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I posted I would be gone last weekend, running a landsailer over the 
desert dry lake north of LA.

When I came back from the experience, *someone* had gone to the trouble 
of uncapping a bottle of used oil, dumping it all over the side of my 

There were two bottles, awaiting recycling. Only one was spilled.
It required someone to actually unscrew the bottle and dump it.
As Zinj says, "Scientology doesn't do *all* bad things, it's just not
unreasonable to suspect their hand in the odd, pointless but at
least irritating little things like killing pets, faking crimes
or even getting a vehicle towed, since that's the kinds of
things they *do*.

So, until somebody in the 'Church' who was *in* on the 'OP'
comes forward, or a raid exposes the evidence, you'll never know
for sure."

So, whoever came onto my property to do this, we'll never know...for sure...
"I'm for the separation of church and hate."

Chaplain, ARSCC(wdne)