If Hubbard is Mankind's Best Friend, what does that make everybody else?

Followers and Enemies

Willis Carto has come and gone with hundreds of others. Scientology is here to stay. Scientology won its tax war and is now carrying out the process of occupation, "getting ethics in on the world" in Hubbard-speak. With regard to world occupation, Scientology has in fact played a major role in certain countries in the US State Department's annual religious freedom report, Germany in particular. Thus Hubbard's teachings, of which the "Suppressive Person" doctrine is a principal component, are tolerated, condoned and advocated by the world's only superpower.

Essentially, the "Suppressive Person" (SP) doctrine is a policy of calculated, institutionalized prejudice. It used to also be referred to as the "Fair Game" policy, but that name was abandoned for public relations reasons. The SP doctrine is the glue that holds all Hubbard's other dubious teachings together.

Many years ago, in the Second World War, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was the Commanding Officer of a U.S. Navy vessel in the Pacific Ocean. The Captain of a ship in a war is confronted with, among other things, the task of taking people of diverse backgrounds and harnessing all their energy together toward a common mission. Because the mission is more important than any particular individual, the men may, in effect, be misled and deceived in various ways, for instance, by withholding confidential information from them. Some may even die as a result of carrying out the all-important mission. The Captain has to inspire these volunteers, most of whom no doubt think of themselves as fair and just people, to act with extreme prejudice against another group of men very similar to themselves, but who sail under the flag of The Enemy. The Enemy, powers greater than the People have decided, are human beings who have taken a stand against Freedom, Justice, and everything else the People stand for.

The first step of Hubbard's Suppressive Person (SP) process is the migration of this idea of a common enemy to a personalized level. It advocates finding a person who can be conveniently used as a scapegoat for failure. If there is something going wrong in your environment, if you fail a test, get sick or have an accident, someone, perhaps your mother, a co-worker or Willis Carto, is lurking behind the scenes rubbing their hands together and smiling. While this may actually happen on occasion, Hubbard dictated that the exception is, for all practical purposes, the rule. In addition, Hubbard exploited this reversed standard to make malicious prejudice, and all its accompanying mental debilitations, seem acceptable to practitioners.

The SP rule is that if something goes wrong in your environment, then a wrongdoer is lurking behind the scenes. Hubbard formulated a technology of prejudice, whereby this lurking evildoer could be detected. The person who is the source of personal failure or anti-social behavior, according to Hubbard, is the very same one who openly disagrees with his technology, including the SP rule. Naturally any rational scapegoat would almost always disagree with this rule.

That's it. The rule is a psychological trick. It is survival of the technology for survival's sake, not because the technology works. Anyone who overlooks this serious flaw in logic has a high degree of malleability in certain other areas. The rule is never defended; instead the credibility of anyone who disagrees is attacked, using disproportionate means when necessary. The purpose of this nonsense, of course, is to artificially produce a win-win situation under hostile conditions. It is a morale-raiser, like beer-drinking and watching sports, but not as well practiced or publicized. People automatically feel better because they had a rule to use that did not require a lot of time, just a shaman to point the stick at the bad guy. The one who successfully points the stick gets the credit for solving the problem, despite the fact that the circumstance has likely worsened. For those already weary with battle-fatigue, this will improve morale in the ranks during times of exhaustion or loss. Coincidentally, there is a certain amount of righteousness and glee connected to this process which can be mistaken for religious fervor. That base is therefore covered.

The Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) web pages [downloaded during the big Scientology recruitment drive after the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks,] defined an SP this way:

SUPPRESSIVE PERSON: A person who rewards only down statistics [Hubbard-speak: failures] and never rewards an up statistic [Hubbard-speak: success]. He goofs up or vilifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad.

This concept is religiously applied beyond any reasonable limit by Hubbard doctrine practitioners in every area of life. For instance, the SP doctrine was carried and spread by an innocuous-sounding group called "The Arthritis Fund." In 1995, according to this May 19 letter to Tom Valentine, an acquaintance of Carto's, "The Arthritis Fund" was a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization with a Budget Control Committee, an Executive Control Committee, more than 200 referring physicians, a Medical Journal and (of course) an Attorney. In this letter, which is ostentatiously to enlighten the public and help find a cure for arthritis, 20% of the world's population and organizations, including the IRS, the FBI and Interpol, are scapegoated. This is a huge, blatant break in reality.

A reality break is almost guaranteed to happen any time the SP doctrine is applied. A person, rather than the source of the problem, is being solved. For any ailment that cannot otherwise be easily and superficially explained, the SP doctrine specifically and emphatically dictates that a living, breathing person or organization is at fault. When other Hubbard rules are applied on top of this nonsense, the confusion can exceed that previously caused by the problem itself. For instance, with ailments like arthritis, drugs are generally ruled out, but in any case are not regularly used as a first resort. Psychiatry is ruled out, period, because Hubbard wrote that all psychiatry is a tool of Suppressive Persons.

In effect, Hubbard's SP doctrine, to an adherent of his teachings, is the single most important reason for all human failure, because it covers all causes for any disease, insanity, war and crime that cannot be empirically attributed to a glaringly obvious reason.

This aggrandizement of personal blame and wrongdoing is in fact a cult ritual with Hubbard adherents, to the point of faulting people, such as Ursula Caberta or Arnaldo Lerma, or Scientologists themselves, merely for having contact with people like Willis Carto, who have been declared "Suppressive." Hubbard made faultfinding into a sort of a sacrament which had points. The more points you can fault a person with, the more likely you will be the one who gets the credit for solving the problem finding this SP was supposed to solve. This is done on a national and even international scale. In this drive to accumulate potential points for incrimination, Scientology files include reams of evidence about crimes on people such as illegal left-hand turns and DUIs, as well as mere evidence of suspicion. If there is not enough data for suspicion of a crime, then suspicion of any other potentially socially unacceptable behavior, such as having an autographed picture of Adolph Hitler, will do. If there is not enough data on a person for a crime, for suspicion of a crime or for socially unacceptable behavior, then behavior which is unacceptable only to Scientology will do. Certainly Scientologists have the right to say what they disagree with in their effort to improve this world. The sort of behavior Scientologists have disagreed with in the past includes having stock in drug companies, having ever gone to a psychiatrist, worked for the government, a newspaper, having an "open mind," etc.

Carto observed that once the Scientology religious philosophy got its foot in the door, outrageous attacks on persons and institutions increased in intensity. Prior to the 1993 tax exemption, there were the Scientology CCHR attacks on psychiatry, which have been labeled as hate literature. After 1993, in an example noted by the SPOTLIGHT, were the full-page advertisements Scientologists took out in large newspapers proclaiming themselves, with great fanfare, to be the innocent victims of a new German Holocaust. Generally speaking, any institution that shone the bright light of Hubbard's greatness left shadows in which Hubbardist front groups thrived with their hidden agendas.

Up until the time Willis Carto was victimized by the SP doctrine himself, he was aware of Scientology's shadow justice system only as an "internal" Scientology disciplinary procedure. Carto respected Scientology's right to an internal disciplinary procedure, and reported the problems with his IHR director Tom Marcellus to a Scientology "reverend." At the time, he apparently believed that he could get some cooperation from the Scientology system in disciplining one of its members. He confided in Rev. Leisa Goodman, the Public Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology International, with courtesy and confidence in an attempt to convince her that Tom Marcellus was a Scientologist, a fact she could have easily verified herself. His letter went unanswered. He re-sent his letter by certified mail. It was never picked up even though he had previously received replies from Goodman. That is the way Carto learned about the "Fair Game"/"Suppressive Person" policy first-hand. This was how Carto learned that Scientologists cannot be disciplined for taking action against Suppressive Persons; they can, however, be disciplined for getting caught doing so and having this exposed in public. Subsequently all he could do at the time, when his personal, social and business life were quickly getting complicated in unexpected ways, was to keep some documentation in case he needed it afterwards. If Carto's testimony could potentially be discounted by detractors as that of someone who too easily saw a conspiracy where there was none, in this case his documentation cannot be discounted for that reason.

Thus Willis Carto, by pointing out Scientology management's treachery, had the dubious distinction of being on the receiving end of the Suppressive Person policy of L. Ron Hubbard. The next step, after identifying Carto as the scapegoat, was to find or devise some sort of aberrant behavior for Carto to have committed (Tom Marcellus, Carto's close friend of 14 years, would have been an excellent source of potentially incriminating information), blow it way out of proportion, then publish this pre-judgment as a foregone conclusion.

Since Scientology Public Affairs Officer Alex Jones has done a magnificent job in illustrating the correct way to apply Hubbard's technology to Carto, his statement will serve to demonstrate the properly balance of practice and theory needed on this occasion:

" All indications are that Carto embezzled millions of dollars intended for a non-profit organization."

If all the indications of embezzlement had manifested themselves to Jones the Scientologist, even though he did not have a copy of a conviction by a judge authorized in a criminal court of law, the above statement is likely a calculated case of poor judgment specifically designed to cause a break with reality for the reader. Nevertheless, this is a tax-exempt reality break, because Jones is obviously practicing the dark side of his religion, the SP policy.

Jones cannot be faulted for practicing his religion, nor can his religion be faulted. There is an important tax consideration with regard to criminal charges, though, if for no other reason than the budget of overworked police forces. When a Hubbard adherent deliberately makes a connection between an ideological dissenter and a perceived failure, the cause of which is at best vague, and concludes that this combination of human dissent and failure must be criminal because L. Ron Hubbard said so, and acts on this conclusion, this can predictably result in impaired judgment and diminished responsibility. Suspicion of a crime was triggered at least as much by the systematic prejudice programmed by Hubbard long ago as it was by real evidence of wrongful human intervention in the present day. The driving force behind the prejudice was to punish a dissenter, not to solve an obvious crime. This is an unjust "ethics" system of ideological enforcement, as well as an unnecessary burden on the justice system authorized by law to operate in the United States. The scope of the tax burden this imposes can be estimated by the situation in Germany, where Scientologists have filed hundreds or possibly thousands of complaints against Germans, not gotten any significant convictions, but nonetheless used these complaints in the United States to document their own allegations of hate crimes against Scientology in Germany.

This policy of ritual prejudice has also been practiced by other good Scientologists on: Paulette Cooper, whose dissent was creatively turned into a bomb threat; Gerald Armstrong whose documentation for a book exposing Hubbard as a confidence man was creatively turned into theft; Robert Minton, whose financing of operations against Scientology was repeatedly and groundlessly characterized as money-laundering; Arnaldo Lerma and many others.

Not due to any lack of diligence on Jones' or Marcellus' part, a decade after the alleged millions were embezzled, Carto has not been convicted of embezzlement. Either Carto is particularly elusive, or the laws that people say protect the criminal actually exist to keep people from being prosecuted in the type of witch hunt outlined in the "Suppressive Person" policy. On the other hand, the act that Carto committed is indeed defined as a crime by Scientology founder Hubbard -- publicly expressing negative views about Scientology. In that case, Carto is guilty not in a court of law, but by a Scientology pronouncement in the practice of the SP doctrine.

Why negative views about Scientology can be investigated as "crimes" and punished with public exposure

The following is a very abbreviated outline of L. Ron Hubbard's "Suppressive Person" (SP) doctrine. In essence, the SP doctrine is the flip side of the idea that all success and happiness emanates from the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. Namely, all failure and unhappiness, including war, crime and insanity, emanate from the elusive agents of a few shady bad guys. Handling "Suppressives" is one of the few areas in which Scientologists are encouraged to get creative and show some flair. As far as reporting to organizational authority goes, "ethics" is also the area, after production, which is most heavily reported upon in writing by rank-and-file Scientologists to Scientology officers.

These "ethics" reports and the darker side of Scientology are hidden from view. One method of doing this is to forbid students and practitioners of Hubbard policy any discussion of Hubbard's writings, in or out of the course room. Hubbard's writings are for reading, understanding and assimilating. Instead of discussing Hubbard's SP policies, Scientologists "in good standing" may prefer alternatives such as: discrediting the questioner, disavowal of knowledge of the particular policy in question, asserting that the particular policy in question is being improperly applied (i.e., is being used against Scientology, rather than for,) questioning motives and making broad generalizations ("Everybody does that"), etc. It's very important to note that all people who use Hubbard's copyrighted brand of despotism are not Scientologists, and all Scientologists do not use the more extreme of these policies.

The first step in the SP indoctrination process, as mentioned above, is on a personal level. Hubbard authoritatively pronounced the secret evildoers to be "Suppressive Persons" who are committing "Suppressive Acts." With regard to Scientology, Hubbard wrote in his "Scientology Ethics" book (more advanced concepts than the introductory level):

Suppressive Acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology [...]. As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self-interest only to the detriment of all others, they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings.

Isn't it interesting that a tax-exempt religion like Scientology, presently promoting "human rights" for American religious corporations in Europe, does not see fit to grant the rights ordinarily accorded to rational beings to people like Willis Carto, because his articles reduced the influence of Scientology?

"Crimes," according to Hubbard, include "embezzlement," as well as "Inciting to insubordination," "Refusal to uphold discipline," "Causing severe and disreputable disturbances resulting in disrepute," and "holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn." Scientology "crimes" are not handled by direct discipline, but are punished by convening a "Committee of Evidence." Needless to say, there is no public record of Scientology's "Committees of Evidence," nor is there any guarantee that any particular set of procedures is used in these shadow criminal courts. Just as the dissenter is pronounced a criminal, these hearings are pronounced to be fair.

Progressing further in Hubbard-speak, there are also "High Crimes." "High Crimes" consist of "committing Suppressive Acts." "Suppressive Acts" are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology." Such acts include: "public statements against Scientology," "writing anti-Scientology letters to the press," "giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist evidence to the press," and "infiltrating a Scientology group or organization or staff to stir up discontent or protest at the instigation of hostile forces." Those items, of course, apply to Willis Carto. Even though Carto founded the IHR, once a Scientologist became the IHR director, the IHR was a Scientology group. If one understands the Scientologist point of view, Carto would then be regarded as the infiltrator and was therefore ousted from the group once he started printing "public statements against Scientology."

The "standard" action for preventing trouble, according to Hubbard policy letter of 25 April 1968, "Confidential Intelligence Actions," (a very high level of indoctrination which long-term Scientologists such as the former IHR director would have) includes:

1. Predict the trouble before it occurs by filing, cross indexing, investigation of areas, statistics and other means.
2. Investigate for crimes, the individuals who are creating trouble.
3. Prosecute.
This is standard, 1 2 3 action and should not be deviated from. The maxim is .. "when under attack .. attack". The point is .. even if you don't have enough data to win the case . still attack .. LOUDLY. Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back.

Those three steps correspond to: 1) using production statistics and reports from informants, find a scapegoat for low statistics; 2) find or manufacture evidence that the scapegoat has done something socially unacceptable; 3) distribute these findings where they will do the most harm to the scapegoat for the purpose of an ouster. This is what lies in the hearts of men who say their purpose is to save the world from war, crime and insanity.

As former Scientologist PR specialist Stacy Brooks has pointed out, these actions are not accomplished by a lowly ragtag army of religiously devout people of faith, such as some of the letters to the SPOTLIGHT editor might indicate. They are accomplished over the long-term by a ragtag army of religiously devout people in tandem with an organized yet flexible array of lawyers, intelligence operatives, "human rights" activists, executives, journalists and professional public affairs officers. Evidently the public affairs officers are good enough to fool newspaper editors. That is something like selling refrigerators to Eskimos. In this one, isolated case, two of those editors got together and kept some documentation.

Thus, dissenters are systematically associated with extreme prejudice and criminal acts. If this cannot be done fairly and in accordance with the law, which is usually the case, the Scientologists will settle for creativeness and flair, which might include frivolous lawsuits then hijacking the resulting judicial statements for the purpose of incriminating ideological dissidents. As long as these actions do not discredit Scientology -- i.e., no one gets caught -- they are supposedly justified because they are for the world's best cause -- Survival for Survival's sake.

Certainly nobody should have their cause disparaged in public, but the money the Scientologists expend on this dehumanization process appears to be exempt from taxes on religious grounds. A whole different set of problems has arisen on the international level, where the US State Department uses its annual religious freedom report to aggressively assert that Hubbard's "confidential intelligence actions" are the practice of religion.

How foreign countries view the SP doctrine

The SP doctrine is essentially a justice system for an invasion force. This is a force that does not want to destroy its landing area, but turn the land and the people to its own advantage against a larger enemy.

The landing party cannot afford the luxuries of introspection or self-doubt. Invaders are right solely by virtue of the fact that they are the occupying power. Scientology became one of the Establishment's occupying forces once it gained tax-exemption. Carto recognized this better than some other people. Scientology's war was over and thereafter it was to be an occupying force the entire world would have to contend with.

A landing party does not have to worry too much about things like burden of proof, either. Their job is to put a head on a pike to show they are in control. However, this needs to be done in such a manner so as to help win the hearts of the population. Therefore any action that results in negative publicity is laboriously and ostentatiously abhorred and denied. The landing party wants the local population to welcome it with open arms, to congratulate it and slap its members on the back with encouragement. Thus Hubbard invented his scapegoating policy not because it is true, but for convenience sake. The invasion party was going to ruin people's lives anyway, but with the scapegoat policy the occupiers can turn the local population's own failures against its own families, against its own leaders, against schools, doctors, police, politicians. Not all these people would be affected, just the ones who recognized the fact they were dealing with a hostile covert force. The productive side of Hubbard's technology pales by comparison.

Epilogue. These pages present only a small bit of documentation, and there is plenty of room for further investigative reporting in this area. Glancing through the anonymous postings on the Internet about Carto's supposed terrible losses in court and those of his lawyer, it's possible that Carto actually won some major points in this case, but data to the contrary was posted to obfuscate the issue. That might be a more productive and rewarding pursuit than studying Hubbard's control technology.

On Playing God: Imagine if you could turn invisible, go back in time and see what people were doing. That is what looking through old documents may be like. Not only may you see (if you know what you're looking at) what people were doing while remaining invisible yourself, you have the god-like power of knowing what's going to happen in the future. I'll exploit this power for just a second to pass judgment on all those named on these pages. In looking back at the actions of Alexander Jones, Willis Carto and all others named in these pages, it was glaringly obvious that each person was a solid professional doing the best they could under the circumstances and with the tools they had available. I am certain that working with any of them would be a pleasure, and look forward to that occasion, should the opportunity ever arise.

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Tom Valentine Communications Corp. PO Box 11089
Naples, FL 33941-1089
Dear Mr. Valentine:
One of our correspondents, and a staunch believer in your work, suggested that I forward the enclosed MS for your consideration. I'm searching for a publisher that can give it wide distribution. Your advice and assistance will be appreciated.
I believe the MS to be a proper companion piece for Carter's and Lisa's books, Racketeering in Medicine, and Assault on Medicine, respectively. as mine tackles the same subject from a totally different viewpoint. I've worked for several years piecing together the story of suppression in medicine, as it has so drastically affected many of our referral physicians: and I was struck at how similar such suppression was to that which has historically occurred in religion. During the past three years, I also obtained permission from the Church of Scientology to publish a brief historical account of the modern suppression used against them, and also the exact techniques that L. Ron Hubbard had devised to defeat more powerful agents than those that have sought after alternative practitioners. After considerable review on their part (three administrative levels and their legal department over a period of two years) they approved of my releasing the enclosed information. (I have a license for its release).
The manuscript HOW TO SPOT AND HANDLE SUPPRESSION IN MEDICINE. Identical Medical and Religious Patterns of Suppression in the Late Twentieth Century should be published and disseminated widely, and should also be of keen interest to all alternative practitioners. My manuscript is intended to serve two purposes: (1) To enlighten the unexposed, for their future self-protection, and (2) to inform alternative practitioners and their patients about the exact techniques that have proved Successful during more than forty years of quack, quackery warfare against the Church of Scientology.
A summary of the MS follows:

Deceitful men of every age have suppressed those who would heal the body or spirit. History records these events as irrational periods of medical or religious persecutions, and we ascribe these dark moments to agents of religious fanaticism, or repressive and autocratic emperors or dictators.
Perhaps neither the dark ages nor Hitlerianism will arise again, yet how many would dream and know that major spiritual and physical repression is to be found whenever modern men of good-will wish to guide others to good health, or even through our maze of spiritual ills.
Suppression is found wherever are born powerful associations, large industries, regulatory agencies, or governmental bodies. These associations and agencies, initially developed for our common good, are used against us whenever the suppressive 20% of our society capture lines of communication and authority. Suppressive personalities, men of ill-will, are thus enabled to use associations and agencies to halt progress in medicine, or to inhibit our own search for spirituality.
More than 200 physicians -- a number wholly incomplete -- are documented as persecuted by exactly the same agencies who have also hounded for more than forty years those of L. Ron Hubbard's following in the Church of Scientology.
As gathered from leading alternative medical journals, the nature of power and greed in inhibiting progress in modern-day medicine is also documented. Suppressive personalities are found in elements of the FDA, IRS. U.S. Post Office, AMA, local medical boards, pharmaceutical companies and other governmental bodies.
For the first time for the public, the widespread forces that are, or were, arrayed against the Church of Scientology are also identified, and they are, among others, the FDA, IRS, CIA, AMA, Interpol, organized psychiatry, pharmaceutical companies and other governmental bodies. In many respects, the same forces are involved in suppression in both the practice of medicine and religion - - against those who would heal the body or spirit.
Many physicians have lost their licenses, or, worse, their medical integrity, succumbing to what appears to them to be overwhelming forces.
However the Church of Scientology, using an easy-to-understand technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and not hitherto widely known by the general public, was able to overcome each and every agency or governmental body controlled by suppressive personalities. The Church's wins are stupendous!
Each organization -- IRS, CIA, Interpol, FDA, organized psychiatry, Time magazine, Cult Awareness Network, Eli Lilly & Company, mental health agencies, American Medical Association, high-powered public relations firms, and others -- have lost repeatedly in their suppressive attempts to smother the Church. How the Church of Scientology was able to accomplish such major wins, from otherwise overwhelming forces, is clearly shown, so that all of us -- particularly those involved with alternative medicine -- can accomplish the same kind of wins.
Never before have the facts of suppression against alternative medicine and the Church of Scientology been brought together in this manner:
• After three years of review for accuracy by authorities of the Church of Scientology; a license was issued to the author to release the shocking data enclosed, as well as the winning technology. The simple but powerful winning technology includes ( I) the twelve characteristics by which one may identify a suppressive personality, (2) how to handle intentionally committed harm against us, (3) how to counter the lies, deceit and damage done by the suppressive personality.
• There are more than 580 source references for both alternative medicine and the Church of Scientology. • Where appropriate, all parties quoted, or their publishers, have given permission.
The truths documented herein are part of our recent recorded history. The truths never before have been published in a manner that anyone can see and understand the identical visible signs of suppression in medicine and religion, or that the suppression is taking place in this half of the century, indeed, is taking place day to day, moment to moment -- right now.
And never before, in the total history of man, has the means for successfully identifying suppression, and how to handle that same suppression, been known and released to the general public. There is an obvious "natural" American market for this book in the alternative/holistic/complementary population, which includes thousands of practicing physicians as well as about 1/3 of the American population who -- according to a recent survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine (1994: David Eisenberg, M.D. of the Harvard Medical School) -- used unconventional medicine and spent about $13.7 billion in 1990, $10.3 billion representing out-of-pocket expenses. (By comparison the total out-of-pocket expenses for hospitalization and physicians services in the U.S. were $12.8 billion and $23.5 billion repsectively [sic].)
There is an additional worldwide market by the members of the Church of Scientology, but perhaps to a lessor extent than the medical community of practitioners and patients, because members of the Church already know the technology used by L. Ron Hubbard to defeat apparently overwhelming suppression. I'm a professional writer, having had short stories, novelettes and novels published in the United States, England and Italy, and also I'm a long-time member of the Science Fiction Writers of America.
During the past thirteen years I've been executive director and secretary of The Arthritis Fund/The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation, where most of my medical reporting has been published under the pseudonym of Anthony di Fabio. (The Arthritis Fund is a non-profit, IRS tax-exempt charity dedicated to teaching [and research] folks how to get well from various forms of arthritides.)
Many of my Arthritis Fund articles have been published in Townsend Letter for Doctors, the leading journal for alternative medical reporting. The new Explore!, for the Professional has also printed some of my articles during this past year.
Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last has been sold and distributed by The Arthritis Fund/The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation, to about one and one half million people. The Art of Getting Well has been sold and distributed to about three-quarters of a million people. A new book, Arthritis. Little Known Treatments is also being distributed by The Arthritis Fund/The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation.
Fiction: short stories and novellettes Analog magazine. 'If' magazine, novels Elmfield Press, hc; Robert Hale, 2 hc; Coronet Books, pb; Mondadori, pb; AC Projects, 2hc as compiler and editor, 1 pb; stories anthologized in 3pb, I hc; Non-fiction, The Arthritis Fund/The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation, 1 hpb 1,500,000 copies, 1 pb 750,000, lpb being newly published; Townsend Letter for Doctors, numerous medical articles; several articles in Explore! for the Professional .

I'm sure you'll recognize the importance of the data in the MS, but, again I'd like to thank you for your interest and friendship, one way or another.
Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.