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Presenting L Ron Hubbard:

from a Lecture given on 29 Januray 1958
The History of Clearing

"But mysticism/occultism isn't our source. Our source, actually, is magic. Magic is something that, today, is performed on a stage with prestidigitation. But magic actually has a much more vivid and noble history than a stage magician. It is quite remarkable that the magician attempts directly to use spirits to perform his will. And that is his basic modus operandi. That is his goal in practicing magic."

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In my efforts to deconstruct Scientology, I read a bunch of parsons and crowley's stuff, and the occultic beliefs of the nazi's and yes there are great similarities but from all I can tell, in the 1940's for Hubbard and crowley, all this rubbish was nothing else than a way some lads figured out how to get laid back in the late 40's

Though there is considerable evidence to suggest Hubbard created in Scientology a machine based entirely upon Crowley's and others ( as used by the Nazi SS, occultic methods. see however some new patterns have come to mind.. The double triangles and 8-8008 etc.. the levels that start at ZERO..

For example,

When a sorcerer is going to invoke whatever - spirits, demons whatnot, he will often use smoking incense.. so there is a whispy form that the spirit can manipulate.. or perhaps a little blood in a pool of can move around and communicate...or an animal, or a person.. the creepier the better as the setting helps invoke the occult experience...

The magician will draw a large triangle on the floor, or two And in the points of this triangle he places the 'vessels' for the spirits to use as a medium for manifesting in this world.

Inside the triangle is drawn a circle, the magician stands in the circle, and as long as the circle remains unbroken, the spirits cannot harm the magician.

When a person enters scientology he has entered Hubbard the magicians triangle.

Stories I'm hearing of the levels of personality disorder amongst OT7's.. confirms this as a plausibility. And their own (tm) Letterhead confirms the

Hubbard used scientologists and tried to make them his ' vessels...'

However, and this is a most important invocation

The circle has been broken

and now the demons/spirits AND the vessels themselves will tear scientology to shreds.

It is done.

So shall it be.

(c) Arnie Lerma

Comment from a reader: The more I read about 'possessions' and 'transference' and alike, the more validity arrives that hubbards goal was to 'empty the vessel' of people for one reason of another. There's plenty of conjecture to whether its was for an ET interiorisation or a demonic entity that hubbard called his 'Guardian/Empress' as the pay off for his suspected 'deal', but I guess it's rather hard to know for sure becuase people that were upper bridge give different accounts but have similarities of losing their 'self' in the process and only after they had escaoed the delusion/illusion of the 'tech' did they again start to recoupe what had been drained from them by hubbards 'technology'

Thanks! I've FINALLY managed to reach a key understanding about Lafayette Ron Hubbard's final decades.

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