Okay. A few notes. This is no dig on your posts Swift, but I have only posted here with the intention of spreading the exact true info on what has happened and what is happening and the reasons behind them. With that in mind, I have made a few notes that back up what you have said or explain them in greater detail with background info where I felt it was needed.

In regards to Mike Rinder - first of all, Rinder did not fall. His rose up and got out. Best thing he ever did for any of us or himself. When someone is at the Int Base, they have been brainwashed and poisoned by Dave Miscavige into thinking a certain way. In Mike’s eyes, he was doing what was best for the entire human race and all eternity. It took awhile, but through years of abuse, he was able to see that this was not the case and he got out.

So now that he is out and that is in the past, let’s try not to trash talk the hell out of him. He has to start his entire life over now. I would think that all that he has been subjected to over the last 30 years would be enough punishment for whatever wrong was done during that same time.

Now to answering/commenting on some of Swift’s items.

The BBC PR Flap was the final straw that brought down Mike Rinder.

BBC Flap most definitely was the straw that broke Mike Rinder’s back. He blew from England Dave Miscavige threatened him for the last time.

2. A German Gov't Minister allegedly asked Tom Cruise directly why United Artists should be allowed to shoot Cruise's movie in Germany when CoS was suppressing free speech in America by harassing a BBC reporter. This triggered a round of phone calls between Cruise and DM.
Sure Tom called DM. And DM immediately gave out lashings right afterwards. The call that went to Rinder was the last time Dave would talk to Rinder.

3. Always one to keep Scientology's Jesus Christ happy, DM blamed Rinder for allowing Tommy Davis to use out PR techniques on the BBC. Rinder was likewise blamed for not flying down to Florida immediately and taking over the "BBC Handling" after the scene on the rooftop where Tommy Davis confronted Sweeney and Shaun Lonsdale.
Rinder was PRESENT for a lot of the Tommy interviews you can actually see him in the background in some of them not saying a word.

3A. Rinder was said to have been getting digital footage of everything Tommy was doing in near real time. DM reportedly had left most of the BBC Handling to Rinder as he was busy putting all of his finishing touches on the Basics release. There was said to be many serious last minute problems with the Basics release that drew DM's attention away.

Dave Miscavige is the only one who gets footage. The tapes are shot by Jesse Radstrom (Gold Video Team & former RTC staff member) they then get driven to Gold, turned into digital files and sent to Dave Miscavige no matter he might be. He has a T3 internet line at every single office location around the world so that he can be sent huge video files in minutes.

Sure the Basics release was behind with last minute problems, but so has every other release in the last 15 years! It is normal for all aspects of production to get redone multiple times and still have something screwed up with them when they do get released.

Also Dave is often working on 750,000 items at the same time. This is why nothing can ever get done at the Int base. Dave has set himself up as the final approval on so many things, he cannot even get to them to get them approved. He has multiple stacks of proposals over ten feet high in his offices. Each submission must be in an exact format, full CSW and in most cases, if Dave has ever said anything about the subject, then you must have M9 word cleared these transcripts to be able to even present a submission for review by him. This being said, he is the final approval on the following items:
1. RTC important matters needed urgent attention
2. RTC postings
3. RTC transfers
4. RTC financial proposals
5. RTC building plans
6. RTC org boards
7. RTC Comm-Evs
8. RTC RPF Assignments

9. ASI important matters needed urgent attention
10. ASI postings
11. ASI transfers
12. ASI financial proposals
13. ASI building plans
14. ASI vehicle purchases
15. ASI org boards
16. ASI event plans
17. ASI Comm-Evs
18. ASI RPF Assignments
19. ASI special properties book designs
20. ASI books to tape plans
21. ASI books to tape designs
22. ASI books to tape final products
23. ASI marketing plans

24. Dave Miscavige Personal investments proposals

25. Church investments proposals

26. OSA matters
27. Daily press updates / handlings
28. Legal plans
29. Threat handling plans
30. Attorney meetings
31. Ongoing investigations / sec-check KR’s / handlings
32. Court Case plans

33. CST important matters needed urgent attention
34. CST postings
35. CST transfers
36. CST financial proposals
37. CST building plans
38. CST vehicle purchases
39. CST org boards
40. CST Comm-Evs
41. CST RPF Assignments
42. Archival facility location
43. Archival facility design
44. Archival capsule design
45. Archival capsule material proposal
46. Archival capsule layout
47. Archival capsule contents by capsules
48. Overall archival capsule layout at archival facility
49. Archival records
50. Archival books
51. Archival record players

52. Book design/plan
53. Book front matter copy
54. Book back matter copy
55. Book cover art
56. Book cover text
57. Book cover design
58. Book Insert card copy
59. Book glossary
60. Book index
61. Book spine design
62. Book style
63. Book Edit
64. Book course checksheet
65. Book course pack
66. Book course pack cover
67. Book package design
68. Book package final art
69. Book package packaging
70. Book Marketing plans

71. Course checksheet
72. Course pack
73. Course pack cover
74. Course pack package design
75. Course pack package final art
76. Course pack packaging
77. Course Marketing plans
78. Delivery Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to teach people to deliver the course)
79. Delivery Course - Course pack
80. Delivery Course - Course pack cover
81. Delivery Course - Course pack package design
82. Delivery Course - Course pack package final art
83. Delivery Course - Course pack packaging

84. C/S Delivery Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to teach people to C/S the course)
85. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack
86. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack cover
87. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack package design
88. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack package final art
89. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack packaging

90. Repair Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to fix people that have done any of the three above courses)
91. Repair Course - Course pack
92. Repair Course - Course pack cover
93. Repair Course - Course pack package design
94. Repair Course - Course pack package final art
95. Repair Course - Course pack packaging

96. New building proposals
97. New building purchase
98. New building layout
99. New building designs
100. New building carpet
101. New building interior signage
102. New building outdoor sign
103. New building promotion
104. New building opening event invitation
105. New building opening plan
106. New building staff uniform design
107. New building opening speeches
108. New building opening event
109. New building opening staff members
110. New building opening Executive Director postings
111. New building opening Test center location
112. New building opening even video offline edit
113. New building video music plans
114. New building video music treatments
115. New building video music scores
116. New building video music mixes
117. New building video Offline Edits
118. New building video Online Edits
119. New building video visual effects shots
120. New building marketing plans

121. Test center layout
122. Test center designs
123. Test center opening plan
124. Test center opening speeches
125. Test center opening event
126. Test center opening staff members
127. Test center marketing plans

128. Any Int base postings
129. Any Int base org boards
130. Any Int important matters needed urgent attention
131. Any Int postings
132. Any Int transfers
133. Any Int financial proposals
134. Any Int building plans
135. Any Int vehicle purchases
136. Any Int org boards
137. Any Int Comm-Evs
138. Any Int RPF Assignments

139. Any org boards anywhere
140. Middle Management executive postings
141. Any existing buildings renovations plans
142. Any existing buildings renovations plans
143. Any fleet purchases
145. CD artwork
146. CD binder artwork
147. CD transcript artwork
148. CD transcript glossary
149. CD text
150. CD edit
151. CD audio mix
152. CD promo artwork
153. CD single package design
154. CD single package artwork
156. Video idea
157. Video treatments
158. Video scripts
159. Video music plans
160. Video music treatments
161. Video music scores
162. Video music mixes
163. Video Offline Edits
164. Video Online Edits
165. Video visual effects shots

166. Film treatments
167. Film scripts
168. Film Sets & Props design
169. Film Costumes design
170. Film actors
171. Film Director’s Interpretation
172. Film stock tests
173. Film Dailies
174. Film music plans
175. Film music treatments
176. Film music scores
177. Film music mixes
178. Film visual effects shots
179. Film Edits
180. Film Color timing
181. Final Film print
182. Final film digital version with final mix
183. Film System

184. Event plan
185. Event location
186. Event hall
187. Event date
188. Event motif
189. Event releases
190. Event after-event sales patter
191. Event after-event sales package
192. Event after-event sales package income spending plan
193. Event set design
194. Event costume design
195. Event hall design
196. Event speeches
197. Event speakers
198. Event make-up person
199. Event camera plan
200. Event hall sound acoustics
201. Event hall balloon drop plan
202. Event podium height
203. Event podium bulletproofing
204. Event podium tele-prompters set-up and positioning
205. Event awards
206. Event awardees
207. Event awards presenters
208. Event awards presenters assistants
209. Event personnel
210. Professional Event Crew (non-SO)

This is about 1/10th the full list of what HE REQUIRES that he approve. I am sure that the list is over 1000 individual items that he requires someone do a full submission to him through about 3-10 other people before it even gets to him.

This is how most people are removed from post. From either submitting something to him that is so destructive to scientology that they must be removed from post, or they were someone on the submission routing who rubber stamped it and passed it on to Dave.

Ray Mitoff approved the last Dianetics How–To video without even reading the CSW or watching the video!!!!!! This was the video that was going to teach millions of people how to audit Dianetics, and Ray did not even watch it. It was submitted through him to Dave for Technical side check. Needless to say, when quizzed on the video by Dave Miscavige, Ray did not fair to well and another staff beating was added to Dave’s long list.

The point of all this is, that Dave was not distracted by the BBC thing or the Basics release. Dave is so psychotically dispersed onto the above list and 50,000 other things that he is on full time crazy mode and how he is able to do anything is a miracle.

3B. DM blamed Rinder for allowing the BBC Handling to get out of hand and fucking things up for Tom Cruise. However, DM had approved the Op and Tommy Davis was supposed to bullbait Sweeney according to my source. When DM saw what it really looked like on video, he salvaged what he could by ordering Golden Era to make 100,000 copies of the DVD on an emergency basis -- a Hill 10 -- to out create the BBC. The apparent goal was to flood CoS publics with the DVD more than anything else because the $5,000 Basics release package was getting ready to be released. The 100,000 copies were supposedly never finished. The first run of something like 25,000 copies was all that was done.

DM blamed Rinder for the flap. He always has to put a face on the flaps. But, Tom Cruise considers himself on the same level as Dave and knows about the SP situation at the Int base and about several executives there being declared SPs for the past few years, etc.

Dave once said that if he could, he would make Tom Cruise “IG” of the Church. Tom might have even said WTF? To Dave and how could he let this happen. You can bet that Tom told Dave that this better not fuck over his movie and that the money Tom makes from the movies is what is paying for the new orgs being bought and renovated.

So yeah, Tom called Dave and Dave got his ass handed to him by Tom. Dave hates that when that happens. Dave cannot pissed off the Tomster. No way, no how!

Well Tom Cruise could easily see that Tommy Davis was the one that caused the flap, not Rinder. That is why Tommy had to take a fall regardless of what happened with Rinder.

Tom is so hardcore that he poses a threat to Dave. He could publicly denounce Dave and then Dave would have a real big problem on his hand. Tom could also walk away and Dave would have an equally big problem on his hands. Dave has a very delicate situation with Tom Cruise now.

4. There was supposedly nasty behind-closed-doors meetings in which DM said that he intended to root out all SP's in upper strata of CoS or OSA who were feeding entheta to anyone outside the Church. All OSA personnel with internet access are being sec checked. There are reportedly more leaks than ever and that is one reason Gold Base has been locked down and several key people relocated to AOLA or Flag. DM is said to have imposed a general lockdown with no libs so that the Basics launch would be go perfectly. Reports are that there was a sharp spike in GI following the Basics launch and that it is now tapering off sooner than expected.

This meeting takes place about every three months. The people in the room just get reduced in quantity and more scared each meeting. Soon Dave will be meeting with himself. The leaks are at an all time high. You have people on the inside that are sick and tired of the Dave Miscavige Scientology and they are more than willing to tell as many people as much as possible to get the word out on the things going on.

4A. BFG is seen as a problem to be handled. CoS does not like this data line to the critics community.

That would be my guess as well. I think that the OSA goon parked outside my apartment right now confirms that. I have offered a truce many times. I have said that I would be more than willing to trade one direct family member and stop posting. No family member has shown up and therefore the posts continue. They will continue non-stop until I get the one family member that they are hiding away. I have already gotten multiple people out of their ranks from outside and I will continue to expose each and every security breach with a missing staff member from the Int base until this is over.

They know who I am. They know where I live. They know I have so much insane data that they really would rather not be posted on the Internet. They know I have connection to a huge amount of their well know public. Yet, they have never once approached me in person and told me that they would handle the one thing that I have requested the turn over to me. They have attempted to blackmail my associates. They have attempted to have my associates blackmail me.

I have them recorded on video and audio tape in a public place meeting with other declared SP Scientologists making deals to let them see their families again if they were to get blackmail material on me!

OSA should ask themselves what would be better, for a single person to disappear among their ranks or thousands?

Or better yet, how many more OSA and RTC staff will be sent to RPF’s and “the Hall” due to these postings before the family member is ordered turned over by Dave Miscavige in the end anyway?

The choice is yours. If I were you, I would do the action that would result in the greatest good for the greatest number of your sorry asses left.

4B. DM is reportedly disturbed by the stories that he has physically abused his staff. My source recommends that anyone who has been abused by DM to document it in an affidavit as to time, place, form, etc. and then give copies to trusted friends.

Great advice. Yeah, also inform your immediate family and next of kin that you feel threatened and unsafe from Scientology and that if ANYTHING happens to you, that Dave Miscavige himself was responsible for arranging it. That is what Dave hates more than anything in the world. Being named individually in anything. He does not mind when Scientology goes to trial, but when HE HIMSELF has to get involved, wow, that gets his motor running big time.

5. Rinder blew when he got word from inside that he was to be placed in the Hall of Inmates where he would have been a very hated person. My source said that Rinder was responsible for putting many of the people into the Hall of Inmates when he was consolidating his own power during the past five years.

Rinder placed nobody in the hall. Dave is the ONLY ONE who says who goes into the hall. Mike was leaving from “the Hall,” “the room” before that and the ditch digging at berthing before that to do these handlings. These excursions were pleasant activities compared to what Rinder was being subjected to when “home.” Rinder has been being controlled by Dave for the last five years. The only thing Rinder did when he was not being controlled by Dave was try and get some sleep. I am not trying to give props to Mike Rinder here.

I am just trying to paint the true picture. Mike was doing what Dave told him to do for fear of being subjected to untold amounts of pain and suffering as well as full time public ridicule within the upper ranks of the Church.

Dave once had kept Mike up for days on a case and when Dave left and Mike had a chance, he put his face down on a desk in corner and slept. Dave knew that Mike would try and get some sleep so Dave had Jeff Baker (photographer) shoot about 50 photos of Mike sleeping so that Dave could show everybody what mike was doing while Dave was “working”. This is one of thousands of tactics that Dave would use to get people to work for days on end with no sleep. Dave showed these photos on at least 10 occasions afterwards, even YEARS later!

6. My source said that there was a major power struggle between Marty Rathbun and Michael Rinder for several years that DM encouraged/manipulated to his advantage. DM allowed Rinder to win by RPF'ing Marty and then planned to eventually RPF Rinder to get rid of his biggest threat. The BBC PR Flap gave DM the "Why" he needed to escalate action against Rinder, who was already on thin ice. One rumor had Mike being retired back to his native Australia with a golden parachute and a lifetime non-disclosure agreement.

No power struggle. More like no-power struggle. From 2000 on, Marty appeared to be the one who had the internal power and Mike had the external power. This quickly faded starting in 2004. Mike had botched a case and failed to Dave that he (Dave) was going to be personally depositioned in the Lisa McPherson case. This really pissed Dave off and Dave literally found out the night before.

Mike was pretty much taken off a lot of the legal lines and only dealt with the few big cases that needed his attention. Otherwise, he was a guy who would crapped on and have to write event speeches with the rest of the Int Execs that would eventually get rewritten by Dave a few days before the event anyway.

Now, Marty was the gang bang sec check guy. He would use his new found muscle and power from Dave to beat the internal lines and put out fires. Other than that he did not do much and was pretty much powerless in terms of doing anything without Dave’s say so. Marty did not get RPF’d. He blew. He actually blew right around the time “The Room” was created. This was the predecessor to “the Hall” The Conference room in the CMO INT trailer was where all of the WDC, CMO INT and RTRC staff were delegated to sleeping every night for months. They literally slept under their desks during the night and were not allowed to leave the room for any reason during the day. Food was brought to them and they were allowed to shower in the Gold Estates garage at specific times each day.

After weeks of this, there was to be a big meeting after another big flap had happened and Marty and some other RTC execs were going to be added to “the room.” Marty never showed up and the meeting was cancelled. The new flap was tracking down Marty. He turned up and was recovered to Florida as he REFUSED to return to the Int Base. His cancer flared up again and he died. He had put off handling his cancer for years with all of the legal battles, and could not go off and “handle his body.” Well after he left, he died without the daily torture of Dave. Karma.

Mike is not in Australia and he has no such agreement. I don’t think Dave knows what the hell he is supposed to do with Mike. Mike is a delicate situation for Dave. Dave does not want to piss off Mike as Dave has lost control over him. Mike does not want to piss off Dave as he wants he wife and kid back. Who knows, maybe Mike and I will co-write some posts until we get our relatives turned over to us.

6A. DM has not formally purged Rinder from CoS or the internet:

This is the one area that Dave REALLY sucks ass on. The Internet. He had always relegated this area to others. Now it has come to kick his ass. Anyone who knows enough about how to do stuff on the internet is not going to go along with any plans from scientology. They have to rely on their own to deal with Internet items and the ONLY people who can do that are staff members in the SO that are OT 3 or higher.

There are not that many staff that fall into this category. Any these staff do not know shit about the internet or how to do anything to stop the floods of posts. We could thin the ranks even more by posting higher than ot 3 materials and then nobody would be able to deal with the internet postings. That would totally shut them down.

7. Tommy Davis is out of favor with DM for now. He is on an amends project of some sort.

The word on the street is that Tommy Davis in on the Flag RPF or a private celebrity version of it where you only get to be seen by a few people as possible.

8. Hot Rumor Lines: The Super Power Building project has been pushed out indefinitely. Capt. Debbie Cook had 200 auditors assigned to her for what was expected to be a 2008 opening, but many of those have been reassigned to the new Freewinds Basics auditing courses. Word is that you are now a nobody in CoS until you have done the Basics onboard ship. There are supposedly "unaltered" Dianetics-era processes in place that almost no contemporary Scientologist has even heard of or been run on.

Super Power Building will not be released/opened until:

1. The rundown itself is completed. It has been being piloted for the last 20 years to no result. Not until now has CST even perfected the 50 perceptics drills to a point where even Dave thinks that any result will be gained by someone who does the drills. The past 20 years of pilot data is useless. The past 20 years of pilot data has proved worthless. 95% of the people who have done the “rundown” have blown, been declared or RPF’d. Some stats this rundown has. The equipment that the rundown requires is unsafe, prototype at best and not ready to be installed, much less installed full time use at a facility where morons that just got recruited off the street will be operating it. The items that need to be installed are amusement park ride type equipment that will require a boatload of permitting, testing and approvals that will require some sort of explanation on why the hell these items are being installed in a Church!

2. After all the above items get sorted out, the rundown has to be codified. This will require it being delivered in its proper form and environment by people who have done the rundown already. I love this part. You have to have done the rundown to deliver it, but no one has done it so who delivers it to you.

3. Now check sheets and course materials have to be drawn up for this course and a delivery course to go along with it. These have to have some sort of built in security mechanism so they do not end up on the internet the day after the place opens. ( I give it a few weeks)

4. Now you have to crank an insane amount of auditors through all of the Basics, the Golden Age of Tech, & Knowledge so that they can do the new Super Power Rundown Course and Delivery Course.

5. But wait there’s more… You have to do the same above steps for the Cause Resurgence Rundown that gets delivered in the same building and is actually the rundown that take up a HUGE amount of space. This is known as the “running program” to most as you run around a pole full time until you are literally exhausted to a point where you cannot run another ounce. You rest for a few minutes and then you start this again for weeks on end. You can only do this program for a minimum of 5 hours per day and 8-10 hours is recommended. This regimen would kick Jack LaLanne’s ass. How they are going to get people through a doctor’s approval to do this is a joke in itself. Most Int base staff who did this program (has been being piloted there for last 20 years) went through several pairs of shoes, entire feet blistered to shreds, ankle problems, feet problems, leg injuries, extreme weight loss, heat exhaustion (hmmmm, might have to do with desert location???) and countless amount of bullshit that your average Joe Q public person would not put up with for one day much less weeks or months. Good news is there are NO pre-requisites for this besides the Purif and besides a insane medical waiver and a signed will and testament, you could be ready to start as soon as they open.

6. When all of the above items are sorted out and only then, will the building be completed. Dave has been stalling construction of the building for years as not one single person is working on getting any of these items done. The course and all of the items were meant to be done over 10 years ago. The building was being fast tracked so that they two would coincide and everything would be released. Now that the courses are hopelessly stalled out, he has ordered that the building be stopped as that can always be attributed to money and therefore more money can be mined from the Scientologists until they sort out the Courses. When the courses get completed, that building will be completed in a few months from wherever it is at that point.

7. Of course by the time all of this has been sorted out, they will have to get all new people for the building as the ones they have recruited 10 times over have blown, routed out, been declared, gone out 2D, been put onto other projects etc.

8A. My source told me that the Basics are intended to follow the early and successful growth pattern LRH used where he had Dianeticists run easy processes on their friends and family. This will supposedly be the new way to field dissem. There will be a move away from discussing LRH at all. Focus will be on "Tools for Living" and "Stress Free Living."

This is just PR spin from Dave. Every time one of these releases happen, he sits in his “listening room” up in Building 50 for a few hours and comes up with some nifty marketing angle and then floats it around to people and adds to it until it sounds like something the average brainwashed Scieno will go for.

8B. The basic E-Meter stress test, unchanged since 1972, is allegedly being reworked because COB has decided that too many people have used psych drugs and that field testers therefore not getting good reads. There is supposedly some T/A adjustment to compensate. COB supposedly blames psych drugs, the internet, and the worst global suppression ever for a slump in new members in the 15-30 year bracket.

The whole entire Bridge has been reworked by Dave Miscavige, why leave out the E-Meter Stress test.

Until next time…