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Dear Readers,

This is a serious matter and I do not make the below post lightly. I have the name and phone number of the victim in the matter with Tom Klemesrud. I will not post these, as I feel that would be violation of her privacy before the matter has come out properly on police channels. But due to the relevance and implications to this newsgroup I am posting the below, and without ANY of my own comments. (biting my tounge - HARD) However, just to show I am not faking, I will e-mail the specific name and phone number privately to Vega, who has proven him/herself to be one of the most trustworthy and fair members of this newsgroup.

Rod, I am going to need more time on the FAQ answers -- I've been a little busy recently!

Below are the victim's statements:

-- LINDA W. interview : 
-- She first met Klemesrud at the Cinnamon Cinder on Saturday, 
-- the night of the incident. She took a taxi there as she doesn't 
-- drive. She was wearing levis and a bulky sweater. 
-- When she arrived at the bar, Klemesrud was already there. He 
-- struck up a conversation with her. They started talking and were 
-- like "psychic friends." She was drinking vodka and he was drinking 
-- heavily as well. 
-- He said let's go to the lounge where my friends are. The 
-- bar was a country & western bar. She had a puppy puppet which she 
-- left at the bar. -- 
-- After spending about 3 1/4 hours at the bar they got into a 
-- taxi (the bartender, Jack, called a cab). 
-- They went to another bar in the corner strip mall, a clean 
-- and classy bar. 
-- Klemesrud seemed to know the bartender there really well, he 
-- was about 50. 
-- When Klemesrud was ready to go, he said "Let's go, ride with 
-- me in a taxi to my place so I get home okay." The bartender asked 
-- her to help him get home (she was planning to take the same taxi 
-- home). 
-- The taxi driver arrived. Klemesrud got into a verbal fight 
-- with the driver. 
-- When they arrived at Klemesrud's home, he asked her to come 
-- up to make sure he got in okay. It was a nice place. 
-- They went up to his apartment. 
-- There were a lot of computers there. He said, "look at this, 
-- this is the Internet." 
-- She has a guitar and Klemesrud had a guitar at home. He 
-- asked if she played the guitar. 
-- She'd had a rectal bleeding problem bad for about a year, but 
-- had never seen a doctor for this. She hemmoraged when she was 
-- under stress and drank a lot. She had to go to the bathroom every 
-- 10 minutes when she drank beer, a lot of alcohol. 
-- When they got inside, she was bleeding badly. She told him 
-- about her problem. Her pants were soaked. She went into the 
-- bathroom and took her pants and panties off, they were soaked, and 
-- put a towel around her. She was walking around. 
-- Klemesrud talked about the Internet and said he worked with 
-- kids on the Internet. He asked her if she believed he worked with 
-- kids. She was fond of kids and thought he must be okay. 
-- Klemesrud said, "I want to show you something." He got a 10 
-- gauge shotgun. He had already seen the blood at this point. 
-- Klemesrud starts saying, "I know you're from the CIA." She 
-- said, "I'm from the CIA???" 
-- Klemesrud said, "You cannot go to the bathroom, you're from 
-- the CIA. You'll cut your wrists, I know it." 
-- Klemesrud told her that if she didn't fuck him, she would 
-- never leave the place alive. -- 
-- She said that Klemesrud scared the hell out of her and held a 
-- gun to her head. He said, "I can kill you right now but maybe I 
-- won't bother - I can kill myself." 
-- She said she was so scared she couldn't see straight, she was 
-- terrified. She talked him down a lot [[calmed?]]. 
-- Klemesrud said, "I know the Church of Scientology and I know 
-- they send people out." She didn't know what he was talking about. 
-- She had heard of the C of S but had never been in such a Church. -- 
-- Klemesrud said, "Look at this, I can do anything that I want. 
-- I can call the Church and say you're from the CIA. Do you think I 
-- should kill you? Watch this, maybe I'll kill myself." 
-- He threatened to hit her and did shoved her around. He wouldn't 
-- let her go to the bathroom unless he watched her. 
-- Klemesrud kept calling the C of S on the phone and saying, "I 
-- have someone here who is "in condition" [[sic]] and I don't want anymore 
-- of these people coming here." He repeatedly did this. She 
-- thought he was nuts. 
-- She got to the phone and dialed 911. Klemesrud hung up and 
-- she called 911 again. This time she got through and told the 911 
-- operator, "I've got a guy here has a shotgun. You'd better send 
-- someone over here. He may kill himself." 
-- When the police came, they said she could put her pants on, 
-- although they were full of blood. 
-- Klemesrud told the officers, "I cut myself." She said no way, 
-- he was lying. 
-- When asked how the blood got all over the apartment, she said 
-- that he pushed her all around the place. He never tried to rape 
-- her.

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