Posted: 16 Apr 2006 06:13
Mad Hatter Studios
(323) 665-8284
2635 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Far more than simple gratitude, I feel I owe this community for even existing. I want to give a little back and so I made this little expose. Oh man, all the focus and passion they taught me over the years was not a waste! So here goes nothing.

Mad Hatter Studios is owned, operated and staffed by Sea Org members. I know this because when I was in the SO I used to know a guy who was posted there. A subset of INT Staff, these staffers are there for quality assurance and public relations reasons. I believe that this organization is very secret and kept on the down low by church management. For instance, while with a simple Google search I discover many albums and artists who recorded there, no web-site is found. How, in these days, could a “World Famous Recording Studio” exist without a website?

I’ll just bet that this place is used for the upper echelon to meet with artists and celebs all the time, off the regular channels. Just another buffer between reality and appearance. I am sure you can understand the need for the Church to meet and recruit celebrities, especially when the celebrity has no damn idea. With the current news fracas going on it is more imperative than ever for this location to remain pristine and unfettered.

Here are choice quotes from an album essay written by one Christopher Smith. Thanks, Chris! Link here for essay.

“I’ve been a fan of L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction writing since the early 70’s and To The Stars was always one of my favorite stories,” says Chick. “When I started reading it again recently I came across a part near the beginning that describes the captain of the spaceship playing a hypnotic melody on the piano in a dive of a bar in what is called ‘New Chicago.’ And Hubbard describes the Captain, he describes the bar, he describes the music. And I thought to myself, ‘I hear that music.’”

“Since To The Stars is ultimately about returning home after a long Journey, it is only fitting that the group recorded the disk at their former “home,” Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles. But this was no bittersweet homecoming. The studio, now owned and operated by Golden Era Productions, had undergone a multi-million dollar renovation since the band had last recorded there.”

Well there you have it. The proof is in the pudding. We need some picketers out there sometime soon. I think this would be a great hit to them. God I wish I could go… maybe some day.
Such evil deeds could religion prompt.
Lucretius (96 BC - 55 BC)
Gotta wonder if any of these people knew what was really going on?

And a handy list compiled by me of artists who have recorded there. Not complete by any means and I do not vouch for times as far as recording under church management. Some of these artists are big, some unknown. All were one step removed from Celebrity Centre.

Chick Corea
Alex Cline
Brad Mehldau
Beck Hansen
Parts of the Ferngully Motion Picture
Lynard Skynard Collectybles 8 tracks of disk two
Robin Ford and the Blue Line
Arturo Sandoval
The Jive Aces
Anne Kerry Ford
Benny Hester
Joe Di’orrio
Robben Ford
Steve Lukather
Michael Landau
Vinnie Colaiuta
Jeff Berlin
Billy Sheehan
Keyvn Lettua
The Elliott Caine Sextet
Mike Fahn
Kevin Becka
Ken Christianson
Ricardo Arjona
Danny Federici
The Refreshments
Lee Oscar

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 11:54 pm
Jabberwock is correct. The "Mad Hatter" studio in Hollywood not far from Big Blue was purchased by scientology in the early 2000s from Chick Corea. (Do you suppose the name comes from "Alice in Wonderland" which is the book used in TR drills? duh!)

It is a top secret project, a front for Gold. The renos, which included extensive dangerous asbestos removal, were performed by the RPF under the supervision of Wick Allcock from Gold. Almost no professionals were used, just a cherry-picked top secret team of RPFers. Man, could those guys sue, if only they would wake up and walk out the door.

My understanding is that so much of the "talent" that was needed to translate tapes were not INT qualled under the increasingly tight security clearances, so GOLD needed a local facility.

At the same time, INT base suffered breaches in their security which made it unsafe for celebrities and VIPs to visit the Hemet Base, mainly due to PR concerns, so the Mad Hatter became the new "safe" secret place.
I have been there. Thank you Jabberwock for posting this.

I hope some media pick this up.


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