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Why Battlefield Earth is even Worse than you think

The real scoop: Article from 1990 Exposes exactly How Scientology manipulated sales of Battlefield Earth and other Hubbard books, in order to be able to 'claim' that this awful story was on 'the best seller lists" - a MUST READ - Article from San Diego Union:

Fox Network's Millenium Episode "Selfosophy" is about Scientology, you will see the Selfosophist buying armloads of books..


What follows are 120 reviews and assorted incidents collected through Monday May 15th

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Memo from Inside Scientology: "Latest from the cult: I was told by a friend of mine who sadly remains in the [Scientology] 'Sea' Organization,(doesn't know that I am no longer a Scieno) that all the Sea Org members in LA were ordered to go and see the movie Battlefield Earth at least 3 times onFriday. They were all taken to the various theatres in the Hollywood area andthey paid for tickets and watched the movie over and over again, all of them seeing it at least 3 and up to 5 times. They were all ordered to wear regularclothes as opposed to their usual military uniforms, so as to seem like regular people going to see the movies. There are approximately 2000 Sea Org members inthe LA area.
I am sure that all Sea Org and Scieno staff were ordered to go and see the movie in every area that it was released.Also, I received an e-mail that was sent around to lots of Scientologists inthe LA area telling them to see Battlefield Earth as many times as possible to boost the sales of tickets to the movie. (I'll post this e-mail next.)This is very similar to the "buy-back" teqnique they used to get Hubbard's books including Battlefield Earth onto the New York Times bestseller list. From what I recall, this was exposed by the LA Times years ago."

Copy of Email is HERE and notes about Scientology 'PR man' Mike Rinder lying to Washington post about this

Washington Post runs E-mail story in Reliable Source Column [ 16 May ]

Thugs on Film at Reel.com [ must see this cartoon parody ] scroll down Thugs on Film:Our favorite rough boys, cartoon critics Cecil and Stubby, hold their breath and take careful aim at the sci-fi stinker Battlefield Earth.

My commentary on $cientology's effort to make this turkey fly is HERE.

Reuters - Sunday May 14 2:11 PM ET'' Gladiator'' pummels new Travolta film at box office

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Reigning champ ``Gladiator'' vanquished JohnTravolta and his sci-fi challenger ``Battlefield Earth'' at the weekendbox office. ......``Gladiator'' pulled in about $24.3 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period, vs. [$11.4 million]* for ``Battlefield Earth,'' according to studio estimates issued Sunday. ..."After 10 days in release, ``Gladiator'' has collected $73.3 million,said DreamWorks distribution president Jim Tharp,.."

*Reuters and others reported the estimate of 12.3 however final figure was 11.4

WebSite list of the opening week-end box office results for movies from 1997-2000.This is just the last 4 years mind you. But.... there have been 155 better grossing week-end openings in the last half decade than Battlefield Earth, putting it 4 places below "The Bride of Chucky"

LMT Media : Watch John Travolta's face as Cult Expert Steve Hassan hands him back a copy of Steve's own book, "Releasing the Bonds", after John Travolta autographed it, while a Scientologist from the Washington DC Office is running 'security' for Mr. Travolta.

Inside Film "Battlefield Earth won the distinction of becoming the third worst 3,000 theater-plus opening in history. "

or !!!

Codpiece Wars Washington Post "Warner Bros. and the Motion Picture Association of America attempted to suppress this photograph on left of "Battlefield Earth"

Well, Battlefield Earth and Scientology do have something very much in common


Most recent Additions:

San Francisco Chronicle March 15th : "``It can cost you $360,000 to reach the upper levels of this space opera,'' said Bunker. ``They teach that 75 million years ago the Earth was known as Teegeeack, part of a 90- planet federation ruled over by the evil overlord Xenu, who solved overpopulation by stuffing us into volcanoes and blowing us up with hydrogen bombs. That's why there's an exploding volcano on the cover of `Dianetics.' "

All articles are available on the indvidual media's websites, enjoy these snippets:

ABC News Travolta’s Intergalactic Stinkaroo (no stars, just one black hole)"Travolta has said he has wanted to do this movie for a long time, not because of Hubbard’s Scientology, but because his novel "is a great piece of science fiction." Maybe so, but Battlefield Earth, is nowhere near a great movie. In fact, it’s a pretty gruesome mess.

ABC News Joel Siegel "Battlefield Worthless, Travolta get lost in space" It violates one of the basic rules of acting: Find the good in the villain, find the bad in the hero, otherwise the audience gets bored. Travolta did exactly that in Pulp Fiction. But the aliens here are so one-dimensional, bullying and ruining and even murdering each other, we get bored and they get silly. So silly, at first I thought maybe it was intentional self-parody."

Albuquerque Tribune:"The first 30 minutes of "Battlefield Earth" are as bad as any bad 30 minutes I've ever seen in a movie. "

Austin 360: 'Battlefield' should be extinct - The holographic captive alien in the trailer for 'Battlefield Earth'is enough to keep anyone from seeing the actual film. Yet, there may still be those unfortunate souls curious enough to see L. Ron Hubbard's works on the big screen. (Hint: the movie doesn't offer much more than its marketing ploy). ..........Sadly, after a while, even the most 'touching' scenes become a joke with such lines as, "I don't believe in fate, but I've always known this was your destiny."

Arizona Daily Star: "Some movies just beg the question: "What were they thinking?" ""Battlefield Earth" is so laughably bad that it makes the Kevin Costner boon doggles "Waterworld" and "The Postman" look sophisticated in comparison. ""But perhaps the most unfortunate thing about it is that it can't be ridiculed on the now-canceled "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Arizona Republic: This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a stinker........On the other hand, since Travolta produced this loser, you have to wonder if he doesn't have a screw loose somewhere.

Arkansas Democrat "The summer movie season has barely begun and already it has its first10-ton turkey. Battlefield Earth is a sluggish, soporific dud, ..." "Tyler, the leader of the uprising, is played by Barry Pepper (he was the sharpshooter in Saving Private Ryan), who tries hard to look stoic and noble but usually just seems to be wondering how he let his agent talk him into this. It was at that point that a recent preview audience gave up altogether and started laughing openly at the movie. "

Baltimore Sun "Science Friction - `Battlefield Earth` is a deadly pile of space junk that threatens humanity the minute it enters our atmosphere -- and our theaters. Run!"

Birmingham News : Logic and originality are alien to 'Battlefield Earth'"L. Ron Hubbard must have put an awful lot of thought into Scientology.Because judging by "Battlefield Earth," he didn't leave anything forhis novels. "...." Actually, there's a lot more science fiction in Scientology than there is Scientology in "Battlefield Earth." And a lot more imagination. "

Boston Globe Even Travolta can't save doomed 'Battlefield Earth' "It's too clunky to be taken seriously, too dumb to be taken as comedy, too formulaic to have any real personality. A lot of effort has been expended on models and explosions and dark, oppressive visuals that suggest early steel mills. But the material it's being expended upon is too intractable to work on any level. ''Battlefield Earth'' begins as retro pulp and ends up, figuratively speaking, as tons of wet cardboard."

Boston Herald Planet L. Ron: What on Earth was John Travolta thinking? "I didn't detect any hidden messages in the film, only the pungent aroma of a stink bomb of colossal proportions."

Box Office "Surprisingly, the film’s greatest undoing may be the fact that itdoes not confirm the confessed fears of many that Travolta, a devout Scientologist, would use the film to promote Scientological doctrines.It is, in fact, utterly inane and innocuous in the most harmless, uninteresting way--the fruit of an overrated star’s overblown ego, recklessly indulged by studio excess"

Calgary Sun Battlefield blooper: "One can only hope for John Travolta's sake that his sci-fi epic Battlefield Earth was meant to be an uproarious comedy. If not, everyone connected with it is in deep, deep trouble. "

Charlotte Observer 'Battlefield' dearth "The final battle is the most incoherent I've seen in months; it makes the conflicts in "Gladiator" look as carefully mapped out as the invasion of Normandy."

Chicago Tribune: "Bringing L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth" to the big screen (and starring in it) wasn't a good idea.""Scientology or not, the movie is a battlefield bummer that makes you want to revolt. "

Chicago SunTimes ; See Roger Ebert

Christian Science Monitor "It's like another awful "Planet of the Apes" sequel. "

Cincinnati Enquirer : `Battlefield' blows up in Travolta's face : Memory fails to summon the name of a movie asludicrous and unintentionally funny as Battlefield Earth, John Travolta's act of career hubris in service to the late Scientology crackpot, L. Ron Hubbard.

Cincinatti Post Don't hunt for message in 'Battlefield Earth' : ...."we can move on to consider whether or not there are traces of Scientology in ''Battlefield Earth. Certainly there are, as there were in the book written in the early '80s. The bad guys are known as ''Psychlos,'' most certainly a play on psychologists, for whom Hubbard had a keen distaste."Taken just as it is, ''Battlefield Earth'' is nothing more than a big old-fashioned sci-fi yarn"

CBS News Plan Inane From Outer Space *Stupid Humans Make Ratbrained Movie* Sci-Fi Epic-Wannabe Should Be Called 'Dumb And Duller'*CBS News.com's Rob Medich Endures Worst New Movie Of Millennium: "It's way too early to declare the biggest movie blockbuster of Summer 2000 declare the biggest movie blockbuster of Summer 2000. Butthe biggest bombbuster? No competition, folks. That contest's already been fought and lost on Battlefield Earth."..."But trust me. You have to be Psychlo to spend any money to see Battlefield Earth."

CNBC: Joe Morganstern on CNBC 1:45pm EST Fri 5/12
"...one of the worst movies I've ever seen."
"...like people got together and said how can we make the most distastful
film ever."
"Travolta should put MORE makeup on so people won't recognize him!"

CNN.com Let's get one thing straight. "Battlefield Earth" was only made because John Travolta wanted it made. It's been his baby from start to finish. It's not a pretty baby....."Fear not! That stampede you'll hear will be audiences racing to the box office for a refund, because this attempt at a sci-fi action epic fails on just about every count."

Columbus Dispatch What was Travolta thinking, wasting his time on Battlefield Earth?
"........Could there be in the film version a stealthily crafted message designed to swell the ranks -- and coffers -- of Scientology? More likely, astute viewers will think: "If the guy's fiction is that juvenile and dopey, how silly must his religion be?" ....

Contra Costa Times: "RATING: 1/2 star out of 4 stars 'Battlefield Earth' a sci-fi disaster...THE GREAT THING about "Battlefield Earth" is that you can leave at any time. " .."By the time the excruciatingly long video-game-inspired climax plays out, it's clear you have just witnessed the biggest folly ofTravolta's career. "

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Aliens invade, suck fun from Earth's movies : "Battlefield Earth" is John Travolta's Falkland Islands War,a soggy debacle in which everyone involves winds up embarrassed......"Adapted from Mr. Hubbard's unreadable sludge pile of a novel...."

Dallas Morning News: "Let's see, how to put this: "Battlefield Earth" is dumb. Such a statement is trickier business than it should be in this "Austin Powers" age of clever-dumb, sarcastic-dumb ... on and on. "Battlefield Earth" is none of these: It is just plain dumb." ..."And while dumb and obvious may be an effective way to start your own religion, it's no way to make a movie."

Davis Enterprise - One star. Ooooo ... what a stinker. Just as "Battlefield Earth" is an unreadable book, this lumbering,laughable adaptation is an unwatchable film; both represent the absolute nadir of schlock science fiction.

Denver Post Mucky, hammy 'Battlefield Earth' is simply Travolting -"John Travolta's "Battlefield Earth" is so thoroughly a stinker that one wants not to criticize it so much as just say a short prayer and move on. You don't watch it - you survive it."

Dayton Daily News Invasion of the Plot Snatchers "John Travolta came through for the founder of Scientology by making`Battlefield Earth,' but no one can save the audience. Never underestimate what a little leverage can do, rat brain," the evil alien Terl snarls at a human captive. Those words could easily apply to the power that John Travolta wielded to get Battlefield Earth off the ground."

Democrat & Chronicle ..'Now that it's finally on the screen, we discover that the science-fiction epic Travolta considered a Holy Grail is silly junk. And the sight of Travolta, mercilessly hamming it up as a seven-foot-tall, dread-lock sporting evil alien, doesn't help'

Denver Rocky Mountain News "Well, Travolta has done it, and the result is one ugly-looking hunk of junk, a low-grade helping ofsci-fi that lacks a coherently expressed story or compelling action."..."The biggest casualty on this battlefield? Common sense"

Deseret News Even Travolta stinks in 'Battlefield Earth', Bad science-fiction has a new name, and it is "Battlefield Earth," the early frontrunner for this year's worst movie.There are only two ways to react to a film this completely awful — you can either flee in abject horror, or better still, you can embrace it in all of its cheesy, stupid glory.........

Detroit Free Press: "Everything about "Battlefield Earth," from the incoherent storytelling to the sub-comic book-style dialogue to its parade of unconvincing digital effects stinks of moldy cheese, yet the movie has not a whiff of irony. "

The Diamondback: On the other hand, when reviewing Battlefield Earth, it is hard to forget that L. Ron Hubbard has numerous die-hard followers who, in the event of a bad review, would be only too happy to come by the reviewer's apartment and explain exactly why Battlefield Earth is better than Citizen Kane, possibly using clubs.

Edmonton Journal Battlefield Earth hardly an intergalactic Gladiator "It shows that this escapist bitof nonsense, based on a pulp science-fiction work by Scientologyfounder L. Ron Hubbard, doesn't take itself very seriously. "........"There is fun to be had from Battlefield Earth --but lock your brain safely in your trunk before having what fun there is."

Edmonton Sun Battlefield laughably bad : "Battlefield Earth is just bad enough to be bad, without being bad enough to be good. Fans of Ed Wood have nothing to worry about."

Entertainment Weekly ''Battlefield Earth'' incorporates elements from ''Star Wars,'' ''Planet of the Apes,'' ''Logan's Run,'' and -- in one ludicrous sequence -- ''Top Gun,'' and most of this patchwork has a grimly tacky, backlot look, even chintzier than that of John Carpenter's ''Escape From'' films. The entire movie seems lit by a 40-watt blue bulb. It's future-schlock doomsville. "

Ft.Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: Battlefield Earth a low-budget `Star Snores' : "When the hero, his people and his quest for freedom are featured, inspirational music is played that sounds not unlike that of Scientology TV commercials -- or very naïve Sunday school movies."

Fresno Bee 'Earth' an intergalactic stinker : "Let's get the boring obituary stuff out of the way first. "Battlefield Earth" doesn't just pass away. It dies. It swigs the Ebola virus as mouthwash during its first turgid, apocalyptic, Planet-of-the-Apes-pilfered minutes, then spends two hours convulsing and frothing on screen until you want to stuff a pillow in its mouth and say: Enough already. "

GreenwichVillageGazette "Okay folks, we've got a winner for worst film of the year, and the year isn't even half over yet" "Unless you like bad movies, stay the heck away from this film! If you like bad films, wait until it hits the second runs and remember to take drugs beforehand."

Kansas City Star: RATING: 1 out of 4 stars Futuristic `Battlefield Earth' doesn't even work as a spoof : .."But surely if proselytization was on the agenda Travolta and company could have come up with something better than this -- two cliche-riddled hours of lackluster melodrama unlikely to keep the attention even of an undemanding 10-year-old. "

Los Angeles Times A Case of Saturn Night Fever? "Battlefield Earth" is set in the year 3000, but stuck in the 1970s--and not in any hip, retro way......It’s an embarrassing performance that begs the question, "What was he thinking?" .......In the post-apocalyptic adventure genre,"Battlefield Earth" makes "Waterworld" look like a masterpiece.

Miami Herald: Rating * of **** ; 'Battlefield Earth' falls flat and hard : "It was at that point that a recent preview audience gave up altogether and started laughing openly at the movie. It's a telling sign that none of the advance newspaper ads for Battlefield Earth have carried the ubiquitous "It rocks!" blurbs from easily-rocked critics. Instead, the ads invite you to buy a ticket to the film, then use your stub to enter a $100,000 sweepstakes. Canny marketing or sheer desperation?.."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Clarity, meaning left in rubble of 'Battlefield Earth': Travolta laughs maniacally throughout, to denote that his 9-foot-tall, dreadlocked character is the villain. But the laugh is on him. The film flatters neither the book nor Scientology, which is aluminum-foiled once again.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Let's hope he can write it off as a religious contribution, because the outlook for recouping his investment is not good.

MSNBC "Dumb as logs in Battlefield Earth"  Let’s deal with the nasal issue first: What is that stringy thing hanging on John Travolta’s nose in “Battlefield Earth”? What a friend of mine called “a booger dreadlock” is actually a breathing device favored by the cruel, shaggy giants from planet Psychlo (remove the “l” and you have their moral character).....

The Montgomery Advertiser NO STARS "BATTLEFIELD EARTH" 'Battlefield Earth' a laughably inept big-budget sci-fi bomb.......Memory fails to summon the name of a movie as ludicrous and unintentionally funny as "Battlefield Earth," John Travolta's act of career hubris in service to the late Scientology crackpot, L. Ron Hubbard. Adapted from Hubbard's unreadable sludgepile of a novel....

Montreal Gazette "This movie gives stupidity a bad name. It's a summer popcorn feature that can't find its own mouth, a story so entirely lacking in credibility that you can't just sit back and watch it - this kind of blanket ineptitude forces an audience to actively find entertainment in its mistakes"

National Post Why on Earth did Travolta do it? Battlefield Earth's star and producer says the film has nothing to do with Scientology. In which case ..."Battlefield Earth has the stench of death," says one Hollywood producer, who happens to have a film opening this summer as well. "It should never have been made. It's an $80-million vanity project for Travolta." " "The inevitable question then is this: If Travolta believes this strongly in the movie, isn't there something more to the material other than mindless entertainment? "

New Times LA Another bad review: Psychlo Babble Battlefield Earth is utter nonsense, and proud of it.
By Luke Y. Thompson After all, the end product is a good deal more entertaining than the original novel. Especially when a Hubbard's Machiavellian nine-foot-tall Sasquatch-like alien antagonist is somehow interpreted by the filmmakers as John Travolta decked out like a gay Conehead with Rob Zombie hair, in KISS platform boots (one of the aliens even demonstrates a tongue that would put Gene Simmons to shame).

North County Times Bangs and booms'Battlefield Earth' is big noise, but short-circuits ideas . "The film has thebang-bang oomph to make it a box office sizzler among the younger,game-playing crowd, though seems destined to short serious fans of Hubbard's mind-stretching novel. If not a battlefield between ideas, it's at least a playground for the latest toys."

NY Daily News Travolta's Star Dreck, Scientology sure doesn't shine in 'Battlefield Earth' ", Travolta insists there is zero connection between"Battlefield Earth" and Hubbard's philosophy, saying he simply likes the novel because "it's a great piece of science fiction."" ...."Some ex-Scientologists think Jonnie was written as Hubbard's alterego. It's a theory we won't try to argue. Hubbard, who had demonstrated a fecund imagination during his early career as a pulp novelist, proclaimed that the souls of humans were burdened with "implants" sown by extraterrestrials 75 million years ago, and that only through the purifying process of Scientology could the souls be renewed"

New York Post 'EARTH' IS TERRA-BLE: EARTH to John Travolta - you've got a Y3K problem! It's called "Battlefield Earth," a truly dire and silly rehash of "Planet of the Apes," derived from a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard........ Warner Bros. is trying to lure audiences for "Battlefield Earth" with a "Take Back the Planet" contest, offering a grand prize of $100,000. It ain't enough.

NY Newsday 'Battlefield Earth' Is Apocalypse No "But it's hard to imagine any message, subliminal or otherwise, piercing through the swampy goo of this post-apocalyptic war story. The words "so bad it's good" strain to make themselves heard through the film's coarse bluster and grimy din. "

Newsweek : The second, and hopefully last, of John Travolta's Scientology movies, "Battlefield Earth," like "Phenomenon," is religious propaganda masquerading as sci-fi fun..... The message isthat learning and mental clarity are the way to humanity's salvation;coincidentally, Scientology believes the same thing. ......there is nothing to recommend in this tedious,cheaply made dirge. The dialogue is inane, the acting wooden, and RogerChristian's directing choices are a lesson in sci-fi film cliché.

NY Times : The film is stocked with evil aliens who, in their padded body stockings, plastic armorlike fittingsand matted hair extensions, resemble nothing so much as members of GWAR, the metal-rock parodists that Beavis and Butt-head loved. It may be a bit early to make such judgments, but "Battlefield Earth" may well turn out to be the worst movie of this century.

Orange County Register From sci-fi pulp to celluloid pap REVIEW: 'Battlefield Earth' is laughably bad. "You could pick at this movie the way a hyena picks at a deer carcass, but unlike the hyena, you wouldn't end up feeling fulfilled afterward. "

Oregonian 'Battlefield': The sight of a massacre : "The church is often besieged from without and has a reputation for thin-skinned reaction to criticism. But with stuff like this coming from the faithful, it might be in more danger than it knows. "

Ottawa Citizen: Battlefield Earth: A disaster of epic proportion "A very exciting thing happened an hour and a quarter into this week'spreview screening of Battlefield Earth, a science-fiction movie of aching -- no, murderous -- stupidity. The exciting thing was that a fire alarm went off in the Rideau Centre, and we had to wait 15 minutes before we were allowed to sit through the exciting conclusion, the excitement being the mounting certainty that it would end eventually. "

Pittsburg Post-Gazette "'Battlefield Earth' is big, dumb, loud and funny for all the wrong reasons " "Battlefield Earth" may be the silliest movie I've ever seen "

Providence Journal Some have feared that Battlefield Earth will serve as a recruitment device for the Church of Scientology. They needn't have worried. Once word gets around, this stinker won't be long in theaters.

Roger Ebert Reviews Battlefield Earth one half star."Battlefield Earth" is like taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It's not merely bad; it's unpleasant in a hostile way.........This movie is awful in so many different ways. Even the opening titles are cheesy. Sci-fi epics usually begin with a stab at impressive titles, but this one just displays green letters on the screen in a type font that came with my Macintosh. Then the movie's subtitle unscrolls from left to right in the kind of "effect" you see in home movies.........I watched it in mounting gloom, realizing I was witnessing something historic, a film that for decades to come will be the punch line of jokes about bad movies.

Roger Ebert - Video Clip of TV Review at XENUTV.COM

Sacramento Bee: Bombs away: Travolta's 'Battlefield' is so bad it's not even funny: " One of the questions most asked of movie critics is, "Have you ever walked out of a movie?" "Nah," I usually reply. "Sitting there is actually the easiest part of the job. Trying to write about certain films is what can be difficult." Well, I take that back. Sitting through the summer's first monolithic monstrosity, "Battlefield Earth," was one of the most painfully excruciating experiences of my life."

Salt Lake City Tribune : "The best thing about "Battlefield Earth" is that it's not boring. It's 10-car pileup and dumber than a tree, but never boring." "Battlefield Earth" is Travolta's ego trip, but he didn't have to take anyone else -- or us -- with him.

San Diego Union Tribune With its ludicrous plot, 'Battlefield Earth' is no piece of cake to watch 1/2 star "Pile-driving slabs of berserk pulp into the audience, "Battlefield Earth" is less a Scientological "Triumph of the Will" than a Neanderthal "Independence Day." As it gets more loudly ludicrous, with destruction coming in vast waves, you don't think "piece of cake" but "piece of (oops).""

San Diego Union Tribune Teens likely will be unable to stay awake, let alone make any sense out of
this flat-footed sci-fi epic. Boring, murky and full of unintentionally
funny lines, this pet project of star John Travolta is based on the 1982
novel by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, to which
Travolta belongs.

SanFrancisco Chronicle PSYCHLO BABBLE Comic-book nuttiness is part of fun in Travolta's sci-fi fantasy `Battlefield Earth' " In his pet project, L. Ron Hubbard's ``Battlefield Earth,'' he has transformed himself into a green-eyed monster. He's kinda cute. "

"Who knows what secret knowledge we have unwittingly absorbed. .. "

SanFrancisco Examiner Battlefield Earth: Retro-'80s sci-fi silliness makes you lose faith in Travolta "Please, no more John Travolta sci-fi action fantasies based on L. Ron Hubbard pocket books directed by the man who did the second-unit directing for "The Phantom Menace." "

San Jose Mercury News RATING: 1-1/2 out of 4 stars Patrick Tatopoulos (``Jumanji,'' [of] ``Independence Day'') designed the Psychlos, who, with their impressive manes of braided hair and profuse eyebrows, should be belching reggae, not death threats. These guys are regular Rasta-Klingons.

Saratosa Observer "Battlefield Earth': When plots collide :""Battlefield Earth," despite imaginative costume design and impressive special effects, is a real snoozer, characterized by wooden acting, sappy melodrama and illogical plot lines. "

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Logic is the big loser as humans fight for freedom in 'BattlefieldEarth' Heart, soul and courage will get you only so far -- what you really need is an enemy so stupid they invite their own demise. And a few Harrier jets don't hurt either.

Star Tribune "Transmitting subconscious messages while you sleep? That's still a possibility. But it's hard to settle into a really deep sleep when the people keep tripping over you as they head for the exits."..."The aliens wear nose devices to help them breathe Earth's air, which they think stinks. That's not all that stinks."

St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Which leaves Kelly Preston to take acting honors with her one-scene, dirty-joke performance as a harlot. She's a hoot and, since she only sticks around for about three minutes of "Battlefield Earth," she comes off as the smartest person around."

St. Petersburg Times Space aliens without a clue: They're big and they're ugly, but the unkempt race that has devastatedEarth in Battlefield Earth is also clueless about the workings ofscience fiction and the demands of plot.

St. Louis Post Dispatch "Battlefield Earth" * 1/2 (out of four) - "Battlefield Earth" is a mediocre mess : .....Also, the liberties taken with common sense and physical law - even though we know it is mandatory to suspend disbelief for these types of movies - are atrocious. "

Tampa Tribune: Even by the dubious standard of ""aliens conquer Earth'' movies, ""Battlefield Earth'' is just awful....

TV Guide one star out five . In 1999, Travolta referred to this project as "the pinnacle of using my [Hollywood] power for something." It's hard to know what to say to such monumental self-delusion, except that it's worthy of the moronic, egomaniacal Terl. —

Toledo Blade: Thriller battles to make sense and loses : In Battlefield Earth, John Travolta spends the entire movie with a black nose-plug thing attached to his nostrils, feeding oxygen to his brain, I suspect. "...". But Battlefield Earth seems mostly secular and harmless, unless you take into account the paralyzing hypnosis it has induced in preview audiences."

Toronto Globe and Mail [Stephen] Kent believes that today's release of the movie version of Hubbard's sci-fi epic Battlefield Earth -- produced by and starring Hubbard devotee Travolta -- might bring the links between science fiction and Scientology into focus.""It's not being celebrated at all in the sci-fi community," he said. The connection between science fiction and Scientology is "an unfortunate historical accident."

Toronto Globe and Mail Klingons having a bad hair day: "Perhaps, one heavenly day, the man-animals may rule the earth again and, on the next go-round, will have learned to do by design what they once merely did by chance -- make a movie worth watching."

Toronto Star I've assigned no star rating to John Travolta's Battlefield Earth because, frankly, I'm unsure how many stars to give a film that is so bad that it's good. ....

Toronto Sun Big, bad John :"John Travolta's been discoed in Saturday Night Fever. And he's been Grease-ed, Pulp Fiction-ed and even Face/Off-ed. Now he's Psychlo-ed in L. Ron Hubbard's sci-fi adventure Battlefield Earth. " "Too bad his labour of love turned out to be so laboured. "

UC Berkeley Battlefieldology :An alternative take on Battlefield Earth ...Anyway, Battlefield Earth is a pretty awful movie with a lotpoorly-done eye candy. Independence Day made more sense and Leprechaun4 was written and directed better. ....No, I will not apologize about my particular stance on Scientology. Does anyone at this school care?

USA Today 'Battlefield' casualties mount :"But the script, based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, is deeply dumb, depressingly derivative (ripping off Planet of the Apes the most) and just plain nonsense.

Variety ''Battlefield'' wreckage : "Pic could reap OK coin, given its heavy marketing push and turbo-actionnature, but there may not be enough undiscriminating young male viewersin the world to recoup costs. There's also another hurdle: contrary toprior evidence, it is possible to make a popcorn pic too dumb for thepeanut gallery."......"For the record, ``Battlefield'' does not constitute Dianetics guru Hubbard's first screen credit: Long before he founded the Church of Scientology, the then-struggling pulp writer had a hand in penning several late-1930s Poverty Row serials (''The Secret of Treasure Island,'' ``The Spider Returns''). If only Hollywood knew then what we know now."

Wall Street Journal: "This movie is profoundly dreadful, and also something of an oddity. The script was adapted from a novel by L. Ron Hubbard, who founded the Church of Scientology.... Battlefield Earth " serves up one howler after another. My favorite is when Jonnie, hatching a plan to destroy the Psychlos' home planet, tells his comrades-in-arms: "Of course we're gonna need some extra supplies."

Washington Post: The Launch of a Star Vehicle That Explodes in Laughter: Generally, Hollywood executives are relieved when their movies are screened for the first time and hilarious laughter erupts from the audience. But not when the movie isn't a comedy. ...."Battlefield Earth," John Travolta's epic, expensive and bizarre science fiction film based on a book by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, was greeted with guffaws and shrieks and hoots of ridicule from an audience of entertainment journalists, critics and others at a packed theater in Century City earlier this week.

Washington Post- 2nd review: A million monkeys with a million crayons would be hard-pressed in a million years to create anything as cretinous as "Battlefield Earth." This film version of L. Ron Hubbard's futuristic novel is so breathtakingly awful in concept and execution, it wouldn't tax the smarts of a troglodyte. And when it comes to star John Travolta's performance, well, hammy William Shatner's hairpiece is more convincing.

Washington Post: "But hey, let's cut to the chase: We're talking "Ishtar of the Apes.""

Wash.Post -05-12: The Family Filmgoer: Teens likely will be unable to stay awake, let alone make any sense outof this flat-footed sci-fi epic. .......Full of holes and mighty cheesy is "Battlefield Earth."

Winnipeg Sun Empty Space, War is hell - and so is sitting through John Travolta's dumb Battlefield Earth Imagine a Bond movie that ends with Blofeld giving Bond theblueprints to his island lair, a couple of thermonuclear devices andsending him off with the cheeky challenge: "Go ahead, Bond, you boob,do your worst. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" ......."Battlefield Earth is bad. But at least it's not propaganda."

Worcester (MA) Telegram: `Battlefield Earth' a waste of time "Battlefield Earth" is a very, very bad movie, and yetthere is a certain pleasure to be had watching it. Realizing it is the worst movie of the year means that it can only get better after this.


11th Hour Scifientology fails to convert: Oh, man. What a let down. Now I know it seems unlikely that one could be so disappointed bysomething for which one had, really, no expectations to begin with, but Battlefield Earth managed to achieve the impossible. .......Battlefield Earth resembles nothing so much as what a bunch of ten-year-olds would create if given some Star Wars knock-off action figures, a videocamera, and heavy pharmaceuticals. The Jehovah's Witnesses have a more subtle and effective method of recruitment.

Arizona Access: "Verdict: The first few moments of the film evoke heroism and noble struggle. After that, it's Grade A drivel. "

Cinescape: 'Battlefield Earth' Screener....Instead, Battlefield Earth is easily one of the worst movies made in recent memory, and a prime example of how not to make a movie."

E-Online "Travolta is only intermittently engaging as the chief imperial alien, and the FX, while passable, can't improve the flavor of this cinematic vat of cheese."

Excite UK Travolta sci-fi film savaged by critics "John Travolta's controversial new sci-fi film Battlefield Earth hasbeen savaged by the critics in the US - with one saying it "may wellturn out to be the worst movie of the century.

Film.com-05-12: Review I - A Dismal Epic For all the apparent differences, however, life is still a series of bureaucratic frustrations and thwarted ambitions. This is what we learn from Battlefield Earth, a dismal sci-fi epic that recalls the tired-blood landscapes of Saturn 3 and Solar babies. Characters and references flash by without set-up or follow-through, adding to the generally incoherent nature of the thing.

Film.com-05-12: Review II - Bombs Away In the pantheon of cinematic train wrecks, from Ishtar to Waterworld, set a place at the table for Battlefield Earth -- a bewildering stew of scenery-chewing acting, special-effects overload and contorted storytelling that has to be seen to be believed....

FilmThreat.com Ron Wells, 1/2 star AAAAAAAAGHHHH! MY EYES! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!...."Worse still, despite however many millions were spent on this atrocity, it never looks that much better than one of Charles Band's direct-to-video opus for Full Moon......Am I getting my message across to you? I'm concerned that many of you might check out the movie anyway in the mistaken belief that it's so bad, it's funny. Nuh-uh. While the Zucker brothers might be able to direct an "Airplane!"-style parody using the exact same screenplay, THIS version is just plain bad. DO NOT contribute to the opening weekend gross. DO NOT contribute to the glory of a certain pseudo-religion. More importantly, DO NOT contribute to John Travolta's dementia."

Jam! Showbiz web site Battlefield crashes badly: "There's a scene in Battlefield Earth in which a visiting aliencommander scopes a prison facility and says..."This is one of the biggest crap houses I have ever seen". How right he is." "I've watched some real stinkers"..."On many an occasion, I've felt like gathering up my belongings and heading to that beckoning Exit sign in the distance just to escape the mind-numbing torture. But, sadly I can't. "That's why I admire those members of the public who at the Battlefield Earth screening I attended, flipped off the free movie andwalked out of John Travolta's disastrous homage to Church Of Scientology founder and science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. "

KFOG San Francisco "Sincere warning: they have only filmed the first half of the book. Don't go to this movie, or they'll make the second half too. Don't go! I can find where you live, I will hunt you down. You will be sorry, we all will be sorry. Save the planet."

LibertarianSocialist.com Just got back from the Scientology movie, and I'm trying to recover.
It's bad. Real bad. Most of the critics walked out at the screening. My brother walked out of it three times (he kept coming back in to ask if I'd take him home; I drove.) Besides us, there were less than twelve people in the theater. The movie doesn't even make Scientology sense. Given that their entire religion is based on that novel, I can't even really understand the Scientology connection, and I understand Scientology. My best guess is that the movie is a picture of what the world would be like if man were enslaved by Scientologists.......

Movieline by Michael Atkinson... I haven't seen such a laughably incompetent summer movie since summer movies became summer movies some 25 years ago, and that's saying a pant load.

MovieReviews.Collossus.net: "Upon occasion, fate favors the film critic. Such is the case when asmall movie like The War Zone blows an entire film festival audienceaway. Or when something wonderful like Croupier comes out ofnowhere. At the screening of Battlefield Earth I attended, there wasanother such moment, although not of the same ilk. 30 minutes intothis wreck of a motion picture, with thunder crashing in the skyabove, the power went out, mercifully relieving me of my immediate responsibility to endure the rest of the movie. Since I beganwriting reviews, I have never walked out on a film, but BattlefieldEarth would have been a contender had I been so inclined. On thisoccasion, fate and the local power grid allowed me to make an earlyexit without blemishing my record."

Mr. Cranky.com: http://www.mrcranky.com/movies/battlefieldearth.html "The only thing I can figure out is that the Church of Scientology decided that they wanted to ensure nobody else joined up. This movie is like watching the Pope accidentally catch on fire while giving Easter Mass. If that's not a time to rethink your spiritual choices, what is?

MrShowbiz- The movie gets sillier as it goes, building to a supremely silly climax that includes loincloth-wearing savages piloting unaccountably pristine United States Air Force fighter jets (don't ask) and gratingly obnoxious soaring soundtrack cues.

Needcoffee.com My Advice: Wait for MST3K. "This is the funniest movie of the year. Period. It's so unbelievably and egregiously bad, you have to wonder if they really meant for it to turn out this way. I'm serious.......We're talking Yor, The Hunter From The Future bad here".."Grab you, grab your friends, get sloshed, go to a matinee and laugh your keister off like I did. In fact, like most of the audience in the screening I saw did. If that's not your idea of a good time, please...for the love of God--stay home."

Nuvo-05-12: Review - A New LOW - NO STAR .....Every so often a movie comes along that is so overwrought, overacted and overwhelmingly inept that it must be seen to be believed. Gloriousdisasters like Valley of the Dolls, Mommie Dearest, Road House and Showgirls. And now comes Battlefield Earth, the newest entry to the Grade Z Hall of Fame.

RoughCut-05-12: Review (BE worth $ 1.50) Don't see this movie, or you'll be at the devious beck and call of Barbarino! Don't buy that Battlefield Earth toy, lest you inadvertently assist in inancing Scientology's covert plans for world domination! If those squeaky reactionaries had only waited for the film to be released, they'd have realized the only danger in seeing this film is in busting a gut at its unintentional hilarity.

Salon.com "Everybody in the film, in short, looks like they know where to find truly excellent weed." ........"In the larger scheme of things, no crimes were committed here; next summer, after you've worn out your DVDs of "Wing Commander" and the "Mortal Kombat" movies, you might rent this and decide it's not the worst movie you've ever seen. "

Slate.com Planet of the Oafs "A bomb going off sounds like a planet exploding. A planet exploding sounds like-I'm out of hyperbole. People in the audience dig their fingers into their ears and howl in agony-it's a wonder the roof doesn't come down. Is this a Scientology strategy to drive the aliens out of their bodies?"

More 'entertaining' reviews at: http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=5915"

and a THANK YOU to Bat Child aka Sue M, and Ron Newman, And Xenu M Xemu. for collecting all the urls above

In the movie poster LOOK at John Travolta's temples

He is wearing what look like ECT [ Electro Convulsive shock Treatment ] Electrodes,

positioned precisely in the right location.

Travolta plays the part of a member of the evil alien race of "Psychlos"

Now, listen to Scientology's President Heber Jentszch on NBC's Public Eye, the

same one shown in handcuffs on my main page

rant about "Evil Psychs" { they call psychiatrist's "Evil Psychs" }

at the XENU TV site.

Is this JUST a bad science fiction movie?

Find out how much Scientology detests this website's owner - Arnaldo Lerma

April 19th:

In article <R1hO4.1375$wb7.125820@news.flash.net

>, "Mark says...

Ever read the glowing review of the BE script written by telenovelist Brad Linawaver?
It suddenly popped up on the net after Mark Ebner's scathing article in Mean
Magazine in which he sent the script (with a name change) to professional
readers and got very harsh reactions from the industry.

Then my on-line review appeared:
...along with plenty more nagative buzz about the script.

Well, I've always known that Linaweaver's review was a Scientology scam but
one of the Scientology shills on the Warner's BE board drew my attention
back to the review so I did a little research.
Turns out Linaweaver is a winner of the L. Ron Hubbard new Author's award
and..."This year he is helping with publicity for the film version of Battlefield Earth."


Why must the cult be so predictable?


BE Earth REVIEW of MOVIE 2/April/00 see Ain't it cool news website

Excerpt: ".....6. THIS IS A MOVIE WHERE 1000 YEAR OLD, PERFECTLY WORK HARRIER JUMP JETS ARE EXPERTLY PILOTED BY CAVEMEN WITH 7 DAYS OF TRAINING !!! Earlier in the movie, Travolta tells Pepper "When we arrived, All your technology, and all your intelligence, and we were able to beat you in 9 minutes" 15 minutes later in the movie, Cavemen who were carrying spears and grunting at each other are flying Harriers with precision, hovering inside abandoned buildings, and jinxing like experts while blowing the Alien craft out the sky left and right. (They were also grunting after blowing up enemy ships with sidewinder missles) All in less than 9 minutes....

7. The actors who played the aliens are supposed to be 9ft. tall. Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this, the actors had to wear HUGE lifts. This gave them an awkward looking walk, similar to the way that people on stilts walk. . Sometimes very distracting.

I went into this movie with no preconceptions, just wanting to see a good 'Popcorn' movie. The first 15 minutes or so were very stylish, with lots of slo-mo and interesting camera angles, however, it then fell into a generic Action flick pacing soon afterwards. Travolta was good as the alien, but there were 3 or 4 scenes where I felt he was acting WAY over the top. Forrest Whitaker could have used more screen time. Barry Pepper's character felt way too intelligent, given the fact that he lived in a hut in the mountaing his whole life, worshipping 'The Gods'. Overall, the effects were very good, and the underlying 'Us vs Them' them ware played out fairly well, but again, I just couldn't get past the holes in the plot, as they were way too distracting.

March 25th - FACTNet cites a source claiming SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING

Title: How ASI handles movie magazines
Author: ebner59@aol.com (Ebner59)
Date: 14 Mar 2000 18:44:27 GMT

I recently exchanged notes with an editor at a high profile movie magazine. 
While he's allowed me to post our exchange here, I'm respectfully omitting his
name and that of the publication:

<<Ebner59@aol.com wrote:

Yeah, I know you're a fan site, but I find it unconscionable that you virtually
ignore the Scientology connection to BE in your reporting.  You
quote Travolta saying that it "really has nothing to do with Scientology, yet
neglect to refer to the actual "source" -  LRon Hubbard.  Had you done
so, you would find that Hubbard's fiction is, in fact, the cosmology of the
"religion" he created.  To simplify, check out the evil characters headed-up by
Travolta as Terl.  "Psychlos" represent Hubbard's true life arch-enemies,
psychiatrists, which - his doctrine states - are out to enslave humanity.  "Man
is and endangered species."  Get it?  That's the kind of thing Travolta's
character spouts, transcendended to the action figures. Specifically Terl,
whose doll spouts the "endangered species" line as well as

And speaking of merchandising...  Have you noticed that Travolta and others
have repeatedly denied any profit participation for Scientology?  Another
lie.  Author Services International -- the Scientology front group posing as
the agency for Hubbard's books -- is on the direct pipeline for merchandising

My point here is really this:  This ain't all harmless fantasy and science
fiction.  It's bare-faced promotion of a criminal cult that you're engaging
in, perhaps unwittingly.  I'm not asking that you discontinue coverage of the
film, I'm asking that you look a bit deeper.


Mark Ebner>>

The Editor responds:

We're a movie site and Battlefield Earth is a big summer movie so we cover it.
The Scientology connection and any nefarious activities connected with them are
the business of legitimate news agencies capable of covering those sorts of
stories accurately and in depth.

However, I do agree with you about the Scientologists. We ran a less than
flattering review of the Battlefield Earth book and their 'literary agents'
immediately contacted us and complained. I went round and round with the jerks
for a couple weeks. We eventually gave them the link they wanted to their own
site but I told them we would never, EVER, review another L. Ron Hubbard book
as long as I was working here.

You're preaching to the choir on that issue. Regardless, we are obligated to
cover all movies that interest our readers and will continue to cover BE.>>

I respond:

<<Thanks for getting back to me on this.  As a journalist, I've been covering
Scientology since 1996 when my first expose, "Do You Want To Buy A Bridge?,"
appeared in Spy magazine (http://www.wwa.com/~vickie/cos/spy.html).  The
harassment began BEFORE the story was even published, so, my personal agenda
with the cult is clear.  They fucked with my career, and have gone so far as to
try and cost me a gig at Rolling Stone.  Now, whenever I'm called upon to speak
out against them, I'm a one man dog & pony show:  A&E Investigative Reports,
E!, and endless radio and TV spot interviews.  I'm also the guy who took the
screenplay for BE, put a fake title page on it and sent it out for studio
coverage -- the pathetic analysis published in Mean Magazine (www.meanmag.com).

Despite the tenor of my original note, in no way do I mean disrespect to your
fine magazine.  As a favor, and point of information, may I publish our
exchanges on newsgroup alt.religion.scientology?



The editor responds:

<<I suppose--though I must admit I feel like I'm sticking my head in a noose.
You can't name the magazine. I've already overstepped my mandate by actually
standing up to those creeps (management feared, understandably, the website
might be
attacked) and I can't put my employer or job in jeopardy.>>

I respond:
<<Gotcha.  I won't name you or the magazine.



He responds:

<<Cool. Thanks.>>


The following cards are available in bookstores next to copies of Battlefield Earth:

(c) ASI = Author Services International = Scientologist David Miscavige & staffed by Scientology Sea Org members - minions who signed a billion year contract to work for $cientology

Title: Author Services Inc. Battlefield Earth and Scientology


 [ Xenon@none.X is  is a Scientology disnformation artist ]
<Xenon@none.X wrote: 
You guys are fools! The money is going to Author Services not the
Church of Scientology. It's a shame there are a lot of people who
would rather follow biased propaganda versus self investigation. If
you don't like Scientology then don't get involved with it. This
country was founded on freedom including freedom of religion. Xenon,


Stacy Young is VP of Lisa McPherson Trust ex editor for Scientology's "Freedom magazine"
Stacy Young says:
 I am a former Author Services, Inc. (ASI) staff member, so I can
explain to you how this works. ASI is a secular, for-profit arm of the over
allScientology organization. The various Churches of Scientology (such as the
Church of Scientology International, the Church of Scientology Flag Service
Organization, the Church of Scientology Western United States, etc.) are
nonprofit arms of the same overall Scientology organization. There are
 also the various "secular" arms, such as the World Institute of
Scientology Enterprises (WISE) and the Association for Better Living and
Education (ABLE). All of these various arms -- ASI, CSI, CSFSO,
CSWUS, WISE, ABLE, etc. -- are run by the Sea Org, which is run by David Miscavige. 
Within the Sea Org structure, it does not matter whether money comes 
in from WISE, ABLE, one of the CofS corporations, or ASI. No matter where the 
money comes from, what account the money goes INTO is decided by Miscavige. By the 
way, all the staff of ASI are Sea Org members. In fact, the
qualifications for being a staff member at ASI are the same as for CMO
 Int --the highest quals in the Sea Org. 
Stacy is a director for the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater Florida
and may be contacted at  33 North Fort Harrison Avenue, 
Clearwater, Florida 33755 Telephone: (727) 467-9335 Fax: (727) 467-9345


Stacy excellent info stacy but wait there is MORE - 
a Smoking gun... 
Arnie Lerma is Ex financial manager for what is now Bridge Publications
When RTC raided me, the washington post wrote a big story 
that ran the following sunday [ http://www.lermanet.com/cos/wpost.html ] 
Scientology filed an Amended complaint, and added the 
Washington Post to RTC vs Lerma, and DGS { my internet provider ] 
so it became RTC vs Lerma, DGS, Washington Post, Marc Fisher, Richard Leiby
Marc Fisher authored the actual article, 
Leiby authored a previous article in 94 http://www.lermanet.com/cos/lerma.html 
Now... The Washington Post's attorneys are Williams and Connolly 
ASI / David Miscavige is ALSO repped by Williams and Connolly, source: 
"Washington Representatives 1995" Columbia Books 
Williams and Connolly could NOT defend the lawsuit after they did 
their own conflict of interest check, and The Washington Post had to 
retain outside counsel instead of Williams of Connolly. If the  
Washington Post's main lawfirm could not represent them because 
of a Conflict of Interest, then that is direct evidence that 
Also RTC and ASI are both repped  by the huge DC lobby firm
Federal Legislative Associates.


A scientologist OSA operative "sue young" posted:
>The movie merchandising rights have been licensed to Franchise Pictures
>who have the deal with the toy company".  This should put the issue to
Arnie Lerma replied:
Hubbard gets a 5% royalty for his works. between 1970-72 I wrote
checks totally over 100,000 in royalties for booksales, 
these checks would clear back and on the back of the checks were stamped 
"societe anonyme - Luxembourg"
The characters
in his books when sold as toys - 5% goes to pay royalties - That money
is collected by ASI, whomever has the paper "merchandising rights"
is paying 5% to ASI = David Miscavige staffed by sea org slaves.
SCIENTOLOGY TOY STORY: The Church of Scientology stands to earn
 millions from sales of toys based on the summer sci-fi flick
 Battlefield Earth. Variety says the church did not participate in
 making the Warner Bros. film, based on the novel by Scientology
 L. Ron Hubbard, but was included in the merchandising agreement, which
 could be worth $50 million. Actor and Scientologist John Travolta
 appeared at New York's Toy Fair on Monday to hawk the toys, but he
 refused to answer questions.  Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/
 Before you buy. 

Arnie Lerma can be contacted at 703 241 1498 email is alerma@bellatlantic.net

The source for the Psychlos toy quote { it actually SAYS "Ratbastard" } is, at least

I like to think so:

Magicians Penn and Teller, and I quote from his book "There was only one good thing
about the Challenger disaster, it blew that ratbastard, L Ron Hubbard's obituary off
the front page"

READ Robert Vaughn Young's declaration re corporate structure, he was an EMPLOYEE
of ASI - Author Services Inc. Declaration filed in Lisa McPherson wrongful death case is dated December 1999

Also Vaughn Young about Mission Earth

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