A white Rose - Der Weisse Rose

Germany's Der Spiegel describes Scientology as:
"A Nazi Like organization" -
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Some quotes from the article, emphasis, mine.

"A Nazi-Like Organization?"

"But Blumenthal has remained undeterred in her campaign against the actor and the cult, whose beliefs are based on the science fiction writings of L. Ron Hubbard. "We have to present a united front against Scientology," she said. Blumenthal accused the organization of spreading views in the tradition of National Socialism - "and I find it, to say the least, odd that someone who represents this organization would be able to film at the site of a memorial to resistance against National Socialism of all places."

"Any filming at Bendlerblock, she told Der Tagesspiegel, "would be public relations work done for this organization, and that's not the sort of thing we need to support, especially since Mr. Cruise misses no opportunity to promote Scientology."

"A party spokesman for the Christian Democrats in the city of Berlin took the statement even further, telling the paper: "Resistance against the National Socialist dictatorship must not be abused for the PR purposes of a dangerous and totalitarian brainwashing organization like Scientology."

And I could not agree more. I have considered this effort to be akin to the German Students Resistance to the Nazis called Die Weisse Rose - The White rose -the analagous historical precedent for our efforts to expose just what Scientology is.

Also see the: Scientolgy and Valkyrie page, and more of how this psychopolitical cult operates.

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The origin of scientology's "OT" symbol and the Nazi Swaztika appear also have common source, here is an image from Madame Blavatky's Secret Doctrine. Note highlight:

likely source of Scientology OT symbol next to source for Nazi Swaztika

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