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Three pages of this document, written by L. Ron Hubbard's son, Ron DeWolfe were handed to me by a gentleman who knew more about $cientology than I did, and said this needed to be read by recovering members, so that they might better understand what happenned to them. I was handed 4 pages, the first was a cover page that said simply "1/10th of 1 percent of scientology" as a title. Two years after posting it the net, Ron DeWolfe's grandson Jamie DeWolfe used the same material though perhaps not this version for his Flag Down speech in May 2014 in Clearwater.

PHILADELPHIA Page 21 of 27

...again, he (Ron) gets up from the couch and retrieves several books from his suitcase. He drops them in front of me on the hotel room coffee table. I'm going to need more help Dad says. More help than I'm getting. I'm going to noutlive the whole damned world but I want you for backup. You got it Dad, you know that I already I say. I know I know Dad says impatiently; but you don't have much horsepower. Hey Dad, I'm doing OK. dad flies off the handle. You snot-nosed kid, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. He slams his hand down on the books on the coffee table. All youhave is a fart in a hurricane kid; now read about the Real Power..

The books and contents to be kept forever secret he says. To reveal them will cause me instant insanity; rip my mind apart; destroy me he warns. Secrets, techniques and powers he alone has conquered and harnessed. He alone has refined; improved on; applied engineering principals to. Science and Logic. THE keys. His keys to the doorway of The Magick. His magic; THE power. His power. The real powers of Solomon he says. Caligula and Alice, too. My past is my enemy he says. The enemy of all. I listen with hypnotic fascination. The Books; some recently republished, some over 1200 years old, some 5000 years old. Gifts he says. he is excited, fearful, cautious. he is tense. Unimparted secrets imparted for the first time. I open....

PHILADELPHIA - Page 22 of 27

the books intending to only thumb through. I am awed and amazed; I know these books! How could I? He answers: they were used to conceive you. And birth you too. I've read them to you while you were asleep. Drugged too. Hypnotized too. For years he says. Katy too. And Polly too. scores of women. Blood and pain women. My Scarlet Woman he says. Souls torn open he says. I've made The Magick really work he says. No more foolish rituals. I've stripped The Magick to basics. Access without liability he says. I'll teach you. Learn well my son for you will take my place. Be likened unto me. Fashioned by my hand. Entering the Golden Dawn with me and carrying it to the stars and beyond he says. Scarlet Women of your own he says. Plenty. For They are the secret of the Doorway. Use and consume. Feast. Drink the power through them. Waste and discard them. Sex by Will he says. Love by Will he says. No caring. No sharing. No feelings. None he says. sex and love reversed he says. Dind love through sex. Love isn't sex. Love is no good; puts you at effect-point he says. Sex is power he says. No, sex is the route to power he says. The route to the Doorway. The Doorway to power he says. FInd your Scarlet Women he says. Create your Causation he says. Make your own Scarlet Women he says. Scarlet? I ask. Yes; Scarlet. The blood o their bodies; the blood of their soul he says.

Release the Will from bondage he says. Bend the body.

PHILADELPHIA - Page 23 of 27

Bend the mind. Bend their will he says. Beat back the past he says. Free your Will. Unfetter the Will from the past, from the future he says. The present is the only thing. No consequences. None answering. No guilt he says. Nothing is wrong in the present. The Will is free--Total free he says. No feelings. No effort. Pure thought. Thinking alone; separated. The Will postulating the will he says.

Will Sex Love Blood Door Power Will. logical he says.

The Doorway of plenty. The great Door of the Great Beast. Him. You. Me. Us. Our Will. Our Power. Our Reality. Ours Alone he says.

He repeats an incantation; invokes the Door opening to the realm of The Beast. The Great Beast. I vomit. I hurt. I feel the power flood through the Doorway. I shine. I am well. Father says again; never tell or much worse will happen. I nod. He commands me to rea. I have trouble; I keep trancing. Father has commanded; I read. "The Book Of The Law." "The sacred Magic Of Abra-Melin". "The Sex Magic Of The Ninth Degree Of The O.T.O." And later many more text books. Many more hours of learning. Of practice with Dad. Practice alone. And use. An academy of religious arts and sciences. The academy of power. Hubbard power. Personal power. Not scientology power. Great power. Beast power.

Dad was correct. Very right on. It worked exactly as he said. It still does and always will."

PHILADELPHIA - Page 24 of 27

When I was four my father started mentioning a magician named Mayo. I thought he meant Magic Mayonnaise at the time. Starting in 1952 I found out he used the term Mayo to disguise the word Melin. Melin of Abra-Melin Magick. His pathological fear of the forces within The Magick plus his natural paranoia and compulsion for secrecy would not allow him to speak the real word in public. Melin-Mayo. A personal code.

In later years, when Dad heard me mention the two words linked together with other people present, he flew into one of his standard rages; a shut up or else rage.

People mistake L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology. They see the apparency, and not the actuality. By design. Scientology does not work as stated; but as intended. As intended by its creator L Ron Hubbard. To keep the Doorway open. To remain in the realm of the Great Beast. To feed the hunger of the Will. His Will. When he emptied the purse of man and the heart of women; it seeks onward and outward. Appetite. Forever appetite.

Scientology is the snare. The passion flower. the Cloak of Lights. The glow of power. A power always wanting. Always needing. The Will never satisfied.

Keep the book under lock and key he says. I do for years. I burn them as a symbolic gesture many more years later. For I am my own excorcist. but, I can still open the Door. For the burning of the books was only an empty

PHILADELPHIA - Page 25 of 27

and hollow ritual as ineffective as tinkling bells at a Mass. Once the Door is accessed, it can never be truly locked again.

The basic and major tenet of the Magick is: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". Now, of course, I give you here the exact quote of the many my father was quoting. HE always put his own twist and turn to it to make LRH the Source. LRH the Creator. For my conception in October 1933 to December 1952; what LRH drummed into my head by his Magick Tech was: "Do what you will is the whole of the law". "Do only that which satisfies the will".

We had, of course, used the Magick ona few women up to that point, but I didn't know it was Magick. I just had thought it was theatrics; adding spice to sex; dad doing his sexual thing and letting Junior tag along.

Dad had spoken often throughout my life of Magick but I assumed it was only one of his many interests; not his abiding passion. Except as a part of the public relations part of the Scientology game. I have never known Dad to attribute actual source to anyone but himself. These books opened a Pandora's Box for me.

Dad was right; I was a two-bit teenage kid who thought he had the world by the tail, when in fact, I only had a tuft of hair.

PHILADELPHIA - Page 26 of 27

Well, I had come a long ways since that June of 1952 when I rolled into Dad's Tatum Blvd. home in Phoenix. I had barely got out of my '47 Buick when Dad started me popping rainbows and playng heavy games with women. It seemed like two minutes later I was teaching Scientology when I could barely pronounce the word; and five minutes later I was riding shotgun with Grant Poole on the Rainbow Express carrying in one pocket more money than I had ever seen. One of the first things Dad had said to me on my arrival in Phoenix was: There were 14 year olds who had been Roman generals. You're 4 years late kid. Alexander had conquered the world at 21. I'll give you the same to do the same. I was 18 years and one month old when he said that. I haven't been out of hyper-drive since.

Every event in life can be a positive or a negative. Dad's revelation about Alestair Crowley rocked my boat for a few hours. He had spoon-fed me the Magick for years through subconscious conditioning and programming. Now it was in the open. I loved it. I had purpose. I had goals. I had a destiny to manifest. I had a world to win. Power. It was a few days before Christmas 1952 when the lecture series complete. Dad gave me a complete set of tapes to return to Phoenix with. I am to teach the material. I start the new year rolling the tapes. I am impowered. I am on the road to my own Cloak of Lights; proud, pleased and happy. A kid can go far in seven months.

end of document given to this webmaster


Quote from:

Exploring the Occult by Douglas Hunt (May 12, 1970)
From Chapter 14
Human Oddities
Aleister Crowley-"The great Beast"

page 183

"We must go back a little to the time when Crowley had discovered and deciphered The Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage, which dates from 1458, and contains detailed instructions for invoking both good and evil forces, and has a strangely malign influence on all who read it."

The friendship with Parsons was on the rocks in 1946, after Hubbard stole his boat - and his girl, see case docs here: Parsons-vs-Hubbard

(Note- in 1946 a $5000 house would sell for 500,000 today, so multiply $ amounts by 100 for gravity of the situation)

The Agape Lodge of Parsons..

Agape FWIW, is the name of an early Christian free-love cult...(<100AD, like hippies on massive doses of faith...chanting "want to fool around? (in the name of the lawd LIKE the contemporary Children of God cult) Source: Dictionary of the Occult

Why David Mayo and David Miscavige rose to the top of scientology

IF one can accept that Hubbard used magic and numerology, AND with knowledge that in espionage circles the maxim that ' there is no such thing as a chance happening "...THEN we may have a hint as to why David Mayo became the top technical "terminal" in $cientology. His name, David MAYO because of his name, Mayo.. Hubbard the paranoid schizophrenic. would have taken David Mayo's appearance in the sea org as a 'sign'.

Another date coincidence is David Miscavige's birthday, which is April 30th, that night is the holiest date in Satanism other than one's own birthday. This may explain reports that when David Miscavige was first in the Sea Org, In the "Commodore's Messenger Org" at the Flag Land Base in Florida, that he seemed to be favored by Hubbard and has been described being noted for having some influence with Hubbard. David Miscavige's birthday and ascendency to the throne of the $cientology empire of lies together with David Mayo's rise to become the top technical person in the organization re-enforce this possibility as possible

There is another factor, that is both have the first name David, which in Kabbalistic Gemantria is the number 40 which signifys "mem" the 13th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Mem represents "the sea of torah, the ocean of talmud, knowledge, wisdom"

"In Jewish Mysticism, Mem is the letter of "water" (mayim), symbolizing the "spring" of the Torah. Just as the waters of an underground spring rise upward from an unknown source to reveal themselves"

Link to source data

The Gemantria of "mem" is the same as the divine name YHVH.

David Miscavige's last name, in simple gemantria translates to the number 88. The number 88 was the secret way to sign Heil Hitler, while the Nazi party was banned in Germany. H being the 8th letter of the alphabet. Hubbard used 8 and 88 in many books and works, Technique 88 (booklet), 8-8008 (book), Scientology 8-80 (booklet], 8 steps to get to "Clear" and 8 steps from there to "OT". And of course the highest level OT 8 which scientology calls the infinity or God dynamic .

88 in Kabbalah is also interesting, it sounds much like Hubbard's description of the 8th Dynamic.. see for yourself, don't take my word for it. LINK

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