26 Jul 2006 10:23 New attacks from the cult Subject description: The cult is stepping up their attempts to ruin my professional career Reply with quote The cult continues to Dead Agent me to my employer. They have now reached a new low by making actual accusations of illegal activities. Below are two quotes from an anonymous letter sent to the highest executives in the global company I work for (spelling errors as in original):

Quote: Some of us believe that Andreas is giving out sensitive information about the company to a man who works for the competition. What I am about to tell would need to be treated carefully because if Andreas find this out he will do something crazy with us. Even if he wants to look like a nice man he is vendictive and some of us have families. Andreas has strange contacts in Norway.

Some months ago Andreas was seen speaking to a competitor for a long time. Andreas was acting strange and looking around to see if somebody was looking at him. Andreas was very nervus.

Andreas was speaking to the man and giving information and an envelope. Andreas was heard saying that [the current] management is worse than [the previous].

Letter goes on talking about our partners, competitors and customers. Including naming colleagues. It ends with:

At the end of the conversation said that the person he reports to is incompetent and there is nothing to worry about and everything will be fine.

Letter is (of course) anonymous. Quotes posted here to document some of what is going on. And to let OSA know how "effective" they are.

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