Title: TORONTO : School Teacher Attacked by Co$.
Gregg <elrond1@home.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 22:56:59 -0400

	April was an emotionally stressful month for my wife, my
children and me. My father passed away early in the first week and his
funeral was in the second week. Also at the end of the second week the
OSA orchestrated CoS Squad of Picket Muggers really went overboard and
sank themselves and the Co$ by falsely and repeatedly calling me a
"child abuser". It was publicly  and falsely implied  I molested
children from babies to young adults. It was also falsely stated to
the general public that I am a Rapist and I have convictions for child
abuse. This was caught on audio tape. The end of the fourth week was
equally bad as Ramsay stalked and assaulted me. And then the OSA
orchestrated Fair Game Squad began one of their stupidest and most
reckless actions: they attacked the professional teaching reputation
of my wife Jennifer. And they openly libeled me.

	First came the intensely harassing phone call  to Jennifer at
school. This was allegedly from another teacher. Then the school
received other calls concerning Jennifer. Next came a series of
letters defaming Jennifer, her professional reputation and also
defaming me.

	Serious allegations were made and threats to disrupt the
school with "investigations" by "solicitors".

	These letters, about half a dozen or so, were sent to the
Parent Co -Chairs, the Principal, the Vice Principal, the
Superintendent of Schools and the Ontario College of Teachers.

Some of these scurrilous and defaming letters were authored by:

Liz Kristiansen
12 Hiawatha Rd.,
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2X8

J.G. Layton
Layton Creations
128 Manville Rd. Unit 28
Scarborough, Ontario
M1L 4J5

Betty Misener
Reliable Promotions
725 Browns Line
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M8W 3V7

Grahame F. Potter
Grahame Potter Marketing Inc.
385 Vaughan Road
Toronto, Ontario
M6C 2N8

A. Renault
XL Transcribing & Document Processing Services
1405 Lewisham Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 3R2

David Stokes
168 Lake Promenade
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8W 1A7

	[The contents of these letters must remain undisclosed for the
moment, pending contemplation of legal action. I will however
seperately post my response to these attacks.]

	The Toronto School Board swiftly launched an internal
investigation to immediately address the allegations made and to
terminate the threat,made by the Scientology, of disrupting the
school. .

	Jennifer and I both participated in this investigation. I
explained my activities and educated Board Legal Advisors as to the
nature and operation of the Criminally Convicted Cult. The Board while
not responsible for my actions, quickly ascertained through their
lawyers, neither Jennifer or I were involved in any activity even
remotely illegal. The Board Lawyers easily established Jennifer has an
impeccable history and reputation as a professional teacher. Jennifers
immediate superiors completely backed her up and supported her.

	The Board Lawyers then sent letters of reply to the
Scientologists who had been organized by the Co$ to write making these
'cookie cutter' allegations, accusations and defamations.

	The Board  Lawyer Letters of reply were generally the same
with some specifics addressed for each Scientology author.

	I well post these separately.

The Board lawyers response to Scientology threats was swift and harsh
and said in part:

"In summary, our investigation does not support the serious
allegations made by you. There is absolutely no evidence of
professional misconduct, incapacity or incompetence on the part of Ms.

"You are hereby formally put on notice to cease and desist immediately
from making or circulating, in any manner whatsoever, any comments,
commentary or other information with respect to Board personnel,
including Ms. Hagglund. In addition, you are put on notice that you
are not to have any direct contact with any staff member at the
School. "

	Shaken Scientologist flunkies apparently contacted their OSA
Terrorist Tactical Officer Peter "attack dog" Ramsay and gave him the
bad news.
	Rambo Ramsay of course began frothing at the mouth and called
Jennifer's school to complain about the Board Lawyer Letters. He made
grandiose statements about his planned response to the Boards

	Of course 'old Ranting Rambo Ramsay has made other
'terrifying' promises. 

"Hot air", I assured Jennifer's Principal. 

	Empty threats are Ramsay's specialty: his 'color brochures'
and his 'lawn signs' and his 'filing of a trademark'. Ramsay was just
blowing smoke. Pretty scary if you don't know how stupid this guy is.
(He certainly scared my brother and sister.) Petey does better with
shooting off his mouth or punching and pushing than he does in
effecting his *plans*. 

	However the Board Lawyers decided to deal with Mr. Ramsay's
'hadn flapping'. They clearly understood  OSA attack dog "clamsay"  is
on a leash and the Co$ have to occasionally scoop up his poop. So the
Board Lawyers determined to inform Janet Leveau, figurehead Co$
Toronto President, exactly what kind of a legal bind the errant Ramsay
might get them into.

	The net result:

	Jennifer's job is not in any jeopardy, although the extra
stress was not welcome.
	Co$ has had its wrist slapped by one of the best legal firms
in the country
	And OSA attack dog Peter Ramsay had a muzzle strapped on his
in his face.

	I and the lawyers are waiting for Ramsay's next *big plan* to
stop my Charter protected Freedom of Expression.

	The question my wife and children ask is:
	How low will this thug and his cult go?

Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: 

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate
 picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior,
          -----an organization:
picketing individuals for voicing their opinion."

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund