.
Willis A. Carto, Treasurer

1701 20th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009 Tel (202) 797-9826
April 8, 1997
Mike Piper The Spotlight 300 Independence Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
Dear Mike,
I knew I was right.
Your publisher will not permit the running of any letters which are contrary to his officially issued black propaganda line on the Church (see attached article and letter-to-the-editor.)
Your articles keep making a big deal about our tax exempt status, quoting experts like Dan Pilla. I don't suppose anyone at your "publication" bothered to read the attached article that recently ran in Tax Notes (attached), the publication that started the controversy over the IRS decision to grant us our tax exempt status.
NO, of course not. That would be too much like being professional, or accurate, or fair. In other words, The Spotlight willfully prints lies and distortions on a weekly basis and I know you and others there know this.
Your paper has been reduced to a pathetic, impotent soap box much to the detriment of the integrity of the paper and those who work there. And by the way, you would dramatically improve the public's perception of your collective IQ if you dropped the moronic statistical "analysis" used to justify the lies you have been printing about the IHR and Scientology. To what am I referring? And I quote (from the attached article):
"On October 1, 1993, both things happened: The IRS granted the exemption and there was a takeover of the IHR involving treacherous Scientologists who were employed by the IHR. (The chances against any two unrelated events taking place on the same day of a given year are 133,225 to 1.)"
Wow. Brilliant. Let me try my hand at using this concept:
"On January 3, 1956, Willis Carto gets an idea. Three hundred miles away, an earthquake levels a small town. Coincidence? We think not! Carto's cognitive power triggered an electromagnetic response, stimulating a subterranean fault exactly where he stood, the shock of which passed across miles of land like a ripple through a placid lake resulting in the leveling of the hapless town. (The chances against any two unrelated events taking place on the same day of a given year are 133,225 to 1.)"
Here's another one:
"Willis Carto visits Francis Yockey in jail. The next day, Yockey is dead. Coincidence? We think not! Carto -- in league with subterranean elements of U.S. society plotted to kill the unsuspecting iconoclast -- so that he, and no other, could write the foreword to Imperium. (The chances against any two unrelated events taking place on the same day of a given year are 133,225 to 1.)"
Boy! this really makes proving a connection between unrelated events really easy. Nothing like professional journalism and sound statistical analysis.
Keep up the good work!
Alex Jones
Enc. 3
cc: Willis Carto Paul Croke Andrew Allen

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."-THOMAS JEFFERSON
April 7, 1997
Liberty Lobby Reports by Vince Ryan
Impeach Clinton
Impeach Clinton? This is the question that members of the Board of Policy of Liberty Lobby are now pondering. Although we have hardly begun to hear from the great majority of BOP members, the movement to impeach the president is gaining momentum and those results we have received do show support for the proposal.
As you may already know, two powerful Republican House committee chairmen, Henry Hyde (Ill.) of Judiciary and Gerald Solomon (N.Y) of Rules, have been carefully laying the groundwork for impeachment proceedings.
The Chinagate bribery scandal and the charges that illegal foreign contributions influenced the 1996 election of the Clinton-Gore team and possibly other campaigns is becoming too big to ignore. Add to this the immigration scandal, in which hundreds of thousands of ineligible aliens were made citizens to vote the Democratic ticket and you have plenty of grounds for impeachment.
As House Judiciary Committee member Bob Barr (R-Ga.) says, "The cumulative effect of a series of systematic abuses compel the Congress, whose members have sworn to uphold the Constitution, to examine its constituted role in matters of impeachment."
And now the BOP must decide whether Liberty Lobby should mount a major campaign and set up an ad hoc Committee to Impeach Bill Clinton. Representatives of Liberty Lobby have talked to several key members of Congress about the feasibility of impeachment. These members were very receptive of the movement and believe it wise to explore the matter. Liberty hobby realizes that impeachment of a president is very serious business. The Committee to Impeach Bill Clinton will have outstanding American patriots as members. Next week we will have more to report on the impeachment movement. There was a time in the not too distant past that the media cringed and feared for its life when it came to reporting on the Church of Scientology. They feared libel suits and other harassment from the church and from its membership, as laid down by procedures mandated by founder L. Ron Hubbard. In a word, the free press was terrified. Today, however, the tables have been turned. Big media has lost its fear to report on Scientology. Suddenly the issue of the church's tax exemption granted by the IRS on October 1, 1993 is of major concern. The national media was led by a sensational front-page story in the New York Times (March 9, 1997) which focused on the "mysterious" granting of the tax exemption.
Then, on March 25, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) clobbered Scientology. In a major, lengthy (42 column inches) editorial, the WSJ echoed the findings of the Times. Both papers quoted enemies of the sect who charge that it is not a religion at all but a clever moneymaking racket.
But wait a minute. The SPOTLIGHT, in a front-page story of its issue of November 1, 1993, first called national attention to the tax exemption. The SPOTLIGHT story said that Scientology, once a staunch foe of the IRS, had decided to join the mainstream and give up the fight in return for the exemption.
Tax and IRS expert Dan Pilla, in a SPOTLIGHT story of July 8, 1996, reviewed point by point the questionable process by which the IRS granted tax exempt status to Scientology.
The SPOTLIGHT thus maintains its record of often scooping the mainstream media in major stories. What makes the Scientology story important to every taxpayer is that when a multimillion dollar business like Scientology is removed from the tax rolls, everybody else's taxes have to go up. It puts the government and the taxpayers in the role of subsidizing Scientology. And if the exemption was acquired corruptly, the conspirators should go lo jail.
For decades, newspapers around the country have been intimidated by Scientology, fearing to tell the truth because they did not want to court libel suits, a major weapon of Scientology. Now, the ice has been broken by the Times and the WSJ. We congratulate them for deciding to expose the deal between the IRS and Scientology.
Of course, they still have a long way to go to tell "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say. This is that IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg and Scientology boss David Miscavige seem to have made a deal: Goldberg and his Zionist bosses would give Miscavige and Scientology the tax exemption they craved if Miscavige would take over and wreck the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), which had been researching and publishing historical information greatly damaging to the multi-billion dollar "Holocaust" racket.
On October 1, 1993, both things happened: The IRS granted the exemption and there was a takeover of the IHR involving treacherous Scientologists who were employed by the IHR. (The chances against any two unrelated events taking place on the same day of a given year are 133,225 to 1.)
The story waits for both the Times and the WSJ.
Remember, your influence counts. Use it!