The assault....
I was late to the street today...but even after a brief nap i was
strangely aware that something wasen't right. I chocked it up to not
enough productive hours recently for the storyline. So in heading out i
decided to take along a second cam in case i needed a alternate angle
on the scene.
The streets were full and traffic was flowing...a lot of support from
the public and scienos freely streaming in their white's all over the
area...something was not right though.
 No handeler's in sight....strange?
 One semi-regular strolled across to starbucks and back for a brief
chat then a phone call....he was not in the full on "discussion and
sign blocking" mode he usually is, so he sat about 20 yards away.
I was well aware to be cautious as i am all alone out there....but
forgot my mace today!
 I noticed a weird guy headed from starbucks yelling something to
me....and he was stating that i was a religous bigot and why don't i
bother the nig---'s..or the jew's you piece of shit..(the whole rant).
I raised the cam to get him seeing as he had stated he was a scieno and
i was insulting him and making money off bashing his religion...yea as he goes for my camera and won't let it go so i went limp with
it and finally he released it....i held it back up and begin filming
him again as he wails that i am "breaking the law and he will not
tolerate me videoing him without his consent"..."read the law because
you have no expectation of privacy on a public street"..i say.
 Well he comes at me again as i back into a street pole and have no
where to go....he pushes and grabs my face and camera so i put up bolth
forearms and drive him back down to the street...he does not release me
or my face and cam so we struggled back to our feet and swirled around
till he was driven back into the glass front doors of the building
behind us..(refer to the previous photos posted of the corner) thank
god we did not break through it....i was able to struggle free and we
seperated fully.
 Several scienos ran up declaring that i assaulted's a good
thing it was all on the video as well as several ind. witnesses who
really saw it all. The scienos coulden't get their stories
straight...and lied right to the police and me to my face about what
just happened,of course the video was there to tell it all anyhow so
the guy was arrested and charged....right in front of a crowd of about
70-90 scienos who were crossing to go to chow and instead stayed
gawking as they handcuffed the guy and led him away slowly (i hope to
let it sink in) hehehe.
 I kept up my filming and got all the reactions as well as the osa
shill orchistrating it all from afar... I saw the whole while this "osa
suit" across the street frantically on his i left to go to
the police station i passed him and asked if he knew that guy was a
scientologist?...just to get his goat...his reply was "Get the fuck out
of here you fucking asshole"...twice in front of a patio of starbucks
 Nice job...footbullet again!
Wait till the whole story hits of how and why this poor "public" was
the dirty jobber sent in to get me to jump....who will bail him out?
He did leave all his stuff to a supposedly "unknown" fellow scieno
standing near as he promised to get him bail.....police report
#2006-16945 clw.p.d....i will recieve the origional video back as soon
as possable and will get it out for all to see...i promise!
Back tommorow?....this was sooo good how can i and all for
the next stage of their attack.