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Notes re 'porn' allegations toward

Mon Feb 6, 1995: the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published an article based on the investigation of Mats Wiklund from University of Stockholm. The article stated that child porn was distributed to Internet from the Finnish server. The Finnish media picked up the story, with headlines such as "Internet distributes child porn from an address in Helsinki" (Helsingin Sanomat) and "Internet flooded with child porn" (Ilta-Sanomat). The first public reaction in Finland was based purely on the initial article in Dagens Nyheter. wed

Feb 8, 1995: the Finnish police serve Helsingius with a warrant for search and seizure, and obtains from Helsingius the electronic mail address of the anonymous user that the CoS wants. Within an hour after the Finnish Police gets hold of the information, the Finnish representative of the CoS informs Helsingius legal representative that they received the information. They get the email address: TC@ALUMNI.CALTECH.EDU.

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