Hey there.

Have you ever looked around you while walking around Los Angeles? Do you ever notice other kids your age, driving cars, shopping for clothes, enjoying a meal on a restaurant patio?

Some of them are devoted to saving the world, and dedicate some of their time to saving the environment, being politically active, adopting causes. But children, these kids aren't spending 99% of their time running on the Hamster Wheel to Toadle Freedom!

Youth is a time of discovery. Parties with friends, a day at the beach, your first car, dating, and learning what the real world is all about.

Have you ever been to the mountains or the desert? Or, is your time spent within the Scientology reality bubble?

So much of what Scientology is teaching you is not true. If you're reading this, it's possible that you, yourself have nagging doubts, but you keep them to yourself, don't you? Because you know what will happen if you dare to share them with a confidant...kr reports, Ethics, the RPF.

Kids, out in the real world, we have the right to speak out about things we feel aren't "right." Real communication means sharing your thoughts with others, and getting their input. I have met many ex-Scientologists. They are, like you, often intelligent people who misplaced their trust. One thing I think is interesting is, they all harbored these doubts. So, if there are things about the Sea Org that bother you, be assured that the people around you are also harboring doubts about Scientology, yet none of you dare to mention them for fear of reprisal.

This isn't freedom! The gate to the Auschwitz concentration camp had a message to the prisoners on it; 'Arbeit macht frei,' work makes you free. The Nazis twisted these words around, being in a concentration camp doing slave labor isn't freedom!

You are at a time in your life when you should be getting your first car and exploring the world around you. Like the song says, 'Nobody walks in L.A."

You should be playing at the beach. You should have your first job, and be earning your own money for toys like Ipods, computers, video games. You should have a dog. You should have real friends, who like you for who you are, friendship not dependant upon membership in a group.

Saving the world is a noble endeavor. But Scientology is a mock-up; the organization isn't really working in that direction. Deep down inside, you probably know this, but you don't want to know. Your youth is being stolen. Many members, when they finally leave, are in their 20s and 30s. You can never get the time back when you are free to explore the world. You'll be spit out as an adult into the real world, with no skills, no connections, no friends. It's harder as you get older.

Right now, there's still time to go to school and learn to do something you enjoy. Making money is only part of life, but it does grease the wheels. If you start now, you can take your life back, and still get in on some of the youthful fun you're entitled to enjoy.

I know, you wouldn't know what to do if you packed up your small belongings and walked out, never to return. You don't know where to go, or who to trust. Los Angeles is a big city.

However, there is a big network of people who would be happy to help you! Magoo, myself, Arnie, Warrior, Dr. Dave Touretzky, we can all be contacted thru email.

If you're fed up with your life in the Sea Org and Scientology, you can find help. Some of you, like Magoo, have invested their whole lives inside Scientology, and you know that, if you leave, you will lose all your friends and, some of you, your families as well.

That's no different than a drug addict who decides to clean up. They have to give up their old friends and their old life, too. But, people do it all the time. It's not impossible.

And here's a funny thing. Ex-members are connecting up with some of their old, dear friends on the other side of the veil! Sometimes you just have to wait until they "wake up" too, and leave the organization.

If you stay in, Scientology will use you up. There is no retirement home for elderly Scientologists. There is no pension plan. When you quit producing, that's it! You will find yourself on a street corner, clutching a garbage bag of possessions, with nowhere to go, no Social Security (such as it is) and few options. You know this is true! An old person with few skills is doomed to taking crappy jobs for minimum wage, living in a crappy little apartment somewhere. But, think about it. They've got their own place, which they don't have to share. Nobody is going to drink the last milk in their fridge, or eat the last Ho-Ho out of the cupboard. They can have a television if they wish. They can call their friends whenever they want. They don't need permission to go out of town.

It's better when you're young enough to create a decent life for yourself. Think about it! If you want to cut class, you can, although a responsible person would realize that they're going to school for a reason. Having your own car means you can take a drive up Mt. Wilson to see the snow whenever you want. You don't need anyone's permission to do anything. That's Total Freedom, kids! Being responsible enough to pilot your own life, not relying on somebody else telling you what to do, being free enough to hit the beach on a sunny day when you feel like it.

Taking up hang gliding, riding motorcycles, exploring the boundaries of your own ability. You should, at this point in your life, be driving your own bus. Don't you want to?

Surf's up! The fish are biting! The sun is out (well, not today) and you should be outside, expanding your mind, learning new things, meeting new friends. You should be driving your own bus. Don't you want to?

One other thing. There are people on this newsgroup whose job it is to confuse and instill mistrust. They pose as critics of Scientology, but it's just a Scientology op. All the off-topic posts about eevil psychs, same thing, a Scientology op to disrupt communication here.

Odd behavior for a group that claims to be committed to communicating, isn't it?

Road Runner, Truth Seeker, Lily Fired, Space Traveler (aka Roadrunner) Barbara Schwarz, are all Scientologists trying to break the flow of communication about Scientology and its abuses. Some pose as critics. However, they will never recommend critical websites, trying to convince you that the critical sites are somehow Scientology related OSA ops.

Truth Seeker is known for referring readers to a series of essays, written by OSA, which purport to be critical.

http://www.xenu.net is one site he won't recommend. http://www.lermanet.com is another. The creator of lermanet.com is Arnie Lerma, ex-SO member, who almost married one of Hubbard's daughters! You can trust him. He has helped many people get their lives back.

Beware of the sock puppets who say everyone here is OSA. I'm not. On my hate pages at religiousfreedomwatch.com/extremists, the first thing on that page is, "Barbara Graham has never been a Scientologist, never had relatives who were in, etc."

Look at those pages. If a person is listed as a "religious extremist," it means they are on Scientology's "enemies list."

Did you ever wonder why a "church" has an enemy's list? ---------------------------------------------- And now, an added note from someone who has been where you are now: "Rockyslammer's" message to you;

I came into scientology when I was 17 years old - I left when I was 35 years old. I had to start my life anew. I had to work extra hard to make up for 18 years of not earning. Everything people normally do much younger. I vowed to give my kids a better start than I made for myself.

My daughter was born into scientology. We left when she was quite young. She did her schooling and then went to university. She studied sound and TV production and has just graduated. She is working her first job. She is a female DJ and obviously heavily into music. She teaches kids to DJ. She has travelled to many countries and has just learnt to surf. She has been riding horses since she was 6 years old and has had three horses/ponies. At the moment she is learning dressage. She has boyfriends, a car, a flat of her own and she can talk to ANYONE she wants. And she does - because she is very outgoing.

She is better at communication than me - an OT! I love her to bits as I do her younger brother. I am a very proud dad!!

My son is nine and he has great fun playing "Crazy Frog" on a his little guitar. He is really very good. What is even more amazing is that he is really hooked on Beathoven's "Flur Elise" - gosh what is the modern generation coming to? He also loves to boogy board and snorkel.

His school is right on the beach and he swims every day in summer. Unfortunately he is also addicted to his computer games. Damn!

You know something kids? My two think they have a very "normal" life - and they do!! Can you get your head around that?

Sea Org kids - what you have isn't life. Read Barbz message again - think about it.

You are told scientology will deliver something to you - it won't. As I said I came in mid 1960's as a 17 year old boy. Scientology does NOT give what it promises - I promise you. The rest of the world thinks scientologist are aggressive looneys. They are - but it doesn't have to be that way for you. Good luck.

Email me if you want to swear at me or ask a question. I can talk to anyone and if you have the courage so can you. rockyslammer@postmaster.co.uk

Let's have an addition to my little input.

It was my sons birthday last week - he was 10. What happened that was special for his birthday celebration? Well he got a $500 guitar - he is so good that he played recently in front of his entire school. Then we went to "Snow Planet" where he spent a few hours skiing and snow boarding. I'm afraid he got a cold wet bum! Then of course there were the computer games, leggo and hot wheels toys. He is having a party this week as well.

What happens to you, kids, on your birthday? My son thinks he is just an ordinary kid - and he is. To me, of course, he is more than ordinary.


"I'm for the separation of church and hate."

Chaplain, ARSCC(wdne)