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Scientology Labor Camp at "Gold Base" in Hemet, California

Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior 2004 Constitutional Protection Report Development of political extremism in
2004, Scientology Organization

Hitler and the Occult

Scientology and the Occult

Creed J. Pearson writes, "L Ron Hubbard - The Racist"
"How I Became Like a Nazi and How I Ceased to be One"
by Creed Pearson
A dirty grey rag was part of L Ron Hubbard�s �tech.� So is working in silence and not speaking unless spoken to.

Movie Stars reap benefits of confined Scientologist's at RPF labor camp at Gold Base Compound

Scientology Pushing the neo-Nazi button

L Ron Hubbard, Jr. Speaks of his Father
"...and when Crowley died in 1947 my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast; and become the most powerful being in the universe."

Hubbard and Aleister Crowley
By Jeff Jacobsen

Scientology, Satanic Link?
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The Lisa McPherson contracts
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december-january edition of razor magazine with article - The Curse of 
Scientology- RAZOR Magazine 2004

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Crowley and Hubbard on

The Times, UK
Oct, 1969




Scientology and Historic Buildings - Like Hitler and the Third Reich

"To hell with this society. We are building a new one........."L Ron Hubbard "

Scientology buys alot of historic buildings, as a Google search will show. Some of the more massive complexes are the "Sandcastle" and "Fort Harrison Hotel" in Clearwater, Florida and the huge Gold Base compound with "Golden Era Studios" in Hemet, California that emulates a Scottish Castle. With the exception of the razor-wire fenced Gold Base, they have always used the history of these buildings to showcase and boast how they renovate them. They are places they entertain and recruit politicians and celebrities.

There are some similarities of the buildings during the days of Hitler and of the Third Reich that are interesting - especially concerning how they used them to recruit the masses.

There are also some links below showing Hitler's Berghoff, which had another house above it on a mountainside. Isn't there a "Hubbard's return house" and another house or building like this at Gold Base? There's an aerial photo on one of the below-listed urls showing how Hitler's bunker was impossible to destruct because of its construction. Maybe Gold Base is situated like that, or even the secretive Trementina, New Mexico property that is said to be able to withstand any major catastrophe - just like Hitler's Alpine home/bunker was.

The Berchtesgadener Hof hotel had previously been the "Grand Hotel Auguste Victoria," popular with visiting royalty. The Nazis bought it in 1936, remodeled it and renamed it the Berchtesgadener Hof, and used it to house dignitaries visiting Hitler's Berghof, such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida (also called "Flag Land Base")

In Wurzburg, in Bavaria, town planners of the Third Reich drafted precise drawings identifying a historic area of "Germanic" architectural character in which select old buildings would be saved (including a historic castle to serve as Hitler's state residence), and a modern provincial city would be built up around them. The Pabst Plan, composed of fifteen drawings and a miniature architectural model, established that the new German agricultural center would be located in the sector around the Old and New Towns of Warsaw. (The Pabst Plan is named for the German army architect Friedrich Pabst, who refined the idea of destroying an enemy's national cultural identity by destroying its physical manifestations: architecture, art, and historic archives.

What the finished "Super Power Building" in Clearwater Florida is supposed to look like. The project began in 1999 and was finally finished in December 2013...
photo courtesy of Jeff Jacobsen

Big buildings too, like the Sandcastle and Fort Harrison Hotels, or Celebrity Centres - any place they lure with:

"The enormous buildings were designed as a stylized inspiration for the masses, a visual symbol of the national cultural and political power. The art that graced these buildings was just as carefully selected for its effects on the viewer. The ideals of National Socialism were to be represented in even the smallest details: furniture tapestries. fixtures paintings, sculptures, lamps and fabrics were all coordinated. A thorough "Gleichschaltung," or political coordination, of the fine arts occurred throughout Germany and German occupied territory: the NSDAP was the ultimate authority for establishing and enforcing acceptable aesthetic standards."

Here is some information about Hitler's secretive and mysterious housings. Hitler's bunker was designed to withstand attack. Maybe we are naive to think that the mysterious "indestructible" buried vault in Trementina, New Mexico is used to protect secret writings?:

It was designed by Adolf Hitler and proved far, far more durable than his 1000-year Reich, which vanished in flames in just 12.

Home of the infamous Gestapo headquarters for the city and the Reich - survived both the allied bombing and postwar attempts by the Red Army and later the East German government to blow it up.

Its 2.6 metre-thick steel-reinforced concrete walls ensured the structure survived the war, unlike most buildings around it. In 1945 it was occupied by the Red Army and used as a prison for German soldiers.

Postwar attempts to demolish it failed because of the sheer strength of the massive walls.

A pole with razors to keep one from ascending at Gold Base in Hemet, California
Also see: report of Dr. Stephen A. Kent, of Scientology's RPF at Gold Base: "The most extensive account of confinement comes from former member Andre Tabayoyon, who spoke about the Gilman Hot Springs base (on which RPF members worked) having a security system that included "the perimeter fence, the ultra razor barriers, the lighting of the perimeter fence, electronic monitors, the concealed microphones, the ground sensors, the motion sensors and hidden cameras which were installed all over the area--even outside the base."

More about Hitler's headquarters here:


Hitler's wartime headquarters was called The Wolf's Lair. It lies in the woods of Gierloz, 8 km. East of Ketrzyn. It consisted of a group of eighty strong bunkers built in the years 1940-44, a small railway station and an airfield. It had a direct telephone link with Berlin. In eight of the bunkers the thickness of the walls was from 1-6 meters and the thickness of the roof from 6-8 meters. Hitler's headquarters was exceptionally carefully guarded. It was surrounded by a belt of minefields, with anti-aircraft gun emplacements. The buildings were camouflaged with nets holding imitation foliage, the color of which was changed from season to season.

Scientology's camera takes pictures of license plates of cars passing Gold Base in Hemet, California

Hitler's house was in Homes and Gardens Magazine - Some of the historic $cientology-bought buildings have been featured in some articles or magazines:

L. Ron Hubbard's House at Camelback, Phoenix, Arizona A landmark of Scientology history, the house of L. Ron Hubbard Camelback, Phoenix, Arizona, where he moved in March 1952. This is where the religion of ...

Simon Waldman recently found a November 1938 issue of Homes & Gardens, a British fashion-style magazine which profiled Hitler's Alpine home, the Haus Wachenfeld. The public response was amazing and people flocked to online scans, but the magazine's modern publishers asked them to be removed; however, they are still available. The piece is fascinating reading and potential evidence for those interested in how middle England warmed to the charms of the German leader. I should point out that the "fawning" style of the article was probably not due to any special regard for Hitler: most of the Homes and Gardens are treated like this...just think of Hello or any celebrity magazine.

Two residences at Gold Base Compound in Hemet, California
photos of Gold Base courtesy of Jeff Jacobsen. A video tour of the Gold Base can be viewed HERE

Close up of the two residences on Gold Base in Hemet, California

Hitler's House with others in a complex, looks like Gold Base. Pictures of that mountainside house are in the link below:

In 1927 he rented and later bought a mountain retreat called Haus Wachenfeld. This house became the basis for a later expansion that turned the peaceful, out-of-the-way Obersalzberg retreat into a huge complex of Nazi buildings, mostly closed to the public. Nazi leaders such as Hermann G�ring and Albert Speer had houses in this complex, to be close to their F�hrer, but the mastermind of the Obersalzberg complex was Nazi Reichsleiter and Party Secretary Martin Bormann (who also had a house there, overlooking Hitler's).

Golden Era Studios at Gold Base Compound in Hemet, California

An odd fact, that Hitler was a failed artist, and like Hubbard, had his own museum (Linz Museum) - of stolen honors of other artists:

Launching a museum project with a continent-wide acquisitions staff in the middle of a brutal world war is further detail about the operatic insanity of the German Fuhrer, himself an Austrian artist and failed art student... The U.S. War Department and Office of Strategic Services (OSS) swiftly established a special Art Looting Investigation Unit.

(wonder how much looted stuff scn has gotten out of people, art, etc)

Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.
-Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

"These cults, from those connected with George Ivanovitch, Gurdjieff, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and Rudolf Steiner to their present reincarnations, shared certain features: an authoritarian obedience to a charismatic and Messianic leader; secrecy; loyalty to the group above all other ties, a belief in supernatural possibilities open to members only, a belief in reincarnation; initiation into superhuman sources of power; literal acceptance of the myth of ancient " "giants" or supermen who handed down an oral tradition to a chosen people and who were guiding us now; and, in uncommon cases, Satanic practices." "The Nazi's and the Occult 1977, by Dusty Sklar"

....and from Chapter 5: "Riffraff into Supermen"

"The nationalist socialists derived power from one source: ...a fanatical autohypnosis which convinced disciples, succumbing to the totalitarian discipline in the promise of reaching transcendent reality, that they were the new men the age was waiting for.. ..that they were endowed with a secret energy which would enable them to take over germany and the world. If they were properly prepared, mysteries would be revealed to them which would give them Satanic powers.." from Gods and Beasts - The Nazi's and the Occult, by Dusty Sklar (c) 1977 isbn 0-690-01232-2

Webmaster Comment: Those familiar with Scientology will recognize how similar the promises made to entice would be members into the National Socialists were to what Hubbard promises it's own members... L Ron Hubbard says that people are all "THETANS" - if you say SATAN with a lisp it comes out THETAN

L Ron Hubbard's son said, in his 1983 interview with Penthouse Magazine:

"L Ron Hubbard Jr ( Ron DeWolf ): I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan."

"Justice Latey said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen."

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