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March 15, 1994
Mr. M. H[xxx].
Sacramento, CA 95816

Dear Mr. H[xxx]: I don't believe your letter of November, 1993 has never been acknowledged. However, please accept this one in any case. As a new subscriber you may not be aware that in the past we have supported Scientology and given their spokesmen many opportunities to go on Radio Free America and have reported on their activities in The SPOTLIGHT.
We certainly have nothing against the thousands of Americans who are members of the Church.
Beginning last October it has come to my personal attention that the upper level of the Church has aims and uses methods kept secret from the membership.
From what we understand, members have no knowledge of this activity nor do they have any democratic control on the leadership. Thus, any article we might run on the Church seen to be critical of Scientology must not be seen in any other light but that.
I am very sorry for the long delay in responding to your letter.


Willis A. Carto Treasurer


[handwritten: NM "no match on file"]

K[xxx] L[xxx]
Los Angeles, Non-domestic CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC

Certified Mail # P 032 754 001
Paul J. Croke, Editor
300 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003
Re: February 7, 1994 Edition

Dear Mr. Croke,

I read your comment in the "Letters" section of the above-referenced issue to the Scientologist who had canceled his subscription to The Spotlight. Accordingly, I have three points for which I am in need of clarification:

(1) There appears to be a flaw in your reasoning. You stated:

"...we have written the writer and asked if the good members of Scientology have any knowledge of or control over their leadership, which seems to be involved in schemes kept secret from the members."

First of all, I can only assume that you are not referring to "knowledge of ... their Leadership," but rather "knowledge of ... schemes." The construction of your sentence says you are talking about "their leadership," but your intention conveys that you are talking about "schemes." It is fairly obvious that anyone (including yourself) would have some knowledge of the leadership, just by virtue of knowing who they are, what their names are, where their offices are, etc. So, I will proceed under the assumption that you are talking about knowledge of "schemes." Please correct me if such is not the case.
Therefore, please explain to me how anyone, Scientologist or not, could have knowledge of anything which was being "kept secret" from them.

(2) I would also like to know: Are you making a blanket insinuation that the leaders of Scientology are "absolute rulers" in their domain, i.e., subject to no influence whatsoever from "the members"? If this is not your intention please clarify this for me.
There are many types of "control" in organizational affairs. Please clarify what type of "control" you are attempting to find out about. Also, would proof of any type of "control over their leadership" prove the issue of "control," and thereby render your implication invalid?

(3) Lastly, you have stated that the leadership of Scientology "seems to be involved in schemes kept secret from the members." That you have included the word "seems" in your statement mollifies the insinuation somewhat, but it does not, however, alter your intention to "attach" your subtle accusation to the "leadership." Do you have any documentation or hard evidence which would support such a suggestion, or are you merely passing along a rumor?

These are all interesting points to me, and I am very interested in your reply.
That you have gone out of your way to make these ambiguous commentations and printed them in your paper I believe I am properly justified in asking for clarification. If I do not hear from you within 30 days, at least with regard to my request for documentation or evidence, I will assume that you have none and have acquiesced on the issue and conceded that your position is not founded in evidence or proof.
In closing, I would like to remind you that these questions were evoked only after reading your incomplete comments. Awaiting your response.



300 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE S.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 (202) 544-1794

February 20, 1994

Dear Mr. L[xxx];
I really appreciate your writing again after you have checked out part of the facts.
Your para. 3 in your previous letter does not address the questions I raised. I am sure that the Amway-type conventions your people have are enthusiastic and upbeat and the plans announced for future expansion are heartily approved of by all. But do these pep sessions have anything to do with the secret plans, if any, of your leaders? Do the members have the ability to audit them as they have the ability to audit you? As an intelligent man you know very well that when there is a lot of money and power around in an organization of whatever type, it inevitably becomes corrupt. This is a simple historical law. Period.
My other question is that of control of this organization -- rather, about 140 organizations, I discover. Is there any way for the members to replace the leadership under some sort of democratic procedure? Or is the leadership self-perpetuating, meaning do they vote each other in?
I guess you know that I have some other questions in my mind revolving about the "mysterious" tax exemption and deductibility status suddenly granted by the IRS. I am told that this was completely unexpected by the mid-level Scientologists. Why does the IRS keep this matter confidential, in apparent violation of the law? Was there political pressure on the IRS? If so, what was the pressure and why? Could it have been a quid pro quo of some sort? What would your leader -- David Miscavage -- have been able to pay for this status? I understand he is telling associates that he has been able to do what even L. Ron was unable to do in 35 years!
I'll enclose herein the fax I received from your public relations director on January 28 and my response. I have not received an answer to this letter of February 2.
I thank you for your interest. Of course, there is a lot more to all of this but, contrary to Marcellus, I am not a liar (my lawyer forced him to reverse his testimony under oath on January 31) and have nothing to hide. So please write again if you wish.


Willis A. Carto

P.S. My address here is P.O. Box 28802, San Diego 92198.

M[xxx] J. L[xxx], Studio City, CA

February 12, 1994

Willis Carto
Liberty Lobby
300 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

Dear Mr. Carto:

Thank you for publishing my letter in your " letters to the Editor" section in a recent SPOTLIGHT.
I am confused a little, however. By printing the letter you give the apparency that your publication is willing to look at both sides of the story. However, you add a response that says that no Scientologist has responded to your inquiries as to whether members have any knowledge of the Church leaders. I am enclosing a copy of a letter which I sent you on December 28, 1993. If you'll take a look at point number 3 in that letter, you'll indeed find a mention of this point. So, once again, you are only mentioning part of the truth, which shows obvious negative bias.
I still have not received a response from you on my requests for more data on this purported "scandal" concerning the IHR. I finally found out the name of the "high-ranking Scientologist" who you claim has made life miserable for you: Torr Marcellus. Of course, I only found this out by scanning through the "letters" section of the SPOTLIGHT. I have never heard of Mr. Marcellus, and neither have several fellow Scientologists in the LA area. I doubt sincerely if he is a Scientologist in good standing, as it is very doubtful that any Scientologist would be involved in a revisionist historical society, if that's what the IHR is supposed to be.
Thanks again for publishing my letter. I just wish that you would give me more data, so that I could assist you in getting to the bottom of it, if there is genuinely some wrong-doing by a Scientologist.
My annual subscription expires in a few weeks. I will not be renewing until this situation is resolved and you give the Church of Scientology a fair chance to prove that it is an organization which you should be allied with, not positioned against.


M[xxx] L[xxx]

M[xxx] J. L[xxx] Studio City, CA
December 28, 1993

Willis Carto
Liberty Lobby
300 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

Dear Mr. Carto:
Thank you for taking the time to write to me and for including a copy of your response to a Mr. D[xxx]. Your letter finally gives me some clues as to your publication's sudden reversal regarding support of the Church of Scientology.
I would like to bring up a few points, for clarification:

1. The "fair game" reference which you mention is from an unauthorized fraudulent Policy Letter which made it ok to attack an enemy of the Church, without any fear of reprisal from Church authorities. Besides being basically immoral, this policy was also found to not have been issued by the Church's founder, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, and has been cancelled. If you know of any purported Scientologist who is using this reference as a guide to their behavior, please let me know, and I will do what I can to see that it is stopped.

2. l'm sure you have found that, on the whole, the Scientologists which you have come in contact with have been intelligent, sane and very concerned for human rights. We rely heavily on facts and data in order to investigate a problem and thus solve it. Since I do not know your reputation for relaying true data (good or bad) I must ask for more data: who is this "high-level Scientologist" who is attempting the Institute for Historical Review, and what are the circumstances surrounding this? Logically, I must have the true facts so that I can decide for myself who is being unethical. If this person you mention is indeed involved in wrongdoing, you have my word that I will do what I can to see that justice is done. Scientologists are very self-determined and we attempt to do things which result in the greatest good for the greatest number.

3. As a historical note; unethical people with hidden agendas have tried several times to ascend to the upper ranks of Church leadership, only to be caught every time. However, since many of these people are very clever and devious, it sometimes takes a while to catch them. We pride ourselves on being a very ethical group, and we have a strict code of ethics which members try to adhere to. This applies to both Church leaders and new Scientologists alike. Scientology is not a cult, and we welcome ail people, except criminals and the psychotically insane. Unfortunately, some people are better at putting on a false facade than others, and they avoid detection until after their criminal activities have driven away many potential Scientologists and alienated former Church allies (such as yourself). We are not anything like the "Masons", and we are constantly made aware of the aims of our "leaders" whose plans and actions are quite visible. Of course it is conceivable that this "high-level Scientologist" has done something unethical, but as I mentioned before, I need more data and proof before I can assist in seeing that justice is served.
4. The only thing that scares me a little about what you wrote is the line "...but I do know that the actions of top Scientologists have been grossly immoral and contemptible...". One ought to be careful of gross, sweeping generalizations like this. I used to think that all media outlets told the truth. As I grew older, 1 began to think that ail media outlets published falsehoods and deceptions. If I had kept that frame of
mind, I would never have subscribed to the SPOTLIGHT. If you have specifics of instances of highranking Church members doing immoral acts, I would like the data. For all I know, the data you have received could have been falsified before it got to you from someone who has a vested interest in seeing the Church fail. Or those members involved in criminal activity (if verified) are probably long gone from the Church.
I have been a Scientologist for 7 years, and I have seen hundreds of people whose lives have improved using the technology contained in the writings by Mr. Hubbard. I personally have improved my relations with my friends and family, improved the quality of life and increased my general awareness of what is REALLY occurring on this planet, ail due to my exposure to Scientology. Scientology has led the way with social programs directed at solving the problems of drug addiction, illiteracy and basic lack of moral responsibility. I would hate to think that your opinion of Scientology and all of its members would be alloyed by the rumor of wrong-doing by a few of its members, even if they are allegedly "high-level Scientologists".
Once again, thank you for your correspondence. I look forward to your reply. If you cannot provide any data which supports your allegations (including the supposed tie to the ADL), I am afraid that I will not be able to subscribe to the SPOTLIGHT with a clear conscience. l'm sure you can appreciate my position, since you yourself have had a major reversal of opinion.

Best regards,

M[xxx] L[xxx]

[handwritten letter, noted: match on file]


Letters Editor The Spotlight
300 Independence Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

Stick to bashing internationalists and their helpers. Your recent attacks on Scientology join you with a large band of establishment news media and governments in a long and deadly struggle to extinguish this benign religion.
As a former Church member who is thoroughly grateful for Hubard's contribution to human understanding, I wonder what else The Spotlight is wrong about.


S[xxx] H[xxx]
Cowansville, Que

Letters Editor
The Spotlight
300 Independence Ave,SE.
Washington,D.C. 20003


Dear Sir;

It was with distress that I read your front page attack on the Church of Scientology(Swiss to Prosecute U.S. Sect" Nov, 29, 1993). L. Ron Hubbard once observed that the extent of distortion presented by news media is unguessed at until they cover something we actually know about; then it becomes apparent how consistently wrong information is conveyed. I'd hoped the Spotlight was an exception to this tendency until I read this article, for I do know about Scientology, having been a member of the Church and having read Hubbards writings extensively with a critical eye.
You've joined a baying pack of "journalists" prosecutors, politicians and "mattoids" worldwide who've done their best to destroy Hubbard since the 1950's and now after his death, to destroy his organization. Hubbards unpardonable sin? Offering a repeatable technology to actually allow people to become self determined, free from the compulsions and insanity that makes this planet such a snake pit for far too many people, and able to help others and make the world a better place.
If one can indeed judge people somewhat by their enemies than Scientology certainly has blue chip credentials. The CIA, FDA, FBI, Justice Dept, pharmaceutical companies, APA, AMA, have all had their shots as well as every network and virtually every newspaper in the country. Every would-be totalitarian government in the "free first world" have mercilessly harassed them; and now, the Spotlight.
Check your sources. Odds are you will find a criminal element with something to hide behind this story that is using some disgruntled former member as a foil and a weapon against the Church.
Such a story, even if true warrants no more than a paragraph, if that, in "News You May Have Missed". I hear an axe being ground here--don't be a party to it.....

A subcriber,

S[xxx] H[xxx]


Mr. Vince Ryan
J. Perdomo
Liberty Lobby
300 Independence Ave. S.E.
Washington D.C. 20003

Feb 3, 1994

Dear Mr. Ryan;

I was very encouraged to receive a letter from you (Jan 27) in response to my letters. I know that the Spotlight has reported favorably on Scientology in the past and has been a main reason for my support and membership - because your publication prized the truth rather than trend. While I would be the last one to inhibit your right to question acts of Scientology's or any other organizations acts or motives, realize this: What is good for Scientology is good for the nation. You are questioning the acts of our current leadership when our current leadership has won a 40-plus year war with governmental suppression from the highest level! This is a victory for Scientology of the highest order and is a cause for celebration. And this is the fact of the matter. The aims, purposes and policies of Scientology have been set down clearly by the Founder. Scientology will carry out its aims of a civilization without war, insanity and criminals. I suggest an inquiry into the motives/possible prejudices of reporters in your organization. There were a few slurs in the Nov article about "exorbitant prices" and Scientolgy becoming part of the "Establishment".
Remember that Scientology's purpose is not to fight what's wrong with society but rather to evolve society to a higher state. We aren't out to "look for a fight" and when a fight is over and a battle has been won - you shake hands and go about your business.


E.J. McC[xxx] Jr.



January 27, 1994

Mr. E.J. McC[xxx], Santa Ana, CA 92705

Dear Mr. McC[xxx]:

We certainly appreciate your letters of January 16 and 17 and all the material you sent about Scientology. You will be pleased to know that early this week we met with two Scientology representatives, Sylvia Standard and Alex Jones, and discussed differences.
As you know we have supported Scientology through the years but now I must seriously question some of the arts of the leadership.
We will correct every error we have made on our stories if any, and continue to print the truth.


Vince Ryan
Chairman, Board of Policy
VR/jp c c
Signed by J. Perdomo in Mr. Ryan's absence.

[Handwritten: not on sub, not on file]


Jan 17, 1994

Mr. Vince Ryan
Editor Spotlight
300 Independence Ave. SE Washington D.C., 20003

Dear Mr. Ryan;
I've just received the Spotlight article on Scientology from the Nov 1 st, 1993 issue and I have some questions and issues to be taken with your article:
1. Exactly who are your sources which allege a deal between Scientology and the ADL? You make it sound like Scientology and the "powerful Zionist lobby" were conspiring in some kind of clandestine operation. This is a most amusing claim - perhaps even flattering with its implications of power - but the article by Martin Mann is so devoid of specifics as to be laughable. Your unfounded assertions put your article in the ranks of the very best tabloids. What is astonishing to me is that I have respected the Spotlight for its investigative journalism in the past and this article-style is so inconsistent with what the Spotlight has stood for, what with the article's outrageous assertions.
2. While it is true that Official Church Policy scorns income tax, for anyone, not just Scientologists, Mr. Mann states that Scientology's leaders did an "about face, stop their members' fighting against the IRS and become part of the Establishment. " This is so silly! Scientology fought a forty year war with the IRS against its discrimination and WON!
- Our war with the agency, as a religion, is over. Why would we, as a religion, want to continue fighting?
3. In another baseless assertion the article says that, "the Scientologists are said to have turned over to the IRS the names of hundreds of former members..." You make it sound like Scientology is "siccing" the IRS on former members! Wow! I didn't know we were that powerful! You better be nice to us or we might sic them on you too! (joke). [That actually happened in the year 2000, when a front group called "Americans against Neo-Naziism" printed contact information for the IRS district director when leafleting the SPOTLIGHT's neighborhood of 37 years. - Lermanet] While it is flattering for your paper to grant us this much power, I can't help but believe that Mr. Martin Mann needs a few screws tightened.

E[xxx] McC[xxx] Scientologist


Mr. Vince Ryan Editor
Spotlight Newspaper
300 Independence Ave. SE Washington D.C.,
20003 Jan 16, 1994

Dear Mr. Ryan;
I have respected and recommended the Spotlight for many years. I have recommended it to many friends of mine who are Scientologists.
This is the reason for my disappointment at the untrue and slanted misrepresentations concerning Scientology in the series of articles by Peter Wilcox.
Wilcox's last two stories center around a presumption that the group extorts money from practitioners. I've been in Scientology for 20 years and this is not the case. There is a refund policy wherein the founder, L. Ron Hubbard states that people requesting refunds are to be given them on the condition that they are not then allowed for further service.
No group is infallible and Jesus Christ himself had enemies to the point of being nailed upon a cross.
Any honest and responsible Journalism (sorely lacking today) would have to consider the overall benefits of a group if it wished to give it fair representation.
Scientology offers the most effective drug rehabilitation program in the world with a success rate of about 80%. Scientologists are one of the most drug free groups in the world. Drug usage virtually stops spiritual advancement - this has been demonstrated conclusively. Scientology has effective educational programs aimed at reverting the 30 year decline of educational standards which have ravaged this country.
Most of all Scientology does not condone the use of drugs, electroshock therapy, lobotomies, sex therapies and the various vicious methods employed by the field of Psychiatry and their related industries such as the pharmaceutical industry which nonchalantly and routinely prescribes drugs for all of society's maladies. This approach hasn't worked and never will because it doesn't address the source of man's spiritual and ethical problems. One only need look around at the deteriorating state of mental health in society to know there must be a huge blank spot in man's knowledge regarding mental health: crime, drugs, child abuse, education failure, ad infinitum.
page two: Letter to Spotlight
Scientology has the courage to speak out against this ill in society and therefore is attacked. But I was shocked to see such vehemence coming from your paper. To get attacked by the media at large is no surprise but for the Spotlight to print such "news" is shocking.
Still I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and have sent the enclosed materials whic might help to inform you of some facts about Scientology.
If I see that your paper acts responsibly and corrects its mistakes, I'll let it go. Otherwise I' not read it and advise others to do the came, for you will have made an enemy.
Even though I respect very much a lot of the stories I've seen in the Spotlight, your thus far inaccurate representation of Scientology - an extremely vital movement for this society and entir world - outweighs this and I won't sponsor your paper further unless corrected.

E[xxx] McC[xxx]

Lady Lake, 2-4-94

Note to "The Spotlight"

Please explain in more details the A.D.L. vicious and evil takeover of the I.H.R. by the ADL ! Please refer this to Willis Carto if possible, and reply in a private note or publish more in the Spotlight.

Loyally yours,
W[xxx] H[xxx]

J[xxx] L[xxx]
Clearwater, Fla. 34625

27 Jan. 1994

Dear Mr. Carto,

Thank you for responding to my letter. I would like to find out what specifically the problem was with this particular person that you had "very ugly experiences with". What is this persons name? What was the exact problem? You say there is a controversy "that is not of our doing". What is the controversy?
I am very aware of the fact that you have supported Scientology over the years. We have a number of very effective social reform groups that do excellent work and I have seen articles in your paper regarding these works. That's why I was so shocked to see these recent articles that were full of lies.
I want to tell you the aims of Scientology are very clear and known by all which was laid out by the founder many years ago. Mr. Hubbard states, The Aims of Scientology are: "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights". Mr. Hubbard spent his whole life developing a workable technology that could achieve this. It is all known and available to those who wish to study it to help themselves and others. The goals and objectives are very clear and are known by all. The communication lines are open to all, from the individuals to the management.
I look foward to hearing from you on this issue.


J[xxx] L[xxx]

Dear Ms. L[xxx];

Thanks for your response of Jan. 27. I will enclose an exchange with Leisa Goodman which will interest you. I have had no response to my letter.

We are also in touch with your public relations people in Washington; in fact, late last month we met with them and discussed the matter. We made it clear that we will check out the facts of the recent story about the Swiss prosecution of Scientology and report on it. If any of our facts are wrong, we will correct them.

We have corresponded with numerous Scientologists since this started and no one has yet been able to answer our questions, to wit: Is the membership knowledgable of everything the top leadership is doing and do the membership have any control over their leadership or is the leadership self-perpetuating and totally insulated from the membership? Perhaps the top leadership should be audited by the membership since the leadership audits the membership at will.


Willis A. Carto

[handwritten note]

Feb. 1, 1994

Liberty Lobby,
Have I missed something?? In letters to editor of Jan 31st 94 Spotlight you say Marcellus of IHR turns out to be a "mole" and has assumed control. That is very difficult to swallow and I trust you will enlighten the Board of present status of IHR. Certainly I will send no more contributions until you request it.

First the Populist Party and now IHR -- Hope you will recheck all personnel.


J[xxx] M. P[xxx]

Ormond Beach FL 32176



FEB 20 1994

Dear Mr. P[xxx]

Unfortunately, control of the IHR has been seized by Tom Marcellus and other employees in what their own lawyer, William Hulsy, has described as a "coup d' etat." With his help--immorally paid for by Tom Marcellus out of the IHR funds -- a bogus board of directors has been set up containing a man very well known to be an ADL agent.
I know this sounds bizarre, and it is, but it is true. Of course, there are a lot more details and eventually it will have to all come out. In the meantime, we are trying to set things right but there are a lot of very powerful people who do not want things to be right.


Willis A. Carto

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