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Scientologists Claiming to be NAZI's in their past lives

"Production is the basis of morale" policy drilled into members by L Ron Hubbard
"Work shall make you free" sign above entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp

Front page of the Clearwater Sun, Scientologist dressed as a Nazi

Above: Scientologist dressed as a Nazi, LINK to front page article in Clearwater Sun

I never did, however I do recall many of the scientology execs in the 70's would actually brag that they were Nazi's in their last lifetimes.. it was so commonly known, and there were so many,that I did keep track of who was claiming to be whom last time around. They seemed to always get the kid named Bill Yaude, who now runs the online disinformation/spam campaigns on the net, and a guy named Jack Dirmann, who cleaned out Minister Reed Slatkin's office days before the Feds raided him for running the largest ponzi scheme in US history..

FACT: Judges have noted the similarity of Scientology to the NAZI's"

"The judge, Mr Justice Latey, said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen".

FACT: It has been observed that Scientology EXECUTIVES like dressing up as Nazis:

FACT: And they still do: from an email August 29th 2006 "Did you know that RTC Reps now wear all black uniforms in public? Groups of them walking in Clearwater look exactly like SS Storm troopers, and I believe the effect is intentional. They strike fear into staff as they approach" This is the uniform of the Church of the FINAL PROCESS..founded by renegade scientologists, whose magazine ran Charles Manson on its front cover, all they have to add now are the black German shepherds on chain leashes like the Process. LINK

FACT: After Scientology raided this authors home, in 1995 for posting the story of XENU to the net that recently appeared on south park a HQ staff member reported that at the time:

Arnie, just so you know, within a couple or a few days after the raid on your house, Warren and Davey did a briefing to the Int base with an entire slide show of the raid. Both Warren and Dave were bragging about this event to the base. They were really trying to show us that RTC had the power to basically do whatever the hell they wanted and that the law would back them up. I was shocked about how they went about treating you and the methods they used. Like SS Storm troopers - exactly. What did I get out of this briefing and event? Besides feeling sick to my stomach and wondering if I still lived in the USofA, I realized that $cn will completely roll over any civil liberties and freedoms without even batting an eye. Glad to see you're still hanging in there man!

Is anyone willing to go on the record admitting this?

Answers received so far:

Scamology@gmail wrote: 1) Gary Epstein, when he was the CO at AOLA, bragged he was a Nazi in his last life time. That may have been where it became permissible for other staff below him to do it.

2) On Wed, 30 Aug 2006 22:56:57 -0400, Ed wrote: I knew two guys in the late '60s who joined the SO as college freshmen, and both said they were Germans in the last war, I don't know how much Nazi/SS. One said he was Rommel. Wendell Reynolds was friends with these guys. The other two didn't last, as far as i know. Ed

from email received:

3) Clearwater Chiropractor and Scientology OT7 Jimmy Gatza told Creed Pearson, on the Bell air Country Club golf course that he Jimmy Gatza was a Nazi in his last lifetime.

4) His wife, Julie Gatza also believed that she was a Nazi in her prior lifetime...

5) It was not a pleasant factor, too, that my course supervisor, Jean-Pierre Vogel, was often telling me he discovered he was a Nazi in his immediate past life!

6) He was convinced he had been a Nazi tank commander in his past life and had run over people with a tank and enjoyed it.

7) Judi Jackson in Berkeley, in 1970, at the Berkeley Mission, stated that she had recalled being a Nazi officer "

EX-Scientologists Apologize for being as a scientologist, like a Nazi:

Judi Jackson in Berkeley, in 1970, at the Berkeley Mission, stated that she had recalled being a Nazi officer " ??

FACT: GARY WEBER "I'm sorry to say I was a part of this Scientology Gestapo organization and probably felt much like the Nazi Youth did in pre-war Germany, full of hope, our heads filled with great promises, and willing to do anything for the "Fuehrer.""

FACT: CREED PEARSON Essentially, the Nazi concepts are now Scientology realities. Only The names and uniforms have changed

Sworn Testimony of Ex-Scientologists that the secret armed military organization hidden by fake religious cloaking, and barbed wire and security cameras**over 150 cameras on the public in the city of Clearwater alone - Testimony of Scientology's security staff in front of Judge Pennick.

Scientologist Eddie Walters: "When I disagreed with these "Gestapo type tactics" he told me that these orders came "directly from Los Angeles"

This was echoed this week by one disenchanted teenage Scientologist who told The Mail on Sunday that Hubbard's young acolytes "behave like the Nazi youth". This is his story." Cit:

"Some of them act like the Nazi youth," Cit:

" "It was like "Lord of The Flies," said Mayo. "The kids - fanatics, all of them - had taken over."

From the Odd's-n-Ends Department of

Another man who self described himself as "The man behind Hitler" was a mystic named Meister Echkart,.. who introduced an idea called Istigkeit...

In Aldous Huxley's 1954 (c) of the "Doors of Perception"

from page 17...I quote:

"Istigkeit... ---wasn't that the word Meister Eckhart liked to use? "Is-ness." (I thought Hubbard cooked up the word Is-ness..)

Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection than any other single thing. If certain parties thought we were real we would have infinitely more trouble. There's actual terror in the breast of a guilty person at the thought of OT, and without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we have. And now it's too late to be stopped. This protection was accidental but it serves us very well indeed. Remember that the next time the ignorant scoff. L Ron Hubbard

Godwin's Law states that whomever accuses the other side of being a Nazi loses the argument, and Yes normally this would be correct, however scientology has constantly claimed that many people on the forefront of the anti-cult movement are "nazis". So I think it is just fair to point out that many high level Scientologists claim to have been Nazi's in a previous lifetime and I knew mike Godwin at EFF, EFF helped a great deal locating counsel during the beginning of RTC vs Lerma.

"Why do you think the GERMANS banned Scientology? Because they know Nazis when they see them. Better than any other European nation... " ( a reporter at a major US newspaper)

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