PERSPECTIVE: The KEY QUESTION OF TAX POLICY that must be decided by the IRS is this:

Exactly how many people must I lie to, hypnotize, purchase, extort or blackmail, to be willing to say whatever I tell them to say, including that I run a "Bona-fide Religion" to gain "501-c3 Tax-free Charitable Status"?

Ten? 50? 500? 10,000? Six Million?

In their proposed fifty-page litigation settlement and gag agreement for RTC vs Lerma they included a line "I believe scientology to be a bona-fide religion" - Note: only those who have not signed a settlement/gag agreement can even tell you this.

Heidemarie Vos: There is nothing "bona-fide" about Scientology, let alone it being a religion.


"However, I am persuaded ... Scientology is not, subject to one reservation, a religious institution because it is, in relation to its religious pretensions, no more than a sham ," "Its bogus claims to believe in prayer and other aspects of a creed based on a divine being, were " no more than a mockery of religion. Scientology as practiced is in reality the antithesis of a religion" Supreme Court Justice Crockett - Australia 1980 Read MORE like this LINK

Roger Boswarva: It is quite amazing to see how devious they are . . . thanks for this info Arnie. Signing the "waivers" they insist on, under duress of course, are devised to cover all the bases. I have never had the opportunity to rad on of those things, so it is enlightening to get this kind of info from you.


Hubbard legalized robbery by calling it belief

See my 2005 Religious Cloaking page for more Jamie McGuigan: I think the answer stems from the fact the IRS are more accountants rather than theologians. The IRS did a cost/benefit analysis, that it was financially more efficient to give Scientology a special tax accounting code than to spend more money in legal fees| than could be recouped through taxation. August 23,2015 Like +3

Arnie Lerma: Jamie McGuigan, which is similar to the reasoning the FBI Tampa did not pursue human trafficking charges after a long investigation. For which the lesson is, if you want to get away with murder, you must become such a huge pain in the ass that no one wants to take you on....which brings to mind:

A Canadian Detective when asked why the hell don't the police in Canada act against scientology replied succinctly with this question::

"Who wants to lift the tail of a skunk?"

Heidemarie Vos I was witness to when the Hubbard College of Scientology was turned into the "Curch of Scientology" overnight in England having worked for WW at the Manor at St. Hill. Hubbard made his problem everyone else's problem by dramatizing how unjustly he was being sought out for taxation. That was the whole reason for the change - to avoid taxes. August 23,2015 at 2:52pm ┬ĚLIKE +3

Arnie Lerma: it was days after this official policy was issued, which has likely disappeared from current volumes...Orwell and fraud style...I snapped this image from a 1976 edition

religious cloaking policy invoked

Heidemarie Vos: I was back at www at st hill in england (Corporate Headquarters at that time) I was handed the drawing for the robes for the Guardian - Jane Kember, Herbie Parkhous and David (Gaiman) I am talking about the original order with drawing of the robes and how they were to be designed. I was charged with having them made up by Jane And then we had to hand out all these books on different religions of the world and everyone had to become a "minister" I don't know if this ever was put onto a polocy, all I know is that what I was shown the direct orders from the ship - LRH - too Jane Kember to get this done immedietly plus ihad to have this huge medallion made up with chain to hang around Jane's neck so i cannot answer as to which HCOPL that order became. Let's face it , it was theatrics. It was a total farce to turn from a college to a church overnight but I kept my mouth shut.

Arnie Lerma: Yes I was in DC at the time, at the Founding "Church" on 18th street; PC Folder administration (A Closet) had a new sign "Confessional Formulary" A cross was dragged through the front door and the lecture hall became The Chapel... I believe the prime motion for this event was when the 1st FDA case was lost on appeal and ordered to a retrial, and Hubbard had to protect the use of the E-meter, so the E-meter became a "Religious Artifact" NOTA BENE: The date of that policy letter 12 FEB 1969 and then dates on the appeallate briefs in the E_meter FDA litigation...

Religion was invoked on 12 FEB 1969 to handle THIS:

Feb 5, 1969 "After a jury trial, a general verdict "for the Government" was returned, and a judgment and decree of condemnation was entered." (Condemnation of the E-meter!!!!)
Re: I KNOW All the books and supposed authorities who continue that say the religion was founded in 1954 or whatever but despite that the WORD 'Church' might have been in use in the corporate names- IT WAS NEVER INVOKED AS PRACTICE UNTIL THE USE OF THE E-METER IN THE $CIENTOLOGY SCAM WAS THREATENED BY THE FDA!

I WISH people would get this right...

Suddenly, it becomes apparent, that the "RELIGION" angle was invoked as a solution to adverse litigation by the protect the use of the E-meter which the FDA considered a medical device...

Roger Boswarva: Arnie is correct on the history and on the factual practice of Scn . . . I was on staff in Melbourne when the Inquiry was set up . . . and it was ONLY THEN that we got instructions from Hubbard to begin to assert a religious angle for what we were doing . . . till then, we were a corporate entity trading as the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International . . . and we sure as hell were quoting PRICES for our various services. Also we had never held any "church services" or Sunday Service . . . .


Ask people: Do you believe $cientology to be a religion? This is like the "Can you criticize David Miscavige? litmus test to see if a person is working for sciuentology as a paid poster, which has rightfully replaced the "Can they talk about XENU? as the working for OSA test that we used in the mid 90's..

"Error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

A stylistic parody of an official Hubbard policy letter to draw attention to the method of covert repetition and prestge hypnosis used by this style.

Tom Padgett: Glad this topic is posted here. $cn's 1993 501(c)(3) gift (grift,) should remain a top priority. Scientology Corporate 990's