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Ida Camburn

       This is a record as near as I can recall of the past 27 years. When my world as I had always known it was turned upside down I wondered if and how I could handle it and still have a life. As I look back I realize the first actual knowledge of my son's involvement in the cult of $cientology was in March of 1975.

       We had been transferred to northern Calif. and were in the process of packing for the move. I called my son to come and pick up several things that he was to store for us and some things that he might find useful. When he came in and sat up at the breakfast bar I noticed him rubbing his eyes. They were like two pieces of glass so I asked him, "What is the matter with your eyes? -- Where are your glasses ?"

       He said he did not need them anymore. A few minutes later he asked me, "Mother, what do you know about $cientology?" I said "not a lot -- however there is a woman on end of the block who belongs to that group She has very unruly children, in fact her twins are the only children on the block that are not allowed to come to the pool. I also related to him the first week that we moved in to our home there was a terrible shooting accident. One young boy was shot to death. The story told to me was that a young couple on the next street had allowed their son to ask a couple of friends to spend the night while they were away from the house. While the parents were out a gun was found in a closet and the three boys about the age of sixteen I believe began playing Russian roulette. I doubt if they realized the gun was loaded -- I do not know.

       The son of the $cientology mother was the boy involved in the shooting. Shortly after this occurred she had lawyers come from the cult in L.A. and apparently the problem was solved. I never knew this boy to be reprimanded in any way. When I related this story to my son (with regard to the unruly twins) he said he didn't believe she was a $cientologist as the children would be well mannered. These children called the Catholic kids who lived across the street and called them 'Dirty Catholics.' I did not relate this to him as he seemed upset that I had mentioned the kids were not allowed in our pool. Had I not been so busy I would have paid more attention to the fact that he did not bring the grandchildren and their mom to our place as often as usual.

       I didn't realize until later he was spending much time undergoing the 'auditing process.' A few weeks later we moved to Sunnyvale, Ca. and I began to make new friends. My husband was busy with taking over his new position in the company. I missed the warmth of Southern California and all my friends but have always been able to make changes without too much of a problem.

        In August my mother died and I called to tell my son. He asked if I wanted him to go home with me. I said no, that my husband was going and in that my son's wife had such a busy month at her work in August, would be best if he stayed and helped at home. The grandchildren had spent several days with us and my grandson had not felt well while there. This was the first time I had known that my son was refusing to take him to a doctor for medical attention until I called and was really short with him. It must have hit home as he took him immediately.

       I went to my mothers home and stayed a month following the funeral to put affairs in order. In October of 1975 I went to my son's home mainly to just spend a few days. I could not believe the change in the attitude of the entire household. He had not been coming home for dinner -- as most of his spare time was spent at the cult. I waited up one night while there until he came home close to midnight. We sat in the kitchen and I sliced some home made bread and got out the peanut butter and glass of milk.

       He ate like he was starved. He then told me he only needed one meal a day. I found later he was drinking vast amounts of coffee and evidently not eating but one meal. (I found later that deprivation of food makes one more susceptible to indoctrination -- method used in many destructive cults.) him, "who was this L Ron Hubbard that seemed to be usurping his time that was normally spent with his family?" He became extremely angry and told me not to say Hubbard’s name in that tone of voice. I think I told him to back off -- and the conversation was over. I stayed only a short time and returned home extremely concerned.

       Christmas of 1975 they came to spend the holiday with us. I could see this family was not the happy family that I had known in the past. When I told them goodbye, (he had said he needed to be back to the office) I cried as I knew he was telling a lie. Later I found he was hurrying back to his $cientology woman -- one who had left her husband because he wouldn't join -- or at least that is what I realized later. Late in January I made another trip. I stayed only a couple of days and that is when I knew something was really wrong.

       His wife told me he was spending less and less time at home. I said, "Look for the woman" as in my wildest dreams I could not imagine this once sensible man who dearly loved his wife and children could let a woman or a cult break up his marriage. But then we were wrong. It was over when his wife refused to join the Org and take her children into that filthy place to be taken care of by teenagers.

       I was told they would get to see them once a week (on Sunday) if they were good.--(the parents were good.) His wife flatly refused. She had even gone there and went to a few functions with him. She thought it was what it is. A room full of glass eyes would frighten anyone.

       In March we made a trip to Pennsylvania -- visiting family. On one call I was told that he was becoming very angry and it was increasingly difficult for her I think he left the home not long after that. He had left his business having argued with his partner -- their home was sold -- I went in May to help her get ready to move. So much sadness all because of the evil Hubbard. We became just another one of the many listed in the statistics. I went to the little place of business he had opened and on his desk sat a sign with 'Target Date' written on it -- I think it was June 26th I may not have it exact. That meant the date he was to enter the Org. I talked a bit and kissed him on the forehead and I said said, "I want you to know this -- I will not let this happen to my family -- I will make waves -- believe me I will make waves." He said "oh, Mother don't, it will hurt me." I said I would not hurt him for the world, but I would be sure to make waves -- they might be ripples but I would give it a real try.

       Knowing little about this cult and seeing the effect on my son I was naive enough to think that there must be someone out there who could help us determine what had happened to bring such a change in ones behavior. We went to various places including the d/a in Van Nuys, to the Mental Health Dept. in L.A. Each place stopped the conversation the minute we mentioned $cientology. I thought I even noted concern that we would even ask as if this organization planted a bit of fear in each person we inquired.

       So thus it was over. Our lives as we knew it, our hearts were broken. I made plans to go home in a day or so. The next morning I woke up and went to pour a cup of coffee. I could not lift the coffee pot. The side of my cheek felt tingly. I took my other hand and poured the coffee. Then found I could not lift the cup. I knew I was having a problem but I did not want to disturb Jean at work. I wrote down the time and noted that I thought I was having stroke. I then weakened and called her at work. She came home and I left for the airport and home. I made an appointment for doctor when I arrived home that Saturday. Within an hour after I arrived I was on way to hospital where I had my first surgery to prevent stroke.

       I was home within fourteen days. Carotid artery surgery was quite new in 1976. Jean called my son to tell him I was in the hospital. I am sure it was hard for her to find him and call knowing his plans for the new future. He did not call -- I guess he thought we had become liars like him -- however I had flowers and calls from others. However it was hard to realize that this was what I would have to learn to deal with but never dreamed it would be the rest of my life. On the last visit (at Christmas time) he had left his 'Dianetics' book. I mentioned it to him in a phone conversation and he said, "Keep it Mother, you need it." Later I read it from cover to cover and much later went through and marked each line that mentioned abortions. I determined at that time this book was written to confuse -- not help the reader.

       As soon as I recouped and got my bearings, I immediately started looking for help to understand this drastic change in my son's personality. What kind of power could do this? What I didn't realize was that he had actually been at this indoctrination from September of 1974. I determined that by the date on the many Auditor magazines that I brought home with me. I was fascinated by the 'CLEAR' numbers listed with each name and the notice "IF it isn't in the 'AUDITOR' it didn't happen. I then started inquiring about divorces within this evil group. Within a matter of a few months I had noted 28 couples. That really upset me. and as I read that this organization termed themselves a religion -- unbelievable to me.

       As I have noted my son did enter the Org on the 26th of June, 1976 and evidently the woman he had picked as his 'live in' went with him. The home was sold and the day that Jean moved (many friends helped her.) It was an extremely hot day, friends had taken care of the children while the move went forward. When they came home Scott made a bolt through the living room and did not realize the glass sliders were shut. Jeans friends picked him up out of the glass and rushed him to emergency where he had 68 stitches taken to close the wound. She tried to contact his father at the Org but in that he was in 'boot camp.' He could not be reached. Isn't that something to remember? A father denied the message that his son had just received 68 stitches in his little body. Fortunately there were friends there to help.

       After this boot camp siege he was allowed to come see him. He was in the back yard by the pool bringing all this up again and in that Jean (watering the lawn) could see her son was very upset she turned the hose on his dad so he would cease and desist. Imagine making a child recall such a very, very traumatic event. He was eight years old at the time. L Ron Hubbard tech at work. May he burn in Hell for what he has done to the little children.

       In July of 76 I happened to see a coupon in a home magazine that read, "if you have a loved one in a destructive cult, please write here," Citizens Freedom Foundation. I wrote immediately I did not hear from them -- so I wrote once again. I said, "Do you consider $cientology a destructive cult or am I mistaken?" I got an immediate answer, which read, "yes, it is indeed. We have been so flooded with requests for help we have been unable to answer the many, many letters." I have forgotten how many they did receive but it was an unbelievable number. They were totally shocked and of course burdened with work.

       I made plans to go to L.A. and do what I could to help them. This was my first meeting with two of the most wonderful and kind people I have ever known. The late Henrietta and Curt Crampton were tireless workers for many, many years. I attended along with a small group of people each meeting that I could. I would sit at their dining room table and sort letters and note addresses -- answer the ever ringing phone. It was a busy time for all of us who would take part in trying to let the public be aware.

       Much later I met Betty and Bill Rambur the other founders of this wonderful group which became the Cult Awareness Network. I tried very hard to bring some humor into our midst. So many heart rendering letters were almost overwhelming. Letters were coming from all over the world. Henri and Curt’s home became a haven for so many They seemed to be tireless. Henri hurriedly putting lunches and dinners together along with everything else. As some of the cultists were coming away -- the Cramptons had a wonderful way of easing their fears and pain.

       We had not wised up to the $cientology method of seeing that each meeting was blessed or rather cursed with one of their geraniums--(a name we gave to the spy plants) I remember a meeting in one of the bank buildings where about twelve members met. Of course Ken Lonon was there--little did we know at the time he was a $cientologist. I think that is the meeting that he wrote into his report "There is more to Ida Camburn than meets the eye" (That paper was discovered when the FBI raided the cult on July 8, 1977). I have attached that file to this document. At a later meeting I was fortunate to have obtained 13 copies of "The Scandal of Scientology" by Paulette Cooper. None of us realized the wonders of this book. It was indeed the true story.


""DG I PAC (Deputy Guardian Intelligence Pacific Area Los Angeles) also believes that there is something more to Mrs. Camburn than meets the eye as she quotes AMA (American Medical Association) sources.
This is being looked into closer."
Click on image for entire page of internal Scientology document. Source: from ones seized during FBI Raids in 1977

       These books were found while one taking inventory discovered them in a corner of the warehouse. I gave them to some of the members and in turn they donated cost to the group. The books were priced at 99 cents each I gave my last one to a minister to use--he failed to return it so I am without a copy. That is okay I taped the entire book on large 5 inch tape. Taped it on an old Wallensak recorder. Within a few weeks of that meeting Ken Lonon called me from L.A. I was leery of him but not really sure of who he was at that time. He called in an effort to get me to write something that he would submit to paper for publication. I can't remember how many times he called though I never would have thought of writing other than letters. I continued to write to my son at the ASHO $cientology location in Los Angeles. I did not know that his letters were all read -- those that I mailed to him and those he mailed to me. What an ugly outfit-reminds me of tactics of a prison.

       I wrote in an effort (though unsuccessful) to try to understand what there was that would induce him to leave his wife and family and go to a place where you would be in a 'boot camp.' He was very, very anti war. He hated the Vietnam tragedy. He never saw service though, as he was little too old to be drafted. He wrote to respond to each letter. Told me how he had washed dishes for 200 people, I think, and he didn't mind it at all. That was a change for sure. By the way I have not mentioned his age when he entered the organization. He was 35 on July 4, 1976. He then had the women who entered the Org with him write to me. I was sick to my stomach when I read the letter--as casual as if she had been in my life forever -- she had a family on the outside too. Her mother died shortly after she went in and they let her go home to the funeral. Now I wonder if they thought she would bring back money? Just a thought.

       In early August he called me from the org. Here this man is 35 years old and he is calling his mother to ask if he could go to Clearwater, Florida. I said, "why are you calling me? I don't approve of where you are -- you didn't ask to go there -- so why ask to go to Clearwater?" So he thanked me profusely, "oh thank you Mother, oh thank you!

        So evidently he left shortly for Clearwater. I continued to write to him while he was there also. One answer he said for me was to "Keep out of his space" or and I can't remember what he said would be the result. He happened to be in Clearwater when young Quentin Hubbard died a mysterious death. I read in a newspaper reporting the death that they had called Clearwater following the identifying of his serial numbers on the motor of his car. There was no other identification. When they asked about Quentin Hubbard the person answering the phone said this, "The name is not familiar to me."

       That I was told was an answer that would be given if anyone had 'blown.' Blown means left with out notifying anyone. So Quentin was cremated within hours of his death. Why was that? I wrote and asked how the Hubbards felt about the death. He said like any parent--I am sure he didn't have a clue how they felt. He also mentioned that he almost, now get this, almost saw L. Ron in the hall once. Poor baby hoping to see that red headed monster. Was reminded again of his shouting at me not to mention his name in THAT tone of voice whatever that was. I don't remember the date he returned to L.A. He had his picture on the second page of Scientology’s 'Cause' magazine blowing how he understood his children better and other bits of flack.

       It would be an infringement on copyright to print it so we will let that just remain in the files. Was the last picture that I had seen of him for a long time. Jean and the children came to our place for Christmas -- Much different than the noisy fun Christmases we had when we were all together. I keep asking myself, "where is the reason for all this?" I guess that was a time I learned there doesn't have to be a reason.

       Sometime in 1976 I read an article in the San Jose Mercury that the city of Palo Alto was funding Narconon. My son had sent me a paper blowing about the wonders of Narconon and he wrote on the side to support this group as it was good. I read about the method used in this program. I also heard that the State of Calif had funded this group on an experimental basis in the early 70's. To the tune of a cost of 300 and some odd thousand dollars. I wrote to Jerry Brown to guide me to the person in the Drug area of the State Health Dept. He did and shortly after I wrote asking for information on this funding. I was mailed a huge file of the investigation done by six people on the success of this what they term a 'sure cure' for drug addiction. They claimed 78 percent cure. The findings of the six learned peoples report found this to be a false claim. In fact the main answer to the report was that it seemed to use methods to indoctrinate. I can't remember the exact wording and early on in this search of mine, I failed to copy everything. I mailed that report to a reporter at a paper in L.A. I think he was overwhelmed at the sheer number of pages.

       About that time we also put an ad in the paper for anyone who had lost loved one to call. That was a waste of money -- we learned later that most anyone would have thought it was a phony number and were afraid to use it. Another learning process I guess. I was furious when I realized the citizens of Palo Alto had their taxes being used to fund this group. I read in the paper that the city manager was doing a review on this program I do not remember the exact amount I believe it was a set amount per month and $200 per person treated. I could be wrong. This was in files that I have forwarded to another area long time ago. I felt the public was not aware of this funding so I noted various names in the Sunday Mercury and I called the numbers. I merely asked them to ask the City Attorney about the program and for any information to be forwarded to them.

       I learned that at a later meeting the funding was rescinded. Also a few days later that $cientology had sued the city and numerous Jane and John Does whoever they could have been. Maybe it was Narconon that sued, that I can't remember -- the article is also in the files I later read in the papers from the FBI finding during the raid--that Mary Sue herself had lined out operations, called 'ops' because $cientology runs so many of them, to be done on Ida Camburn.

another internal Scientology document from raids "A Mrs. Camburn has been contacting the VPA", (VPA = Volunteer Parents Association, which was one of the first anti-cult groups.) Click on image for entire page (large file)

       They had checked them off as they had been done with success. I suppose the following were a part of the 'ops' done by the Guardian's Office -- the GO. Mike McGlaughry an OT in the G.O. bragged about this when interviewed for a video. Though he was way off base I was irked to see him smirk as he told how he tried to break up my marriage. That was a joke and he was likely fooled by the report done by his geranium (plant) that he assigned to watch me and my husband. After viewing the video he made I realized the plant he appointed (Amy Majors) had fooled him too. I have to admit that she was one of the best. Much sharper than Ken. I met her at a Berkely parent meeting. I can't remember the date I started going there. It was a different atmosphere than the parent group run by Henri and Curt Crampton. I never felt comfortable there like I did in L.A. but then that was me. One must understand as they read this that a mother's ego goes down the tube when she loses her son to something as evil and gross as L. Ron Hubbard. It is an insult as well as having caused the destruction of my ego.

       I met Margaret Singer there as well as Daphne Greene and her son Ford Greene (who now has his law degree and practices in cult suits) as well as Verne and Rosemary Cooperrider. There was only one other mother there of a $cientologist and she was the mother of the geranium who was also in attendance. Her name is Amy Esquith Majors. Very pretty girl (only she sweat so profusely.) I thought she would ruin her blouses but I did not say anything.

       She evidently had been chosen by the Mike guy but of course I didn't know that at the time. I don't know if her mother was playing along or if she too had been hoodwinked that this girl had left the org. I believe she told me she had come from the Oakland Narconon. That was probably untrue too. I must tell you that I liked every spy I had. They were all bright and very friendly I would consider her the best, the Mata Hari of the group. She would come on Saturdays and bring a bottle of wine. Guess she was told that I drank. I don't know. I used to enjoy a drink but from the day my son went in the Org the thought of party left me. Took me a long time before I could even have friends in for dinner. When Amy would come on Saturdays she always liked coffee. I never opened the wine--don't know if that disappointed her or not. My husband became suspicious of her long before I did. He said, "Ida, either she has very weak kidneys or she is winding a tape recorder." I said "oh no, she is out and glad to be out.” I should have listened to him. I don' t know if it was my filing system but several of Congressman Leo J. Ryan's letters disappeared at that time. She was forever suggesting that we do some clandestine operation against Narconon. I said I have no desire to do anything against them. I only want to let the public know where they are coming from. Make them furnish honest statistics which now I realize is impossible for them to do. I heard one of -- President Bush's right hand men telling the tall tale that Narconon was 78 percent successful -- on C-Span several weeks ago prior to the 9-11 tragedy. Hopefully, they will find the truth

Ida Camburn and Ronnie, 1943
Ida Camburn and Ronnie, 1943

       So as each parent tried to get their kids out, each meeting failed because $cientology’s 'Amy' had a chance to know about it. Early on while at a meeting in Los Angeles I was given the name of Congressman Leo Ryan's sister Sheila, who had a son involved in $cientology his having bought Dianetics while in the Don Bosco School. I do not know where he was indoctrinated. When Sheila voiced her opinion on this change in his personality he just ran away. She was terribly upset and called the police.

        Mary Sue Hubbard writes Handle Ryan

       Above: Scientology Gaurdians office documents seized during raids on Scientology: Dec 21, 76 Congressman Leo Ryan - Deputy Gaurdian (illegible) Jan 1, 77 connection his sister Mrs. Devereaux entheta letter printed re Scn....Barney's Pasadena Mission - loan operation - Handle Ryan

       The police came and removed all the material from his room which included two loan books in the amount of $5,000 each. This boy had only collateral of a stereo. He was barely eighteen. Seemed just not quite right to her. They took other things from his desk drawer too. I would check by phone what she had learned and nothing early on. Later Leo had her come to Washington D.C. where she went to work at the Smithsonian. On a trip prior to Leo's death I was in Pennsylvania and stopped in Cleveland to visit my aunt and back to Omaha and on to Washington State to visit relatives. I failed to reach Sheila while in Pennsylvania, so I called her from Cleveland. She said, "Ida, it is strange that you would call today." So I told her I had tried to reach Leo but was unable to while in Pennsylvania. She said, "well I must tell you what happened today." She called the L.A. police department and asked how the missing person's case on her son was going. They told her, "oh, that case is closed" She said, "that is not possible. I am his Mother, I opened it and I did not close it. He has not been found." So they said they didn't know but there was nothing there, the case was closed. So Sheila said, "I’ll have my representative call you" They said, "oh you mean your lawyer?" and she said "no my Congressman". She immediately contacted Leo and he called. From what she told me a couple of heads rolled that day. I will always wonder just who closed that file?

       Of course, later that year Leo was killed on that runway in Guyana. I thought we had lost the one person in Government who cared enough to look into what was happening to our youth and some not so young. I could not sleep and to keep from thinking of all the sadness I would listen to the talk radio at KGO SF at night. I would hear the many mothers calling begging for help. They were not hearing from their loved ones in Guyana. Over and over I would hear those mothers begging for helpThey told the talk hosts that they knew something was really wrong. These people were in Leo's district. He was their congressman and I learned much later that he had taught some of them in English class in school. At the same time I was writing to Leo about $cientology and my problem. He was inundated with requests for help, but he listened.


Leo J Ryan in Guyana from Time Magazine 1978,

       Dear man, he knew from Sheila’s loss and Ramsey her son was Leo's favorite nephew. He knew from the pages of letters filled with pain that I had written to him. I wrote to him many more times than he wrote to me. He told Sheila that when he got a letter from me it was like a letter from home. They were poorly written on an old typewriter (one of three that I have worn out over the years.) Had I known he was an English major I probably would not have had the courage to write to him. His phone calls now and then were a joy. Of course we all know now he should have had an army with him when he went to Guyana to find out about the people and the horrible conditions. I had talked to him not long before he went and we hoped we could have lunch next time he was in the area.

       I never did meet him but we called each other 'friends.' I will never forget him. His birth day is May 5th. I hope someone I know in San Francisco will stop by his grave and put a rose there from me.

       I have wondered all these years when will just one person elected to represent all of the people who would address this situation. All are too eager for a donation I think. On that same trip while I was in Omaha on way to Tacoma I stopped to visit a friend. While there Henri Crampton called me to let me know they had discovered for sure that Amy was a spy. She had gone to New York and visited Paulette Cooper. The next day most of the text of the visit showed up in the N.Y. times or some New York paper. Paulette was furious and I couldn't blame her.

       I should have been smart enough to figure out that Amy was GO, my husband surely didn't trust her. He worried about going to work before she had left the house. I am ahead of myself tho -- will have to go back to February of 1977 when I received a call from my son telling me he had left the org. He felt he should spend more time with the kids. Well now I know or believe at least he was set out to 'handle' his mother I think that is the term used in all the writings. He immediately found work and I was told later that he had to pay his 'freeloader' debt which amounted to $20,000. The woman, Nancy left the Org but it took her about five months to get out. I can be wrong on that as I was told that and do not have proof. I was also told about the freeloader debt--probably the cost of those 'wonderful' auditing sessions in Clearwater.

       It was not long after he left the Org that he called and said he was coming to see me. I cannot remember the date. He came. He looked tired and worn. He stayed the night and I told him then from all I had read it appeared to me that L Ron Hubbard was a liar. He screamed at me, "he didn't care if he was a liar."

       Can you imagine worshiping someone when you KNOW he is a liar? My son's face became angry and I knew then I could not reason with him. I told him I read the "History of Man" and that it looked like gobble-de-gook. He said, "oh mother your reading the History of Man is like a first year algebra student trying to understand trig." Guess that was to put me in my place. What I had read is that Hubbard said cancer could be cured and I just didn't believe it, in fact I thought it was criminal to teach such hog wash to indoctrinated souls who didn't care that he was a liar.

(c) 2003 Ida Camburn

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